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  • 01:12

    Medical Marijuana to relieve symptoms caused by Agent Orange?

    in Health

    This episode is dedicated to two topics, the new bills in Congress for Blue Water Navy Veterans and a discussion regarding whether or not Medical Marijuana helps to relieve symptoms caused by agent orange illnesses. Our first guest will be retired Navy Commander John B. Wells, of the same law firm who wishes to address the new house bill HR969 and the new senate bill S. 681. The remainder of the show will be diedicated to discussion and debate concerning the efficacy and usefulness of marijuana in helping reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort among aging Vietnam veternas suffering from agent orange related diseases. I hope that we will have many live listeners and call in with questions or concerns.

  • super agent career enhancement

    in Real Estate

    for new and stuck realtors. 

    or those thinking of a career in real estate

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    Introduction to the Agent Orange Vietnam Vets Talk Show

    in Health

    A talk show designed to supplement the facebook page of the same name. The show and the page are designed to support Vietnam veterans, their families and those interested in learning how agent orange has affected our lives, discuss issues relating to health, the Veteran's Administration and compensation. The show will normally contain a co-host and a guest speaker. Each weekly show will typically focus on a topic of interest. Some content may be recorded but it is generally a LIVE production. Call Ins will be accepted as time permits and we ask that each caller limit their question or comment to 3 minutes.

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    Richard Goddard, CIA Agent and Murderer? Pool of Fools: Capitalism and $lavery

    in Radio

    Is/Was Richard Goddard a CIA Agent and Murderer?

    Did Errol Barrrow change the constitution of Barbados to protect a murderer?

    CAPITALI$M:  A Pool of Fools is what keeps capitalism afloat.  You need cheap labor ($laves/stupid people) to make it work.

    OGRAPHY IN BARBADOS:  Children and in Barbados.

    The four rouge politicians in Barbados (Denis Kellman, Chris Sinckler, Denis Lowe and Donville Inniss).

    DOCILE:  An examination of the word:  Docile; and other hot topics.

    Sheri Veronica.  Rawle Maycock.  Angela Cole.  Alex Mitchell.


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    Top 7 Benefits of a VIP Travel Membership

    in Business



    1. Travel better for less. - Enjoy luxury travel at exclusive VIP member discounted prices that are not available to the general public.  The average person can enjoy outstanding travel experiences that may have been thought to be out of reach.
    2. Enjoy personal concierge service. - No need to spend hours trying to map out the details of your vacation.  Let your personal concierge take care of your travel arrangements, excursions, dining experiences, entertainment, and more.  All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.
    3. Get the lowest prices or your money back guaranteed. - Booked a vacation on your travel membership site and found the same exact accommodations cheaper somewhere else?...Don't worry.  The company will refund your money to match the lowest price.
    4. Get travel incentives to share with friends, family, or members of your church, organization, or staff. - Each travel membership comes with 10 travel gifts valued at $250 each.  
    5. Recycle your dollars with loyalty rewards credits. - Every time you book travel through your membership, you earn rewards credits which can be used as money to spend on your travel membership site.  Use the rewards credits you earned to pay for your next vacation, a Restaurant.com gift card, shopping at Macy's, or whatever else you'd like.
    6. Share your travel benefits with someone you love. - Include a secondary applicant on your travel membership application so they can enjoy the same great benefits as you.
    7. There are no limitations. - You are not locked in to one property or one type of travel; and there are no blackout dates.  Get access to cruises, car rentals, hotels, flights, villas, resorts, condos, and more; all around the world.


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    Test of the Agent Orange Vietnam Vet broadcast system.

    in Health

    This is a test of the BlogTalkRadio system for our show. I am testing how the event algorithm works in Facebook to bring you to my web page where you can start the show
    without any hassle and to test some of the features. Stop by and give me a hand or just say hello.

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    NFL Brawler, the life story of agent Ralph Cindrich

    in Sports

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Rico Racosky will interview Ralph Cindrich.

    NFL Brawler, the life story of agent Ralph Cindrich, starts in a blue-collar coal mining town and takes you on a rollicking ride far beyond, with four decades of insider NFL stories. Read how a pro wrestler and two fishing poles helped land one of the NFL’s landmark contracts.  Get the inside story on the Herschel Walker trade and how a negotiation with the Colts turned into a testosterone-fueled drinking contest.  It’s earned double-digit five-star reviews & spotlights behind-the-scenes battles with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets & several other NFL teams. Grab a copy and get ready to brawl!



  • 01:05

    Meet and talk to top literary agent, Jeanie Loiacono. Authors call in!

    in Spirituality

    Jeanie Loiacono represents over sixty authors. Her forte is mystery, romance, thrillers, historical/military/southern fiction, and all quality fiction/nonfiction. Her passion is to see her authors succeed.”I am a facilitator of dreams.”

    Jeanie has been involved with the literary arts all her life. Starting at a young age, her sister, Barbara, taught her to read and write before she started school. It was never enough to be read to as a child. She discovered the magic of escaping through the written word and never looked back; had to learn to read so she could go to “the land far, far away” on her own. With a sister passionate about literature, a father who was Aid de Camp for two governors, empowering her with the skills to type and compose letters and meaningful essays and a mother who taught her to speak German, she naturally excelled in language arts. So to be a part of the literary arts world is a dream come true.

    “There is nothing more rewarding than to hold one of my author’s books and know I helped bring it to fruition. I am so blessed and privileged to be able to work with some of the most talented writers in the world. What use is living without giving? It is all about making memories. "Can’t” really isn’t in my vocabulary.”

    For past life regression or free spirit/life coaching consultation, call host, David Clarke, at 315-478-1086


  • 01:01

    BB Chatter 9/9

    in Entertainment

    Join the BB Chatter crew for all the latest Big Brother news!

  • 01:10

    Why Is Everyone A Potential Agent In The Matrix, Until They Are Unplugged?

    in Lifestyle

    Why Is EVERYONE A Potential Agent In The Matrix Until They Are Unplugged? It Is As Simple As This "Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both Ahmen, and The The Matrix. Both God's Definitely Exist As Anything Possessing Power And Force Is A God. Ahmen Is Simply The Creator And The Higher Self Of Men, Women And Children Who Are Directly Connected To The Ahmen Race By Way Of Their Direct Connect Current, Physically, Mentally, And Soul Wise. The Matrix Is A Construct Out Of The Mind Of Man, That Is On A Rampage Out Of Control. Where The Pleasure Of Man, At One Time Now Has Become The Capture Of All Who Are Plugged Into It...

  • 00:39

    “The Platform Magazine” RED CARPET VIP event

    in Entertainment

    Today we are celebrating The Platform magazine and its founder & CEO Dr Judy Staveley

    The Platform magazine was founded and created by Dr Judy Staveley. Dr Staveley is a Professor and a triathlete who teaches at several colleges in the Maryland area. She serves as a spokeswoman and advocate for several biological, health medicine and forensic science organizations. Additionally, as a triathlete, and National Health/Fitness Specialist she assists in several community programs to initiative “health in youth sports” and is part of the USA Swimming, USA hockey and USAT organizations.

    The magazine’s mission & its founder is to inspire and educate its readers. It provides inspirational and educational stories from all over the world. The goal of the magazine and its founder Dr Judy stavely is to create a new forum for exchange of information on all aspects of positivity and inspiration. Dr Judy had learned from other individuals from all over the world how to motivate and encourage others to succeed and made conscious decision to share these stories in her inspiring magazine.

    The Platform magazine celebrating its 2nd year. It was launched to inspire others with stories that may never be heard.  The platform magazine was designed to increase awareness and education of health, and inspiration. Dr Judy long- term goal is to continue to work with individuals all over the world and spread the love and peace of inspiring individuals.

    For more information, contact us at: http://YourLifeNow.info