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    Man Talk 101 with Kim and Vince: What Can We Do To Save Our Streets

    in Relationships

    It's another  Saturday, so get ready to hear from your favorite duo Kim and Vince of #ManTalk101. Let's see what these two have to say about what's going on with what's going on  in the streets of Batimore as well as around the world. Let's see what type of insight and wisdom these two have to share. Don't forget who or what may be in #TheVault .Soget ready you're gonna go for a ride. Exclusive on #Iammeradio . Saturday at 11am eastern  845-241-9898 or listen at blogtalkraio.com/Iammeradio


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    Today In News - Sunday Morning Fun House Show

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    Grab a cup of coffee and join us every Sunday morning 9:30 - 10:00 AM Eastern on BigDawg Music Mafia Radio for current news 'intertwined' with fast moving talk and good, clean fun with the legendary Jimmy Jay and Trade Martin - two seasoned professionals in the entertainment industry.

    Trade Martin: While performing his high-energy night club act, Trade's audience is usually unaware that he has acted opposite prominent television and movie stars Frank Vincent (Soprano's & Goodfellow's), and the well-respected character actor, Vince Pastore in the feature film thriller, "West New York", composed and conducted movie scores, and arranged & produced a Grammy Award winning album by B.B. King.

    Jimmy Jay: Host of the Rewind Show and is known as the "DJ of the Stars".  Jimmy says "It's a Very Long Story...go to RewindShow.com and PartyMaker.com to learn a little...one thing for sure is I have a Rockin' Wife!"


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    Truthsharks Radio Presents: Black By Color Only/Let's Riot

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    Welcome to the WVEB presentation of Black By Color Only, a division of Truthsharks Radio. I am your host and friend, DJ Southeast Vince, comin' at ya' all the way from a place called Durham, NC. On this show, I will tackle the isues that affect today's black race such as politics, economics, morals, principles, and whatever. If you have a question or comment, feel free to call in and state your case, just be sure to season your comments well with respect. So come listen to a man who is black, Christian, and conservative.

    On a rare early show (due to me taking my wife out), I will give my take on the Baltimore riots and the indictment of the six officers (3 of whom are black). So tune in to the next Black By Color Only.

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    043015 Paul Dyster Mayor, City of Niagara Falls NY

    in Politics

    In today's segment Mayor Paul Dyster discusses several issues and initiatives in the city of Niagara Falls. But first though, as part of a Niagara Falls high school student project I've been asked by Jonathon Hartman, a student at Niagara Falls High School, to read a poem on the air. The poem is by Wilfred Owen and written between September and October 1917, when Owen was a patient at Craiglockhart War Hospital in Edinburgh .

    We discuss the use of Casino Revenues and whether there is a need to legislate a Casino Revenue Spending Policy. I have been lobbying for one for about seven years.

    We discuss the frozen pipes this past winter and what steps are being taken to address this next winter.

    We discuss development, with special emphasis on the new Train Station and our relationship with Amtrak. I press the mayor to explain our relationship with Amtrak and whether we have an agreement for them to be a paying tenant of the facility. To this day there have been discussions but no written agreements.

    We discuss the new sanitation that effort focusing on recycling and enforcement of the ordinance.

    I ask if there is any progress in the codification of the Niagara Falls City Charter.

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    042815 Tony Poletti, Board Member Niagara Falls YMCA

    in Politics

    In this segment, our guest, Tony Poletti, elaborates on his hope that the YMCA can remain a vital part of this community. He expressed the need to provide a venue for the children of the disadvantage families in this neighborhood. Mr. Colletti is a member of a group that is trying to save the YMCA. They are hoping to get the attention of city government as well as the community.

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    Garage Talk Live with Vince Bonfigli

    in Sports

    Today's guest is ARCA driver Sarah Cornett-Ching. We'll have the weekly wrap up and picks for the upcoming race.

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    041615 Rick Crogan-Niagara Music and Art Festival

    in Politics

    In this episode of The Vince Anello Show, Rick Crogan discusses the upcoming Niagara Music and Art Festival. He tells us a little bit of the history of this festival and gives us a peek at some of the bands that will be performing. He describes some of the food vendors and other venues at the festival. Rick announced that Joseph Calato will be receiving the Niagara Music and Art Lifetime Achievement Award. Also discusses some of the other community initiatives here in the city Niagara Falls.

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    The Legendary Les Thatcher comes to Pipebomb Radio

    in Wrestling

    Les Thatcher became a professional wrestling fan the first time he watched the action on a friend’s television in 1949 at the tender age of eight years old. The beginning of his life in pro wrestling began at what may have been the first Pro Wrestling School in America. Les read about Tony Santos, a promoter in New England, and his wrestling school based in Boston, Massachusetts in a 1959 issue of Wrestling Revue, then the top magazine in the industry, and after writing back and forth he climbed on a Greyhound Bus in February 1960 and traveled to Boston to begin what has been a 44 year love affair with professional wrestling. As a wrestler his career spanned 20 years from July 4 1960 when he stepped into the ring as a pro for the first time against “Cowboy” Ronnie Hill in Blue Hills, Maine.  As a broadcaster, Les shared the microphone over the years with hall of famers such as Gordon Solie, Bob Caudle, Lance Russell, and Jim Ross. The very first ever four color WWWF magazine was designed and edited by Thatcher for Vince McMahon Jr. in 1978.As a trainer/teacher for the last ten years Les opened Les Thatcher’s Main Event Pro Wrestling Camp in Cincinnati in 1995 and an “off shoot” of that is the Heartland Wrestling Association which during that period was considered one of the top independent promotions in the country.  From 1998 through 2001 HWA promoted the famous “Brian Pillman Memorial Shows” bringing WWF, WCW, and ECW together under the same roof on the same night for the first time in wrestling history.  


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    Wednesday at Midnight with Trade Martin

    in Politics Conservative

    Join us every WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT for Trade Martin's fast-paced, one half-hour conservative, political talk show.

    We will discuss the most current political news.
    I will also take your calls at (347) 838-8898.

    Trade Martin: While performing his high-energy night club act, Trade's audience is usually unaware that he has acted opposite prominent television and movie stars Frank Vincent (Soprano's & Goodfellow's), and the well-respected character actor, Vince Pastore in the feature film thriller, "West New York", composed and conducted movie scores, and arranged & produced a Grammy Award winning album by B.B. King.

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    Afterglow- Live with Tim and Vince

    in Religion

    Nepal is Shaken.  Chili is burning.  The world is asking what happened.  Of course you know the answer.   The signs are coming together.  Are you Rapture Ready?  Of course if you are not, all is vanity.  Continue in Ecclesiastes.

    Tim Roden - Blogger, Speaker

    Vince Tarquini - Chaplain, Apologist.

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    The Ruckus Show - Boxing, News, and Views

    in Sports

    The Ruckus is all new tonight with hosts Jeandra LeBeauf and Ryan Bivins.

    It's Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight, listen in as we chime in with our thoughts, predictions and opions. Also joining the crew tonight, super welterweight Frank Galarza. Also joining in Vince Caruso, manager of light heavyweight contender Nadjib Mohammedi. Mohammedi is the mandatory challenger to Kovalev's IBF title. Listen in as Caruso breaks down on-going Kovalev negotiations and why he feels they are being disrespected by Kovalev and his promoter Main Events.

    Additional topics include:

    Recap of Klitschko vs Jennings
    Reports of an upcoming Golden Boy vs. Al Haymon lawsuit
    Andre Ward vs Paul Smith on June 20th 
    and more!

    The show goes LIVE at 7PM PT. Galarza will join us at 15 after the hour. To speak with the hosts, dial 718.508.9852

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