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  • 01:59

    Violet Flame Saturday for Healing with Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael

    in Spirituality

    Today's Violet Flame Saturday focuses on the Healing Ray and Healing.


    Violet Flame Saturday is a co-creation with the Ascended Masters and your Divine Presence. Thank you for Being the Light of the World!

  • 01:33

    Voluntarily Violet

    in Current Events

    Join Violet and Vaughn with special guest Allan Force as we dive into depression, and useful experiences and knowledge.

    Come find a friendly place to have great discussions, about everything from

    philosophy to feelings.

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    Finding God in Silicon Valley Interview Author Vincent Vaccarello

    in Business

    Silicon Valley is transforming how business is done...by faith!...Many respected and successful CEO's and business leaders share their testimonies of walking-out leadership in the "tech valley" following Jesus Christ. Join host, Violet Kashewa, Intuitive Business Analyst, and distinguished guest, Vincent "Skip" Vaccarello, author of the Amazon #1 Christian leadership bestseller,   Finding God in Silicon Valley, on Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 10:00am PST

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    Violet Flame Saturday for Soul Healing with Kuthumi, Krishna and Saint Germain

    in Spirituality

    Soul Healing.


    Today we ask and receive healing for our souls. What better way is there to spend the next 1.5 hours? Together we are the Body of God below as we are Above. We are asking for and commanding forth the Beautiful Beloved Light of our Divine Presence to Bless us All with Healing, Awakening, Patience, Divine Love, Health and the Truth that sets us Free to BE! : ) 

    Violet Flame Saturday is a Weekly Service to Light that is sponsored by the Ascended Masters for our individual and collective awakenings beyond the human ego and in the Light of our Divine I AM Presence. Ease and Grace as we learn the arts of acceptance, Faith, Purity and BEING! : )

    Please join us for decrees, Song and Service to the Light.

    ESPAVO to the Pure One within! 

    at: www.blogtalkradio.com/fotway 

    Benefiting from these Services? Consider helping this movement grow by making a donation here!

    Join us in this very important, joyful and powerful Work! Let the Light Unite!

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    SNOFH with Aj-Poet. Speak Now Or Forever Hold w/Fashion Designer Ms. Daisy

    in Performing Arts

    Each time we air our goal is to promote interest in the creative arts community. The focus is to allow artists in the community get their recognition.  We know that radio has been for years at the forefront of communication and no matter how technology will send us in different directions, radio is here to stay.  Almost everyone has something to say and what better opportunity to say it then to bring it straight to radio and then to the world.

    Aj-Poet a native of Westchester County in White Plains, NY to be exact is jumping in head first to share her family of performers, artist, writers with the community.  She hoping not only to reach individuals in the surrounding area but to launch a movement to preserve the beauty of the arts.  She especially want that person who we call the "closeted" artist to come out and shine.  No longer will we sing only in our bathroom or paint behind closed doors.  What is freeing with radio is that these talents can be communicated behind a microphone exposing many to what we are afraid to show.  However once revealed a star is born.

    Aj-Poet will be interviewing, playing music, sharing taped and live interviews.  Discussing what folks are doing out there and also promoting their crafts.  From authors who are reachable in our communities to dancers and musicians about to do a show.  She will have entrepreneurs, supporters, activists, politicians, community leaders and active participants in our communities.

    Currently the show is aired from the Blue Door Arts Gallery located at 13 Riverdale Ave, Yonkers, NY every other Friday at 1pm. On alternative Friday's Aj-Poet takes her show on the road to interview artist out and about.  Stay tuned to dates and locations.  If you miss the show there is always a feed into Facebook. Call 914 299-0964 to make suggestions for the show.

    Here's to SNOFHing with you.  Aj

  • 00:35

    Sending Violet Flame Healing Waves Into France

    in Spirituality

    Let us invoke the seventh ray action of the Holy Spirit to dissolve the cause and core of terror, fanaticism and hatred and call for the comforting of those who have lost their lives or loved ones in these tragic events in Paris. 

  • 01:57

    Violet Flame Saturday for Freedom and Liberty in America, France and Europe

    in Spirituality

    TODAY at 10AM Pacific Time, 12PM Central, 1PM Eastern.

    TODAY's Booklet available here.

    Join us for a Special program today to pray together and bring the Violet Flame into Freedom & Liberty for the United States and World and bringing forth the Power of the Goddess of Liberty and the Divine Mother Presence.

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    RED LIPS STUDIO BOUTIQUE-CEO Connie Johnson speaks about natural beauty products

    in Fashion

    RED LIPS STUDIO BOUTIQUE CEO Ms. Connie Johnson, will talk kabout great gift ideas for your family and friends

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    OUR Lemon Verbena is a wonderful complex fragrance of Italian Bergamot, Lemon Verbena mixed with sultry Primrose and Violet with a dry down of Amber & White Musk and a drop of peppermint AND THEN  Lime  for an energizing surprise! 


    Our products are made fresh to order. We use only the finest, natural ingredients in our products. Good Stuff for your skin. Defend your skin. 

    4 Oz Jar of pure cleansing: (will last about 1 month)
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    Check out my other items!

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    Violet Flame Saturday - Celebration with the Seven Archangels

    in Spirituality

    This Saturday we connect with the Seven Archangels and their Archeia in giving the Violet Flame for planetary and personal Healing, Protection, Freedom and Awakening ~


    Included: Angelic Language Song and sharing and new friends

    Now more than ever - it's time for us to call forth the Light of the Divine that never fails and together we enable the birth of a New Earth in a Miraculous and Beautiful Way ~and Now is that Time!

    Please like our FACEBOOK page : ) Here

    We have the Power to Be the Change and through the exercise of the Spoken Word and Guided Heart Meditations we enable the Ascended Hosts and the Archangels to rally their Billions and Billions of Angels to help all souls on this planet Ascend Higher.

    Time is running short - the Now is fully returning! Let us enter the Now together as One Force of Light for the whole of Creation! Each expressing our Unique and Divine Talents in Harmony with the Earth's Rising and Divine Plan

    Gratitude for shining your Light and joining us in Decrees and Service to the Light!!

    For each Heart and Call that joins in the Work - the empowerment for the Archangels can be Multiplied exponentially! So your joining makes a wonderful difference for the Light!

  • Why Do We Give the Violet Flame?

    in Spirituality

    Today, we read a teaching on the violet flame from someone who had recently passed on and was communicating with his wife from the etheric plane. This teaching on the violet flame by Leo Harth was published in the book, Messages from Heaven. Let's hear what he has to say and then give some violet flame mantras together.

  • 01:01

    Violet ReikiRadio - Guest Alison J. Kay, PhD, Holistic Life Coach, Yoga Teacher

    in Health

    Alison J. Kay, PhD is a Holistic Life Coach, an India trained YA Yoga & Meditation teacher, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and an energy medicine healer/shifter of 18 years nicknamed “the lightning bolt” due to the power of her energy healings and clearings with clients around the globe. She has been practicing meditation for 21 years; teaching meditation for 18 years. She is also a vegetarian while being an endurance athlete, weight trainer and yoga practitioner. The unique blend of credentials, use of multiple modalities, and the wealth of experience she acquired during the 10 years she spent living in Asia studying subtle energy practices, make her perspective and manner of working with people around the world incredibly powerful. The results she achieves on behalf of her clients’ desires for changing their lives in any area – physical health, emotional patterns, psychological patterns, spiritual openings & awakenings – speak for themselves. She is a former Talk Radio host of, “Create Your Best Life Ever! What Else is Possible?” on World Talk Radio, the biggest online media company, Dr. Kay is the author of “What If There's Nothing Wrong?”  Dr. Alison J. Kay currently resides in Florida.

    Visit  www.AlisonJKay.com for more information about her products and services that can make you thrive, feel alive, and upgrade your vibe!