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    Talmud of Jmmanuel, Introduction to the Spiritual Teaching, The Holy See

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    In 1963 the text presented in this book was discovered by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier in the form of scrolls encased in preservative resin, after a Greek Catholic priest by the name of Isa Rashid discovered the actual burial cave of Jmmanuel (who has been erroneously called Jesus Christ). Written in the literary language of Old Aramaic, the document was buried under a flat rock in the tomb. It was Rashid's wish that his name not be publicized. He feared, and rightfully so, that he would be persecuted by the Church and the Israelis and perhaps even be assassinated, a possibility that unfortunately became true later.

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    The Truth Perspective - Weekly Broadcast - 14 February 2015

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    Broadcasting from deep in the heart of the American Empire, join your host Harrison Koehli and fellow Sott.net editors as they discuss everything from current events and the latest machinations and manipulations of the global elite to history, science, and religion, and how it all fits together.

    This week, join our hosts as they discuss the Minsk talks, the tragic shootings in Chapel Hill, and the Messiah before Jesus.

    The Truth Perspective is brought to you by the SOTT Radio Network and SOTT.net, your one-stop source for independent, unbiased, alternative news and commentary on world events.

    Live every Saturday from 2-4pm EST / 11am-1pm PST / 8-10pm CET.

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    Strangest Mysteries:History's Most Baffling and Astonishing Events

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    Throughout history there have been many weird, bizarre, extraordinary and spooky events...Men in Black, The Pyramids of Giza, The Big Bang, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Levitation, Premonition, Near Death Experiences, Spontaneous Human Combustion, The Curse of Tutenkhamun, The Holy Grail and many more...This episode shares some of these tales along with popular myths and beliefs. Learn about the latest investigations underway to find answers to the world's most amazing and bewildering phenomena. Call in # 347-633-9648.

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    keeping the word

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    As popular christianity disintegrates How do we make sure we are keeping the faith?  This and other of today's news and views

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 102: BenWa.......

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    Ladies and gentlement, the 16Bit crew is back with another excellent show. After last week's gawker rant we return with Microsoft's windows 10 reveal, we shout out to Pax South, as our amazing PR manager is there. On this episode we also talk some Marvel news with their upcoming Secret Wars arc, and find that Xmen Apocalypse has found it's core mutant cast. Gearbox annoucnes the Handsome collection, Zod to be Doomsday? Sony announces it's apology perks for the 2011 hack, Steam goes stream, Elder scrolls free? All this and more on episode 102 BenWa....

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    Hebrew Bible Reading and Interpretation

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    If your learning the scriptures and need scriptural guidance than your at the right place.I teach the tanakh it the original version of the bible that the king james version from the original scrolls was interpreted from.Full of factual down to earth information that has not been reinterpreted over and over again.It brings you to a full understanding of what God or Good wants us to do with our lives.To love and lead a clean and holy life filled with rauch hakodesh or holy spirit.Yeshua taught us to live in accordance with Gods word not the devil.Which is currently the ruler of this system of things.We as christian are looking forward to the New Kingdom.A rulership under Gods government alone not mankinds.A New World of love,peace,security and tranquility.A government that provides for its citizens spiritual needs as well as physical needs.A place were death will be no more.A place were you dont grow old and die.Youth forever and ever as promised by our lord yeshua or jesus.No more crime,starvation,murder,rape or mob pillaging.A totally righteous government with righteous citizens.Who have proved themselves worthy of everlasting life.

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    The Food Alchemist Show

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    TPN TV and Radio Presents The Food Alchemist Show with Chef Sessy.

    Chef Sessy created her business, Veggies Be Come U, llc from the needs of people who wanted her services. She makes her own herbal blends for detoxing, fasting, smoking, losing weight, cleaning blood, building the immune system, tinctures, shampoos and conditioners.

    She provides Educational opportunities for others to learn from by the following: group classes, seminars and 1-on-1 consultations and radio shows.

    Special Guest: Rev. Goddess Charmaine

    Reverend Goddess Charmaine was ordained by the New Seminary, a school of interfaith theology in New York City. She is a trained Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, certified hypnotherapist, trained aromatherapist, and tantric energy specialist. She primarily focuses her energy work through Shamanism, trained by Kenneth Ray Stubbs through the Path of the Sexual Shaman all levels.

    She has led workshops in the tri-state area since 1992, and is continually increasing her work as a facilitator of personal empowerment through her workshops such as chakra intensives, Goddess rituals, Second Sunday and Clothing Optional (Naked Church) Services and various others that continue to support empowerment and erotic enlightenment for all.

    Rev. Goddess has written two books, The Sensuous Mystic ~ Uniting Sex and Spirit and The Goddess Scrolls ~ Sacred Erotic Tales that inspire and enlighten along with her ongoing radio show on Blog Talk Radio, "The Sensuous Mystic" airing live each Wednesday night at 8pm EST. 

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    My Testimony and Witness.

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    I have been feeling that I should tell a little of my story about who I am and of some of my experiences. Today I was pulled over by a DOT offficer named Officer Bacon. We talked for a bit and he told me he would listen to my show, So I decided to Dedicate this show to him and tell him who I am and why I say what I say. I hope that the spirit will testify as to what I say to all who listen. I Pray Gods Blessing upon you all, In the Name of Messiah, Amen. 

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    First Contact Radio 1/1/15

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    First Contact Radio 1/1/15 Show #1287 hosted by Joshua Poet


    Jewish Calendar

    Introduction to the Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, Dec. 26 – Jan. 3

    UFO News
    Best UFO sightings of December 2014

    Grey Metallic UFO Near Space Station On Live Cam, Jan 1, 2015

    CIA Behind UFO Sightings in 1950s and 1960s


    Daily Stories
    Robert Schuller quotes

    Tony Robbins Quotes

    The Ziglar Official Quote Library


    Personal Goal Setting

    Goal Setting Workshop

    Louise Hay Affirmations

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    DAY 12- The Letters 3 (Dead Sea Scrolls) LIVE "Dear Prudence" - Audio Book

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    "'May 23 - Dear Dr. Freedman - ... I am well aware that vanity is not supposed to take precedence over my mental health... but I am a girl who, although seemingly low maintenance, requires a healthy reflection to maintain any self-esteem.' Chapter TWELVE Day 3 (The Letters/Dead Sea Scrolls) -  By Listener Request, I humbly Introduce To YOU 'Dear Prudence' by ME, Amanda G. - A LIVE READING, chapter by chapter... from the horse's mouth! Please Tune In and ENJOY!  'Dear Prudence' Radio - Life Advice to Help YOU Cope!"

    Please join Amanda Grieme, Author of “Dear Prudence,” Motherhood Made ME Get Over MYSELF: A Metamorphosis, and former English/Creative Writing Educator. Amanda LIVES with Bipolar Disorder choosing writing as her catharsis and creative medium to help others. Her life experience with mental illness, self-medication will lend listeners invaluable, often quirky life advice. Tune in to share in life’s struggles, folly, laughter, tears, idiosyncratic oddities… cradled by eclectic music selections.

    “Dear Prudence” Radio – Life Advice to Help YOU Cope will provide you with entertaining and informative fodder about life stuff, backed by research, justified by public opinion… and humbled by ill-experience. Check Out the NEW:






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    Spiritual Learning Channel-Sunday-The Isaiah Effect-Chapter 2

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    Sunday is Funday for 30 minutes at 3:30pm Mountain Time today! (718)776-4874 (3:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Central, 6:30pm- Eastern) we have a Facebook group, Spiritual Learning Connection. LInks to archived shows are posted there, as well as other bits of information on various subjects. Come check us out, join if you would like to post things to the group! New people welcome!

    Join us for Chapter 2 of Gregg Braden's book, "The Isaiah Effect" ! 718-766-4874 to listen live, or catch us in chat! Topics in the chapter 'Lost Words of a Forgotten People' include: Beyond Science, Religion and Miracles, Lost Words, Forgotten Technology, The Mysterious Essenes, Scrolls From The Dead Sea, Secrets of the Essenes, The Library of Nag Hammadi, The Apocalypse of Adam, The Thunder: Perfect MInd, The Gospel of Thomas.

    KC is a Hawaiian born Reiki Master Teacher/A.R.C.H. Master Level 1, who had a near-death experience at the age of 10, which profoundly affected her understanding of life as she knew it. Growing up involved more learning experiences that led her to Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, and a variety of other Body-Energy work. With a Bachelor's degree from the University of Wyoming that kept her in the 'real world' in her parents eyes, KC continuted studying and learning on the spiritual side of things. As events on our planet unfold, and new learnings-energies are heightened, KC works to keep up with the new energies coming in that affect all life forms on our planet and in the universe. Seeking, speaking and sharing the highest truth is her goal.

    Check out Facebook Group, Spiritual Learning Connection to see our show schedule for live, on-air times, or to get the archive links for previous shows! See posts on Linked In (Kelly Coulter), Twitter (rev_kc). Email: slc.on.btr@gmail.com


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