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    Islam’s Violent Nature

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks about Americans who join the Islamic State and explores whether Islam’s violent nature can be reformed.

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    Insights on Violent Criminals

    in Education


    Insights on Violent Crimals

    Dr. Dave Thomas, CSU Faculty

    Michelle Rushing

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    What Should Men Do To Save Violent Black Boys From Self Destruction?

    in Women

    We can blame the absence of sports activities. We can blame the absence of safe neighborhood  parks. We can blame the absence of music and choir and band in the schools. We can blame the absence of classes that teach viable trades. We can blame police who harass and humiliate young men at will. We can blame neighborhood stores that can't or won't offer jobs to local young men. We can blame the gun shops that carelessly sell multiple firearms without regard to how they will be used. We can blame the Mayor, the Governor, the President. But truly, the out of control rage that makes a boy shoot someone to death is triggered by something else on the inside. He was not loved and nurtured by a good man. Whether his father was forced out of his life or left voluntarily, or stayed around but was abusive, a young boy who kills has been through something. We need to know what that is, because it didn't just start at the age of 12,13,14,15,16, or 17 when he chose to commit a murder. Community activist and youth mentor Gregory Sain discusses the crisis of violent black male youth and what must be done by men who are of strong will and good conscience. He may say some things that surprise you, so get ready for a spirited conversation

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    We Have Become a Violent People

    in Education

    Shalom and Salaam everyone, this evening show will be a discussion about our acceptance of violence and how we today are more violent than what we want to admit. We have become so desentitized to it based off we having been made to digest many generations of  violent movies and even video games where children as young as two can start a virtual life of violence and killing all in the name of FUN and entertainment. World Star Hip Hop is a online website where one can spend all day if they wish watching videos of people fighting, being violent and engaged in all manners of debauchery and perverse conduct. Truly we are being cleverly guided into this very shameful beast like behavior and it is because many of we have become INFECTED. A virus has been unleashed on populations and those who have not been taught or trained to understands one (carnal) nature or desires will be controlled 24/7 by the all encompassing technology of consumerism. Want to also go over a FB experiment I conducted that further confirms (at least to me) that our acceptance of violence has been socially orchestrated and our present love for it may tragically be irreversable. 

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    KNOT: The Rise of Violent Crimes

    in Current Events

    Over the last 15 years the world has undergone a rash a violent crimes, particularly as it concerns shootings. The Columbine High School shootings of 1999 started what seemed to be a media frenzy around coverage of highly violent crimes. Since Columbine, other noted shootings include Virginia Tech University (2007), Aurora, Colorado movie theater (2012), Fort Hood, Texas (2009 and 2014) and the list unfortunately goes ON! Are technology and the media to blame? Are we to blame for our incessant need to be "entertained" and in the know? Join us as we discuss the most current shooting massacre of Isla Vista. Joining us in the discussion is International Trauma expert Dr. Susan Sutton-Clawson. 

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    in Entertainment

    Violent crimes in America have become an epidemic within the past decade or so, with more juvenile offenders taking to the streets, homicide and murder rates have skyrocketed, as science does their best to study the minds of America's most horrific killers. Amanda Seaton would like to invite you to delve into the world of crime and forensics, as she provides an analysis of those violent crimes committed by juvenile offenders, mothers, husbands, room-mates, ex-football players, and one of the most famous sadistic serial killers of the 1970's. The book explores the substantial problem the United States of America is facing with violent crimes, not just committed by adults, but juvenile offenders as well. VIOLENT CRIMES IN AMERICA: And The Forensic Disciplines Used To Solve Them-Amanda Seaton

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    The BrotherHood of Violence m.c. BDD live from the clubhouse Violent Valentines

    in Entertainment

    Thats right brothers, sisters, probates and hangarounds... We are coming at you live from the clubhouse once again in this Violent Valentines addition.Rude crude and lewd is what we are and you will want to listen in on this one. So grab a bottle get a bag and lets get f*ed up and have some fun.you want blood ...we got it!!!! So get on down here and lets bust some skullz

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    Why Do Men Get So Distressed & Even Violent At times When Their Marriages Fail?

    in Lifestyle

    Is it simply  "Ego-at-work" why the average man gets so troubled, and even violent at times, when his marriage or standing long-term relationship fails for no seeming cause of his own?

    Is there usually another viewpoint or overlooked unrealized reality going on behind the scenes, which may be  more so the responsible culprit than anything else?

    In our society, men have been labelled as being Misogynistic, Women-Haters, Violent, Egotistical, Stalkers, and the like, when it comes to women 

    These are  typical labels out-of-the-box - if you will! In other words, men are being stereotyped (by women...and sometimes even men themselves) as being simply born this way. 

    And therefore, the typical mindset is that men must learn to be different or sane, whereas women are born as Angels and are typically taught by their men, of course, to become otherwise or to transgress from such wonderful place thru their association with men.

    Is there any STANDING TRUTH to this sexist outlook?

    Join Jahwie & Nalagy as we discuss on the up coming Pluto-Nalagy Show....

    Be There!



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    Daily Gogetemism Loving But Still Violent

    in Lifestyle

    There are people that will give you the world and always have your back if they love you but at the same time, these are the same folks that you would not wanna be enemies with. how do you control which way they will go?

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    Violent connection between Psychological Meds and Shootings

    in Health

    Do you or your kids take prescription psych meds? On this weeks show we review a shocking study that links prescription psych meds and violent shootings. Also, GMO's and their affects on children and ADHD being caused by certain GMO foods. Plus current event issues and your calls and chats! Join me at 8pm.

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    Should All Prisoners Be Released Except Those Who Committed Violent Crimes?

    in Women

    Debtors Prison was an institution used by the ruling class in Europe to punish people who could not pay their debts. Living under an oppressive system of high taxes and fines, of course the jails became overcrowded with debtors who could not pay. Many were given the opportunity to work off their debts as "indentured servants," temporary slaves who worked until the debt was paid off. Most were languishing in Europe's overcrowded jails until they were given an opportunity for release. The catch: they had to leave the continent and go and settle what Europeans called "the new world" - America. Many came to America, and the rest is history. But, what happened is that the descendants of those earlier prisoners have recreated the same system in present day America. Many of those incarcerated are serving time simply because they didn't have money. Sometimes people are jailed for unpaid parking tickets causing, unknown to them, a suspended license. Often the "crime" was the sale or use of marijuana (a substance which is now sold legally) and they couldn't pay bail or couldn't pay a good lawyer. Our jails are overcrowded, and prison is just a thinly disguised slave labor business. It's time to stop it. Only violent criminals need to be locked away to protect society while they undergo rehabilitation. Should all other non violent prisoners be released, provided the opportunities to become productive citizens, and honorably pay any debts owed