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    Celebrity Gossip & new music

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    Hello and welcome to another explosive eidition of celebrity gossip and new music. Find all your latest entertainment gossip for the week. which R/B singer from the 90's is back to looking like he on that shty? what comment did actress Stacey Dash say on Fox News to make people want to smack the hell out of her? which LOVE & HIP HOP REALITY wanna be star, almost got into a fight for acting like a THOT??? Which lady from Bravo show MARRIED TO MEDICINE is reportedly pregnant with twins? also which legendary singer is going to be a dad of triplets? we got that the ratchet s/o, ignorant moment, o hell to the nall moment, white folks news, in the hood news, and the JAW DROPPER OF THE NIGHT. make sure you tune in @10pm ct 11pm est with yours truly mskane, tammy, an know.

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    SEASON PREMIERE: Interscope Recording Artist Jasmine Villegas!

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    TD Radio returns with a brand new season filled with the hottest topics and amazing guests. Tune in for our back to school episode with singing sensation Jasmine Villegas! The 20 year old San Jose native, who has amassed a huge teen following over the course of her career, has just released her new single “That’s Me Right There,” featuring Kendrick Lamar. TD Radio hosts Aeshia, Moiba, and DJ Tygr will also share the latest in entertainment news, music and more! TWEET your questions for Jasmine Villegas to @TeenDiaries using the hashtag #JasmineVonTDradio.

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    Get Pregnant Fast and Defy the Odds of High Risk Pregnancy with Intuition

    in Parents

    Are you trying to get pregnant fast? Are you suffering with a high risk pregnancy?

    You'll be amazed and thrilled as you learn how Sandra Jones-Keller turned her journey of a high-risk pregnancy into life altering work for other women and couples. You will learn simple techniques to easily have two-way communication with your baby saving yourself from unnecessary worry, fear and stress.

    I'm sure you're aware of many stories where the couple tries for years to get pregnant only to conceive a set of triplets after they adopted from a third world country. Well, there is something to the power of your intention. When you can learn to harness your energy and direct it to your desired results miracles and wonders happen. 

    Change your life with powerful content by joining our group Healthy Families - Heal - Unite - Empower on LindedIn. 


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    Transformation Thursday: Finding and being your passion.

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    Dear Angels,  Tonight I am going to interview Tiscia Bonanno; a mother of triplets who had a love for healthy food and a lifestyle.  She wanted to feed her children the best quality food available and now she has taken her passion for healthy living and turned it into a growing business.  Her story is amazing of becoming a mom and a entreprenuer and how the law of attraction and being her passion helps her journey in creating the life of her dreams.  




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    Basic Training of Parenting without combat boots, PTSD & More!

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    This week is rockin yall!  I have only a few things to say then will get to the meat and taters of today's show. 

    My guest is a "Parentista" (if there were a word like that it would be this baby girl)!  Internationally known as The Transformational Love Messenger, NuLuv Jones has fast become the Premier Parent Right Now Expert. She helps "close-to-the-edge" parents find their center by navigating the land mines of parenting to equip their children to tap into their own inner genius and greatness, love themselves and live abundant and joy-filled lives. NuLuv is featured on The Tavis Smiley Radio Show Series "Too Important To Fail", where she shares how she successfully parented her own TRIPLET sons (yep single Mom and 3 at a time) through a failing education system and an apathetic community.

    NuLuv is a former Airborne Army Captain, who has led troops in peacetime and in war; (you know she has to be good...she talked people into jumping from airplanes) using her life experiences as both, Certified Life Coach and Certified Parent Coach, she guides parents through the Basic Training of Parenting without the need for combat boots. 

    Also, a #1 International Best Selling Author "No Scar, No Wound?" her journey of surviving post partum depression and PTSD (from an airplane crash not associated with her being a paratrooper...amazing y'all) can be read in The Pebbles in the Pond, Wave Three. Buy the book and learn more about NuLuv's efforts with PTSD at www.TransformationalLoveMessenger.com.

    Our music this week is by Gospel's New Breed...Pastor Kenneth Page!  Soulful song "It's Raining" . Check him out...www.kpagemusic.com. 

    Call with your parental problems y'all! Or to say thank you for your service! Tues 8pmCDT (9E/6P) (646) 915-8605. 

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    Another solo show in the Quirky World of Mama Char

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    C'mon y'all...join me tonight at 8pm CDT (9E/6P) for a little chat on lots of stuff.  

    Your plants need it...have you ever considered f**king your plant?
    Online ...3 sites to enhance your geekness experience
    Busey-ism of the week (acronym for you proper folk)...FAITH
    Hobby Lobby and US Bank...do employers have too much authority?
    New music by my great-niece, singer and songwriter, Auty Faulkner.  Her single "Bad News" can be seen/heard at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7tVb41irho and you can follower her on Facebook here...https://www.facebook.com/moosebutter22
    Announcing next week's guest...NuLuv Jones (PTSD survivor and Single Mom of triplets)
    And some random stuff...

    Call in to talk to me...646-915-8605 and let's chat!!  I really want to know how you feel and what's going on in your mind!!


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    On todays show we have a wonderful ambassador of the spirit world........

    OSCAR VILLEGAS.... International Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Teacher and Radio host who currently lives in the UK wowing his audiences and all who come into contact with his beautiful energy.  He possesses an amazing gift with psychic powers that over the years have bought joy and comfort to thousands of people........come along an listen as we bring the two worlds together offering chats, music and live readings.  Be a part of the show and share our combined energies.........


    Ray and Sarah X

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    The Inclusion Minded Self-Contained Teacher

    in Family

    Tim Villegas returns to talk about ways in which Special Education teachers can support inclusion while working in self-contained classrooms.

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    Stress and the National Trauma Syndrome with Muriel P. Warren, DSW

    in Self Help


    Dr. Muriel P. Warren, DSW, ACSW, is a professional psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, author, and educator engaged in private practice in Nyack, NY. She holds degrees from Fordham, Columbia, and Adelphi Universities in Psychology and Social Work.  We will be discussing how, in the post 9/11 world we find ourselves living in a time, which she calls The National Trauma Syndrome. Dr. Warren says we need to find a way to deal with the SAD TRIPLETS-Stress, Anxiety and Depression, which can cause physical and health problems as well as psychological distress.

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    Lamar Van Dyke Visits Diversity Rules Magazine on the Air!

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    Lamar travelled around North America for a couple of years with a bunch of dykes in a bunch of vans. Once they imploded, her van broke down stranding her in Seattle which turned out to be the perfect place for her.  She opened a tattoo shop in a slightly run down but affordable neighborhood and watched the gay community spring up all around her.  Eventually, the developers arrived, rents quadrupled, and now the "gay" neighborhood is no longer so gay.

    She's been writing, and has a new web series, Casa Van Dyke, which is a collaboration with Danielle Villegas a local film maker. It's about a bunch of dykes who are old on the outside but young on the inside. The one thing they have in common is that they forgot to plan for their retirement, so they now find themselves resorting to communal living during their so called twilight years.

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    The Gift of Forgiveness an interview with Rob Kagel

    in Health

    Born in Tucson, Arizona, where he received his undergraduate degree in Education from Northern Arizona University, and received a double major Special Education and Physical Education. He returned to school to receive a Master’s Degree in Orientation and Mobility Specialist. He has taught the blind how to travel for over 30 years and has been  has been a Special Education teacher for the last 10 years.

    While being a single father of 4 kids, triplets plus one, he taught various courses on parenting classes, drug education, motivational training, and classes on Moving Through your Fears and presentations on the Attainment of Peace, and Talks on Forgiveness.

    This is an interview  about Forgiveness and how Joshua’s life helped guide Rob’s life to a deeper meaning.

    How does one forgive and not hate? How can one forgive another person that has taken someone that has been so dear to your heart? This interview will inspire you, lighten up your life, you will laugh, and there will be some tears.

    Join Aging Younger radio and listen as Rob Kagel answers these questions.  You will be astonished to learn how this man forgave the murderer of his son, Joshua Ben Kagel. 

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