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  • Breaking the Cycle of Racial Violence in America

    in Culture

    Now more than ever, America needs more open and inclusive conversations about the stereotypes on police protection, police brutality, crime, civil liberties, public safety, and social justice in the context of race.

    After many years of dissecting the driving factors on the issue of fragmentation and cohesion in American society, many of the same tragedies of error we've seen for years on race controversies continues to pervades the society. Race discussions, debate on race, or even race analysis are the so called inequality taboo topic of conversation in America. Silence on the issue of race only increases suspicions and erratic responses. 

     We are indeed in a delicate time.

    In any democracy, the government belongs to the people, and the police, which exist within the executive branch – enforcing the law, essentially serve as a buffer of balance between individuals and between people -- maintaining law, order, safety and most importantly peace. If a police error results in a tragedy, the police should be the first to demonstrate contrition, not defense of erratic positions. Otherwise, the society is at risk of an increasing political totalitarianism. It is unimaginable for any cultural group to live inequitably compared to the rest of its pairs in the same country, especially one that promises individualism, equal rights before the law, and the four freedoms. And just as one group should not be a burden to another, so should none be sustained at the expense of the other.

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    Ferguson Decision: Police, Gun Violence & Black America

    in Motivation

    Hope & Healing: A journey to Wholeness (TALK RADIO) Listen or speak to host: (323) 784-9638

    J R Thicklin HOST.....Jay Discusses The Ferguson Decision and how it may affect America, violence and The Family.

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    Does the High Rate of Gun Violence in America Reflect Our Values?

    in Parents

    Today our guest is Attorney Mike McLively from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. We will discuss the complexity of gun laws in the US.

    The latest manifestation of this "hot" topic is campus life and guns -- "lawmakers in 10 states are busy adapting the issue of campus sexual assault to the campaign to arm college students". (http://nyti.ms/1D2uR1S)

    How do we understand the prevalence of gun violence in America?
    60% of the US homicide occur using a firearm. In other gun permeated countries like Finland it is only 19%. United States has the highest gun ownership in the world. (The Washington Post, 12/14/12)

    Is it totally unrealistic to think we can ever become a land without guns such as Japan? Are they smarter than we are? What's the story?

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    Freddie Grey's Murder, Righteous Black Violence In America And The White Media

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will be discussing the events surrounding Freddie Grey's murder. We will discuss how acting out through violence is justified and how the demonic police and their demonic henchmen the White media paints inaccurate pictures of our holocaust in the USA. Join us.

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    Domestic Violence in America

    in Politics Progressive

    October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and AV addresses the matter as we discuss the culture of domestic abuse in organized sports, entertainment and mainstream American life, why it remains prevalent and acceptable in our society and what can be done to stem this dangerous and deadly time.  

    Tune in and join the conversation as we address the political, economic, social and cultural issues facing our nation from an urban perspective.  Affectionately referred to as "America's Favorite Angry Black Woman" Sandra Booker hosts this hard-hitting and no holds barred show for the most provocative hour on internet-radio. Monday - Friday, 3:00PM PDT.

    Join our "Remember in November" campaign to encourage all citizens to participate in the political process by registering to vote and VOTING in the upcoming midterm elections to ensure the strength of our democracy and make our nation a more perfect union. Your vote is your voice. 

    Visit us online at http://www.americanvernacular.org.

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    Black Violence in America

    in Motivation

    Our guest will panelists are: Mr. Dawud Rawlings, Advocate and Founder of Black Tie Mentoring and Young Gentleman’s Group, Robert Singer, Journlist, and Founder/Executive Director - Responsible Education and Development (READ), Councilman John Chapman, of City of Alexandria VA., and Michael Johnson, Youth Advocate and Co-founder of Pathways 2 Manhood program. Tune in and particapte and get their perspective of this growing violence against African Americans.  We will discuss the recent events in Ferguson, MO as well as black on black crime.

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    in Education

    THOR will be airing a Special Broadcast today on the recent rash of "Violence in America" and Deception in our main stream Media. THOR was moved to address the unrest in Babylon regarding recent deaths, abuses, and oppression by public officials against the People of this country called America.

       The recent violence in our country, along with obvious fact that so called Racism is fueling these acts needs to be addressed. For years now the news media sources has pushed this racial bias propaganda as an accelerant to advance their desire to institute a form of Martial Law and restrict the peoples freedoms. Many false flags, staged violence, shootings, and other fabricated incidents has perpetuated a discord and distraction from the real issues that are obvious to some, and completely invisible to others. The goal is to divide and conquer the strength of a collective people working in harmony with each other. This divide and conquer does, and always has involved attacking certain ethnicities who appear more vulnerable than others due to stereotypes that are based in falsities.

         WE as a people must come together to demonstrate our dissatisfaction with the condition of our country and the overwhelming appearance of oppression by public servants. This will not be a show about so called racism, but a show about what we the People can do educationally to put things back in order. It is obvious certain sectors will benefit from this chaos, as it gives them exactly what they always wanted which is reason to cage the People they deem animals and a threat to shenanigans. THOR along with True Freeman an Investigative Reporter, Blue Pill, Red Pill of KTL Radio, Sister Unyque, Mario Bey and many others.  JOIN US FOR REAL TALK and REAL SOLUTIONS.

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    Domestic Violence In America The Truth About It

    in Entertainment

    With this being such a controversial topic this week after the release of the Ray Rice tape (him hitting his now wife) we ask the question how bad is domestic violence in America? Is the system bias? Are people just angry etc? Join us tonight as we hear stories and come to the truth about this. Visit us at www.realtalkrobert.com also on twitter @realtalkrobert

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    Violence in America: Gun Violence

    in Current Events

    While we have clear data on murders from gun violence, no one seems to know how many Americans are shot – and survive – every year. In fact, the government’s own numbers seem to conflict on the matter.

    How can this be? And why has no one tried to resolve the difference?

    Lois Beckett explains that doctors and researchers have been pushing for clear numbers on gun injuries since 1989. “But what’s happened over that time is the politics of gun research, the politics of guns in America, are so divided and so fierce that even the effort to count the number of people injured by guns is incredibly political,” she says.

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    in Education

           By popular demand THOR is airing a part two to our "Violence in America Show Part 2" focusing on improving the condition of our country and repairing the "FAMILY" by reuniting Mother, Father and child. Our last show last Friday was such a success that the listeners demanded we do a part two to allow for more discussion and participation on this subject matter. We will invite the panel to appear again such as TrueFreeman, Blue and Red Pill of KTL Radio, Unyque, and many others to rejoin us. However this show will give our women and mothers the opportunity to address some of the things discussed in our last show. This show will be bigger than the last one so join us.

            Greg Doss from Greg Doss.com Radio host and Master Teacher on the Constitutional Principals and Child Support will be in attendance. He will speak to the Men and Women about the abuse of the child support system. He will also educate the Men on how to not be subject to, or abused by the state and federal government under the guise of child support.

         As you can see THOR can bring people of all backgrounds, race, political affiliation, religious beliefs and economic status into one forum for a peaceful, loving, family like discussion on real solutions that we aid us in rebuilding our society and country. We should know by now that we the People are all we have to stand in theway of the declining value of life we are experiencing. JOIN US Friday 11:00 am EST on THOR Radio Network for Violence in America Part 2, the Solution!!

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    Computer America - Roku; Second Sight!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Roku. Lloyd Klarke, Director of Product Management.

    Roku was founded in by Anthony Wood, the inventor of the digital video recorder (DVR). The market leader in streaming entertainment devices for the TV with millions of units sold, Roku has always believed that anything you want to watch, listen to, and enjoy should simply be there on your TV, whenever you want it. Roku streaming players are renowned for their simplicity, variety of entertainment choices, and exceptional value.


    Hour two: Social Analysis and Intelligence Group.  Dr. Michael Toney, CEO.

    Second Sight is a pioneering sentiment-analysis system that has been designed to advise decision-makers about trending social behaviors, particularly those that lead to civil unrest and violence. Second Sight also discovers, tracks, and forecasts violent criminal organizations and terrorists’ activities, placing the power of prediction and control in the hands of decision-makers at every level.  Second Sight empowers you to view sentiment analysis of global social media as well as other vital data points ranging from violent organizations to virus outbreaks, natural disasters, and crime.