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    One of the top future-ready superintendents, John Carver of the Howard-Winneshiek school district brings with him, Crestwood HS principal Chris Rogne...professionals running cutting edge schools.

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    A look at the Iowa vote the day after with Barry Casselman

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    Guest:   Barry Casselman, The Prairie Editor, joins me for a look back at Iowa's vote.........the polls were wrong..........a sequence of polls had Mr Trump beating Senator Cruz from 3-7 points....in fact the RCP average had Trump up by 4......on the Democrat side, the Sanders-Clinton vote was a tie......there were 6 coin flips to decide delegates........overall, Cruz had a big night because of a superb organization......Trump underperformed because he had no organization............Rubio turned on lots of voters in the last 72 hours......they are now off to New Hampshire and that's a totally different landscape.......Kasich is doing well in NH and could be in the final 4.......we will see next week..........and other election 2016 stories.......

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    Voice of Rio Grande - Rio Wildlife Conservation - January 27, 2016 at 3:00 pm

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    January 27th at 3:00 pm -  Voice of Rio Grande with host Dr. David Lawrence features Donald P. Althoff, Ph.D. and Robert Hopkins II, Ph.D. discussing the Rio Wildlife Conservation Program.  The Rio Wildlife Conservation Program (formerly the Wildlife and Fish Conservation and Management Program) is starting its 11th year.  In addition to the Rio campus, throughout Southeastern Ohio, this program has secured permission to conduct various course labs and inventory and monitoring efforts at over 23 sites totally over 3,000 acres.  These locations are all in southeast Ohio—including Gallia, Jackson, Meigs, Vinton, Athens, and Hocking counties.

    Donald P. Althoff, Ph.D.

    Certified Wildlife Biologist

    Associate Professor of Wildlife Conservation

    University of Rio Grande




    Associate Professor of Wildlife Conservation

    University of Rio Grande


    Email: rhopkins@rio.edu

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    Loving the Life You Live ( part 2 ) Continuation

    in Religion

    Sharing Gods word from the King James Bible

    The Message ia Loving the Life you Live ( part 2 a continuation)


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    Tempation Isn't The Problem!

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    We all get tempted at some point i our life to do what ia contrary to God's word but thw temptation is not the problem, we are!

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    Crystal & Ka`iwi Talk Story at 9 am HI Time - Diving Into Malu, Malu`ia

    in Spirituality

    Aloha, e komo mai!  In Crystal & Ka`iwi's last show they discussed "Diving Into the New Year."  Staying with that theme of Diving Into, we will be Diving Into Malu, Malu'ia, the second gift Ke Akua gave to us.  The innate gift within us all and living from a place of Aloha and Malu.This is part 2of a 4 part series.  This is a Hawaiian Spirituality & Modalities show. We Live the Higher Calling from Akua and sharing our mana`o with others.

    Ka`iwi and I are guided by Akua (God/Spirit) each show topics may include Ho`oponopono, ...Lomilomi, Energy Healing, La'au Lapa'au, Crystals, Angels, Chakras and much more. We may set the intention when we write the description each week for one topic and Akua sends us on a different topic. Please be flexible because all the information is to help you adjust, shift and awaken as we do the same. Sometimes the information is not for this moment but is there for when you need it.

    Ka`iwi is a local boy from Waimanalo, HI and Crystal is a local girl who lives in Texas. These 2 Hawaiians brought together by fate, raised in different times and places but still tied deeply to their Hawaiian roots and Ancestors.

    Join us each week as we talk story, share funny stories and help you get through the hurdles life has brought you to us.

    Call in number (215) 383-3871

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    Good Morning America! It Is Possible To Have A blessed Day (Think And Grow Rich)

    in Motivation

    Hi friends! at times we just need to let go whatever that makes us stop because it is possible to have a blessed day Do you know that without the storms and winds opposing the disciples of Jesus Christ, Peter wouldn't known that he can walk upon the see. Again, without Moses spending 40 years with Jethro his father in-law and also taking care of his flocks, he wouldn't have met that encounter of the burning bush. Also remenber Joseph was sold out by his brothers but it turn out good at last. Therefore we should keep our eyes open when we are faced with rough times, may be we are very close to our miracle. I specially invite you this morning by 10:00 eastern time to fellowship with me on my radio show for your life will never be the same. This ia an atmosphere of miracle.

    Radio Link: www.blogtalkradio.com/winnersbroadcastingradio

    Host: Dr. Emmanuel Udoeyo


    Registration/tuition is 100% free, 

    Lecture begins this January, enroll now by filing the form @ www.successwithoutlimit.org


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    Epi 7 – Interview With Booker & Promoter Herb Simmons

    in Wrestling

    We had an awesome time tonight interviewing Mr. Herb Simmons! Herb ia a 40 yr vet in the business doing both booking & promoting. He has seen them go through including names like Bruiser Brody, Jerry Blackwell, & Dick the Bruiser to name a few. Sit back and relax and Read More

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    Hot Tubs West Des Moines | Infrared Sauna Dealer in Iowa

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    Hot Tubs West Des Moines 515-270-8702 Looking for a Sale on Hot Tubs or Saunas in Des Moines? We Sell, Service New, Used Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Saunas and More!

    3 Easy Stress Busting Techniques 
    Stress has a tremendous impact on just about everyone. Here are three simple, easy to employ stress busters that will find you calm, cool and collected in no time. 

    Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance 
    It’s a challenge to prioritize stress management, and sometimes it takes a back seat to handling the responsibilities of daily life. Understand the value in working quality personal time into a busy schedule and stress will decrease naturally.

    Focus on the Positive 
    Believe it or not, simply making an attitude adjustment can alleviate a significant amount of elevated stress. Making a concerted effort to not dwell on the mishaps can go a long way in reducing stress levels long term. 

    Soak Away Tension in a Hot Tub 
    Heat is naturally soothing, but coupled with massage, a dip in a hot tub is an easy, convenient stress management technique. With consistent use, years of built up tension and stress melt away.
    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of our free hot tub buyer’s guide, “7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub” Just give us a call at 515-270-8702 or visit our website at http://hotspringgreen.com.

    Hot Spring Spas of Des Moines Iowa
    10860 Hickman Rd, 
    Clive, IA 50325

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    Source Material #055 - BS Episode 3 (SBP Joint Jam) - Trailers and HE-MAN!!!!

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    Hey everyone.  BS episodes tend to be the most fun sometimes.  Tonight I persuaded my buddy Justin T. into talking with me and Ronnie about some old school topics and current movie trailers.  Specifically the TMNT 2 trailer and Sheamus.  Also we discussed a little bit of X-Men Apocalypse.  Then things take a a turn.. an E-TURN-IA if you wheel... God Bless Dusty Rhodes.  The topic of HE-MAN gives us some great discussion and coverage of an io9.com list provides some entertainment!


    We didn't care... we hardly edited... we had a lot of fun. 

    Hope you all enjoy!

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    Eddie Andrews and Daughter Bridgette seeing God's people Bloom

    in Christianity

    Guest:  Eddie Andrews his oldest daughter Bridgette are using what God has given them to impact the lives he places before them.  They are both bilingual he is a minister and worship leader, she is a singer and musician also in the process of becoming a minister. God uses Eddie to touch the hurting and discarded.


    Join us in seeing what the Lord is doing as iBloom Radio ia about allowing God's people to come on and share what God is doing within their life and the lives he places before them.

    To bring Encouragement,Empowerment,Hope and Healing to the people God places before them so listen into the show Be Bless get Ready to Bloom !!