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    Geek Street with Adam & Jake Ep. 4: Best Heroes & Best Villians

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    Adam and Jake discuss the best heroes and villains of all time. Spanning movies, comics, and video games. The duo geek out over the head to head competition between Captain America 3 and Superman vs Batman. They also make some predictions on The Walking Dead season 4 finale.

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    Who Is Your Favorite Super Hero?

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    Super Heros are a big part of our lives and just about every blockbuster movie that gets created but who is your favorite? Let's look at the list:

    Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Wolverine, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America - plus more!

    And we can't forget about the Villians!

    The Joker, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Bane, Two Face, Cat Woman, Loki, Lex Luther, Magneto - plus more!


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    the avengers 2/marvel secret war

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    this week on the world finest show where going be giving are thoughts on the avengers 2 plus new comics that are coming out from marvel. now with the avengers 2 this film is going be the biggest box office of 2015 and blow the other movies away. the first film made so much movie at the box office and i think this one going make even more then the first one. plus in this one there bringing in mutants from x-men comics which i think is going be awesome. other talk is that hulk is going change skin color in this one. we got wait and see. now with the new comics that are coming out i am worried about this. it going be call secret war. it going be a five part comic and i been hearing that stan lee worried about this. cause word has it going be other war between the hero's and the villians. and no word yet on what the story is going be about. but it got me wondering what is the story going be about and who teaming with who. but call in and tell us what u think of the avengers 2 and the stories of secret war

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    Cashist, Fascist and other Villians...

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    Join us for our 2nd show! We'll tackle subjects like Morality without religion (or mortality with it!?!), Violence and gun control, prison population, Wolf Blitzer and Tornado alley Atheist,Your freedoms and constitutional rights...Give us liberty or give us Dea...leave us alone Big brother! And as always Metal music, partying & conciousness developement! Call in even if your not peaceful or you just like a good debate with a couple godless wannabe anarchist !!! lol

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    Throwback Thursdays with Your Host Love Throwback Talk

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    Hey y'all, it's ya girl Love! As always bringing you the wonderful Throwback Thursdays episode! Tonight, it's all about the notorious villians! I'm talking about Freddy, Jason, Cujo, Chucky, Alien, Michael Meyers, Jigsaw. An that's just to name a few. I want to know the greatest villain there is. And if you would put together a team of villians, who would it be? So give me a call (347) 857-4391 an press 1 to talk.

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    Sons of Anarchy Actor, Mackenzie Parker

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    Mackenzie Parker has had a busy few years.. Growing up in Illinois he always took pride in helping his community both as a volunteer fire fighter and EMT.  From there he moved on to the Navy where he was stationed in Camp Pendleton.  Next he decided to go after his first true love... Acting.  Starting off in community theatre and then traveling to Moscow to study and perform. Mackenzie now finds himself in LA and about to appear on one of the most popular shows on TV.


    In the next few months Mackenzie Parker will be known as Scoot, the sidekick to one of the biggest villians on the show "Sons of Anarchy". He is so excited to watch the character come to life. He is also working on a feature film, "Daddy" starring Jay Jackson and Richard Riehle. There are many projects coming up for Mackenzie in the next year and you will definetly being seeing his face on both the small and big screen.

    Thanks to MPowerPublicity: www.mpowerpublicity.com

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    The New TV Season is Finally Here. Let's talk about Gotham

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    It's finally here the new TV season. Let's kick of the discussion with Gotham. The prequel to end all prequels. It's about Bruce Wayne's evolution but also the evolution of all our favorite villians. Let's talk about the rougues gallery.

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    What series of events unites a few strangers to make music together? Is it a cosmic anomaly or destiny? Jandre Nadal, John Feliciano, Edgar Ramos and JuanMa Font gravitated towards each other because of a shared desire to create intoxicating and sublime music. Since 2009 this intricate sonic workshop has yielded blistering tracks with great depth, melding dreamlike sounds with unheard-of guitar strength, tight bass, high-energy drums and powerful melodic vocals.

    Lead singer Jandre will join Take 2 Radio Music on Thursday, August 7th at 11am eastern!

     We'll chat about their music and their Indiegogo project: Victim & Villians - a new album - That’s why we’ve decided to make our new album available to you, our closest fans, in advance of the official release date. With your support, we can raise the money needed to properly release and promote our new album, Victims & Villains. For your contribution, you'll receive exclusive perks in return, from an autographed copy of the new album, a limited edition poster to even having your own personalized comic book!

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    C.D. - The “Sheeple’s Climate “March” – September Yawn

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    Here we go again, with Global Warming / Climate Change (I wish they'd make up their minds).

    This Sunday will mark what's known as the People's Climate March, which purports to be a worldwide event, dedicated to furthering the notion of making us [villians] aware of the seriousness of the issue.

    What seems to have been expanded from Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, an entire sub-culture has emerged, replete with "science" and its pundits, who seek to discredit and marginalize anyone who dares to challenge their conventional "wisdom".

    And, I understand that a contingent of Muslims from our area, will be represented.  

    Well, after the March, "what next"?

    Of course, we at Critical Discourse, would be remiss, not to discuss the March, as well as revist the whole issue of Global Warming / Climate Change, and why it largely is a false-flag  operation.

    Did you know that Wednesday, September 17th, was the anniversay of "Occupy Wall Street", more appropriately termed "Occupy Zocotti Park" or "Occupy Broadway"? If the dismal turnout is any indication thereof, that movement is D.O.A.

    While I was a vociferous critic, was there any benefit to it?

    Any sense of heightened "awareness"?

    We'll discuss these, and /or other relevant, newsworthyy topics, on:

    Critical Discourse


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    Show #19 Top 5 cartoon villains

    in Pop Culture

    This weeks show I'm joined by Dan, Joel,Carl and Mike. We discuss our top 5 cartoon villians. Excluding anything that started as manga or comic book.

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    Film's' "Three Kings of Industry"

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    Denzel, Colin and Hugh, three of the most famous, and talented actors of our times. Each a star in his own right, each making us take notice of their wonderful performances, each so very different, and yet so very similar when it come to what they exude....talent! Join me ("The Reel Movie Guy"), my co-host Larry (The "Must See Movie Critic", and our guest Karen D. ("The Movie Maven"), as we discuss these icons of film....

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