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    NFL and Violence Against Women

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    Over the last couple of months the spotlight has been on the NFL to address the numerous past and current reports involving violence against women from NFL players.  While this is not a new conversation or dynamic, it has risen to a level that is demanding an immediate and appropriate response.  

    Recognizing that nearly 70% of the NFL players are Black and the face of this reoccurring violence is portrayed as representing the also disproportional intimate partner violence that is experience in the Black community over all, we will convene a discussion to address the role of the Black community and particularly Black women in helping to frame a culturally competent response from the NFL?  We will also discuss the Black community perception of  "whooping," our children and the need for this punishment?  

    Please join us and express your opinion.

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    Rage against the regime invites Elmer williams

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    Rage against the regime invites the very outspoken patriot Elmer williams!! Elmer has quite a few viral videos voicing his opinion on the current situation our regime is in!! Call in 9294773565

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    We are always asking ourselves what we can do to prevent or eliminate domestic violence (DV).  Could the Quincy Solution be the answer?

    It makes sense that ending DV requires a legal system that women can use readily to get help, and that takes full legal measures against abusers, right?  Seems reasonable, but for whatever reasons, it doesn’t often work that way.  The Quincy Solution comes from a 1987 study by a suburban Boston judicial district that actually researched what could help eliminate DV, and they based the Quincy Solution upon that research.  They found that in order to be effective against DV, the system had to empower victims and control abusers.  Easy to say, but how do we do that?

    Barry Goldstein, a nationally recognized domestic violence author, speaker and advocate will join us Saturday to talk about the Quincy Solution.  He has written several of the leading domestic violence books including Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody co-edited with Dr. Mo Therese Hannah, Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor, co-authored with Elizabeth Liu and Scared to Leave Afraid to Stay.  His newest book is The Quincy Solution: Stop Domestic Violence and Save $500 Billion.

    Join us Saturday at 11 am Pacific Time to learn more about the Quincy Plan and domestic violence.

    Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.

    And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways

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    23 Days in India to End Violence Against Women with Ben Atherton-Zeman

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    Live broadcast times for India (7:30PM) and Nepal (7:45PM).

    Live broadcast time for the US East coast: 10 AM

    Ben Atherton-Zeman returns to Men…Women…and Other Truths in this special broadcas to share his “life-altering” experience: A 23-day tour of India and Nepal, presenting stories, and comedic – yes, comedic - presentations on eliminating violence against women, and transforming centuries old beliefs.  

    But it wasn’t just what Ben was teaching that altered his life, it was the people, their stories and their courage to continue standing up in the face of heinous abuse. This is a journey you won’t want to miss!

    Ben is a spokesperson for the National Organization for Men against Sexism (www.nomas.org), and is a public speaker on issues of violence prevention. He visited India and Nepal on behalf of the U.S. State Department Speakers Bureau. He identifies as a “recovering sexist” and believes that every man must challenge violence and sexism in the world, and in themselves. 

    Jeff Hendler hosts this special broadcast.

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    You’ve probably wondered what to do if you know someone in a domestic violence situation.  What if you are confronted with domestic violence with a stranger or acquaintance?  What’s a bystander supposed to do in that situation?  Intercede? Yell at the abuser?  Offer to take the victim away? All those actions can be dangerous and ultimately not useful.  So what DO you do?

    Saturday’s guest is Barbara Paradiso, MPA, who has Paradiso has worked on behalf of victims of domestic and sexual violence and their children for more than thirty years as an advocate, administrator and activist.  She is the founder and Director of the Center on Domestic Violence at the School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver).  In that capacity, Ms. Paradiso is responsible for the development and maintenance of a groundbreaking Center for original research, service and graduate level educational programming - the first of its kind in the nation.

    So who better to talk with us about what to do as a bystander when we witness domestic violence?

    Join us Saturday at 11 am Pacific Time to learn more bystander behavior and domestic violence.

    Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.

    And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways

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    NMEMINDZ: Black on Black Violence

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    Please join Professor Griff & ZaZa Ali this Thursday, December 18th as we deal with the ongoing pandemic of Black on Black Violence, building the work of Dr. Amos Wilson - "Black on Black Violence - In servitude of white domination". How do these issues compare & contrast to the recent murders of our people by white police, & is society aiding in Black genocide or working to prevent it? We want to hear from you! The call in # is 347-633-9644. 8pm EST / 5pm PST. Peace.

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    If you’ve never known anyone who had some pretty rugged child custody battles, you may not know what supervised visitation is. In cases where the courts are reluctant to allow a parent to spend time with his or her children alone (maybe there are assault or domestic violence issues), the court will order the parent to use the services of a visitation supervisor. This person or organization arranges for the hand off of kids between one parent and another, or will go on the visit with the kids and the parent to be sure everything is all right. Sometimes the parent will have the visit right at a protective facility. Sounds like a great solution for situations where there could be some danger, right?

    Well, maybe. There are plenty of down sides, and like most things, there are consequences.

    Join us Saturday when Tracee Parker shares her knowledge about supervised visitation. She was the Program Director of the Safe Havens Visitation Center/Safe & Sound Visitation in the Seattle area during its operation from January 2005 through December 2012. Her background includes domestic violence advocacy, community organizing, violence prevention, mediation, nonviolent conflict resolution training, and domestic violence perpetrator treatment. Tracee is currently working on her doctorate in clinical psychology where her research focus is post-separation battering, family law and domestic violence, and coercive control.

    Join us Saturday at 11 am Pacific Time to learn more about supervised visitation.

    Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.

    And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways



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    Protection against Domestic Violence By Law Enforcement Agencies

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    Domestic violence is a term used to characterize a pattern of obvious and subtle hash and brash behaviors resulting into physical and psychological abuses between partners in any types of intimate relationships or other members in a household.  Domestic violence can be in a cumulative form of physical, emotional, verbal, economic and sexual abuse or any other type of control mechanism to coerce another individual perpetually. Consequences of domestic violence vary from anxiety, dismay, social disconnect, fragile mental state, tension, breakdown mental and unpredictable consequences such as illness, homicide or permanent disfigurement.

    In 1994, the US Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act ("VAWA"). This Act, and the 1996 additions to the Act, recognizes that domestic violence is a national crime and that federal laws can help an overburdened state and local criminal justice system. Available practical information in the US federal domestic violence laws and penalties and the rights of federal victims can be found here: Federal Domestic Violence Laws http://www.justice.gov/usao/gan/documents/federallaws.pdf

    This includes:

    How to report  domestic violence crime?

    What are the federal crimes and penalties?

    What qualifies as domestic violence misdemeanor?

    What is a a protection order?

    Who is an intimate partner?

    Can concerns be heard in federal court?

    What are Victim’s rights?

    Where and how to find help?

    Speakers include Chief Police Inspector Katarina Paulsson from Åmål Police in Sweden, and Police Investigator Karpla Karney from Pleebo Police in Liberia and NYPD representative from Domestic Violence Unit. We could sufficiently capture the framework for protection against domestic violence by spanning law enforcement policies across three continents, namely Africa, Europe, and America.

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    Gun violence and moral collapse:

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    Join us today 5:30 CST as we raise the subject of: 


    Gun violence and moral collapse:


    When you see or hear the slogan Black lives matter what does that mean to you; What is taking place in our country that leads many to believe that the lives of blacks does not matter?



    If there is legitimate concerns surrounding issues of policing and police practices in communities of color, particularly the African-American communities why do some individuals attempt to diminished or ignore these concerns, by talking about issues of African-American fathering and community violence among black youths?



    To have your thoughts,  views and  opinions  heard call 718-508-9533 press #1 to express your views or click below to  listen……





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    Rage against the regime welcomes the liberty belles

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    Becky welcomes the liberty belles to the show. The belles are a group of lady patriots who are with manny vega and blaine cooper in washington dc. Becky will take phone calls in the second hour. 9294773565

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    Overcoming Domestic Violence In the church

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    Todays show will provide tools, tips, and resources for listeners on how to acknowledge domestic violence in their ministry and in their churches. Domestic violence has been overlooked for years where it has plagued many Christians into silence and ended up in barriers and not speaking regaridng this emotional disiease. Today we will provide tips on how to encourage and deal with these issues. Did you know that it was against the law to intentionally abuse someone whether it is verbal physicla, and or emotionally? it is and this is why we will talk about this today.

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