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    Caprice Champion "A Mother's Role in a violent community"

    in Business

    Commentator VJ Smith with guest - Caprice Champion  "A mother's role in a violent community". Champion leads the MoM division of MAD DADS.

    Commentator Pastor Devin Miller aka Elder D is BACK.

    VJ Smith is Pres/CEO of Minneapolis Hdqt of MAD DADS (Men Against Destruction, Defending Against Drugs and Social-disorder). Join us on your destination SB Barber Morning Show. (GMSNewschannel.com). 

    SBBMS TuesNew @TheTurnTable Playlist: Kevin Anthony (CMG) "Brand New" (NRR).

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    Sammy's Avenue Eatery extends hours to Sundays, 9AM-3PM.

    Apostle/Prophet SB Barber & The Crew take the gloves off and discuss current issues, headlines on local & global community fronts to give you a voice. We'll give you facts to discuss around the corporate water cooler, on the street corner & in your house.

    If you have a question or comment, press #1 to engage the Host. Get it on your digital device Live & OnDEMAND presented by GRACE Media Network -the Legacy. Follow http://tobtr.com/sbbarbermorningshow; Twitter@GMNetwork; Facebook@GMNLiveTv; Instagram@GMNLIVETV

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    Movie Reviews: A Most Violent Year

    in Movies

    To finish up the year, we review JC Chandor's latest film A Most Violent Year, starring Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain, and David Oyelowo. 

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    Live from The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit Michigan, The Brotherhood Of Violence and Radical American Wrestling Federation present the most violent event ever!! 

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    Why are We Becoming so Violent?

    in Spirituality

    Why is the world becoming so violent? Are we becoming desensetized? It would appear that in the world today the emotion of love and peace is almost non existent. Have we been conditioned by all the violence in movies, vedio games and just life it self? Have we become more selfish and self centered? Is it posssble that we do not care any more for other humans? Has greed so over powered the world that we know no other way? There is another way why is we do not truly be peaceful within or love ourselves more. Can we also offer more gratitude for who we are. We were born to be and live as divine beings. We have been lead away from this idea a long time ago. Are we awakening to the truth of what we have beomce in our world. This and so much more. Jon Liara and Steven for a discussion on these and so much more. Call and join in the conversation 718-664-9735.

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    Islam’s Violent Nature

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks about Americans who join the Islamic State and explores whether Islam’s violent nature can be reformed.

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    "Relationship Tuesday" Abusive and Violent Women in Relationships

    in Romance

    It's unfair that men have no laws to protect them from vindictive women. Women tend to get the money, house and kids. Yet men make great parents too! Some women take advantage of being women to get their way, and to punish men. When faced with the breakup of a relationship, especially a marriage, some women become vindictive, and abusive women become very dangerous. When others (friends, relatives, police, attorneys, and judges) believe her, they join in, and the frustrated husband or partner finds himself a victim of undeserved hatred, defamation, and abuse.  Justice is never blind to assigning blame to men but it is always blind to the truth. This time it is not her way or no-way, it their way or no-way and so the abuse continues in an unending parade of broken promises and false hopes. Once your spouse or companion has chosen abuse, get an injunction, end the relationship, and if married, file for divorce. Punishing men for the transgressions of guilty women is wrong and that courts must abolish practice. These women chose to lie and they choose to be violent because they are addicted to inflicting abuse on others. This is why the mandatory arrest policies are a plague on society because they only add more to the harm. These women chose to be violent and they chose to lie. Nothing can change the evidence that the police are arresting men for what is a lie. DNA testing has proved that. When your spouse has chosen to lie, get a restraining order and change the locks. It is time to evict the bullying shrew. 

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    KNOT: The Rise of Violent Crimes

    in Current Events

    Over the last 15 years the world has undergone a rash a violent crimes, particularly as it concerns shootings. The Columbine High School shootings of 1999 started what seemed to be a media frenzy around coverage of highly violent crimes. Since Columbine, other noted shootings include Virginia Tech University (2007), Aurora, Colorado movie theater (2012), Fort Hood, Texas (2009 and 2014) and the list unfortunately goes ON! Are technology and the media to blame? Are we to blame for our incessant need to be "entertained" and in the know? Join us as we discuss the most current shooting massacre of Isla Vista. Joining us in the discussion is International Trauma expert Dr. Susan Sutton-Clawson. 

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    Insights on Violent Criminals

    in Education


    Insights on Violent Crimals

    Dr. Dave Thomas, CSU Faculty

    Michelle Rushing

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    Bruce Wiseman : Anti-depressant drugs inducing violent behavior

    in Psychology

    Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer

    Hosted Marti Oakley

    Guest: Bruce Wiseman
    Bruce Wiseman is the U.S. President of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. He has testified before bodies of both houses of the United States Congress, as well as state legislative and judicial bodies in Colorado, Arkansas, New Jersey, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Florida.  He has also testified before the Food and Drug Administration; the President’s Commission on Mental Health; the President’s Commission to Reform Special Education; and the National Institute of Mental Health’s Consensus Conference on ADHD. He has made more than 800 radio and television appearances including CNN, Fox National News, NBC’s Dateline and The Montel Williams show, and has been quoted in print media across the country, including The New York Times. He has a Master’s Degree, Summa Cum Laude, in American History from the California State University at San Jose, and is the former Chairman of the Department of History of John F. Kennedy University.  Mr. Wiseman is the author of the compelling book, Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal and for five years hosted the acclaimed, nationally syndicated radio show, Take America Back.



    in Entertainment

    Violent crimes in America have become an epidemic within the past decade or so, with more juvenile offenders taking to the streets, homicide and murder rates have skyrocketed, as science does their best to study the minds of America's most horrific killers. Amanda Seaton would like to invite you to delve into the world of crime and forensics, as she provides an analysis of those violent crimes committed by juvenile offenders, mothers, husbands, room-mates, ex-football players, and one of the most famous sadistic serial killers of the 1970's. The book explores the substantial problem the United States of America is facing with violent crimes, not just committed by adults, but juvenile offenders as well. VIOLENT CRIMES IN AMERICA: And The Forensic Disciplines Used To Solve Them-Amanda Seaton

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    Why Are Black Women So Violent Towards Their Men, Their Kids & Each Other?

    in Entertainment

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