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    The Art of Appreciation

    in Health

    Our November shows honor this month of "thanks giving."  We explore the art of appreciation and the gift of gratitude. Reflecting on our own lives we discuss the importance of giving thanks.  We also present some interesting research on this heart-centered topic.
    Be sure to join us for this show and also for part two on "Transforming Our Lives Through Appreciation."  We hope you enjoy all our archived shows and invite your friends to listen too!  "Follow" us and share your comments on our show page! 
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    "Chai Chat" is co-hosted by two good friends and colleagues Lori Moffett, RYT and Victoria Vetere, PhD, HC.  They share their enlightenment journeys with you and invite you to the place where calm + consciousness meets!

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    Creating Health - Part Two

    in Health

    In this show we explore the seven keys to health and longevity!  Decades of research have reveled seven factors which together are the foundation to health and longevity.  We introduce our audience to Lotus Health & Longevity, a customized program for attaining better body, balance, & bliss!
    This show features two guests who will chat with us about the road to enhanced health and vitality.  Michelle Risser, MSW, LISW-S is a Lotus Lifestyle Designer and a mental health professional.  Joining her is Carol Baker, whose Lotus program helped her to feel stronger, younger, and to live pain free!
    "Chai Chat" is co-hosted by two great friends & colleagues Lori Moffett, RYT (Restorative Yoga teacher and Reiki Master)  and Victoria Vetere, PhD, HC (Enlightened Life Coach). 
    Enjoy this show and share it with your family & friends!  We invite you to "Follow" our show so you won't miss any of our wonderful chats where calm + consciousness meet!
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    Creating Health - Part One

    in Fitness

    October finds us celebrating women's health!  This show features two wonderful guests who will share their wisdom on this topic.  Marcia Miller, RYT, co-owner of Yoga on High in Columbus, OH, discusses her research on how yoga helped women in their healing from breast cancer. And Virginia Macali will share about her own healing journey and the great gifts of wisdom this opened for her.
    Our show is intended to enlighten and inspire.  Co-hosted by two good friends and colleagues,  Lori Guth Moffett, RYT and Victoria Vetere, PhD, HC. 
    We encourage you to listen, comment, share, and enjoy!  "Follow" us to bring enlightenment each & every month! 

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    The Lost Art of Connecting - Part One

    in Health

    In Part One of September's topic we explore the importance of connecting with one another.  We discuss the effect of information technology on our levels of interpersonal connection and intimacy.  This show will open up new avenues of thinking about modern life and the quality of it, both interpersonally and globally.
    In our next show, Part Two, we offer suggestions and recommendations for enhancing our capacity to authentically connect with others and in our world.
    "Chai Chat" is co-hosted by two good friends and colleagues, Lori Moffett, RYT and Victoria Vetere, PhD, HC.  In each show we bring our personal experience and professional knowledge to our audience in an enjoyable and enlightening way! 
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    The Lost Art of Connecting - Part Two

    in Health

    In Part Two of our September shows on "connecting" we discuss commonly held fears around truly connecting with one another.  We then offer suggestions for how to move beyond our fears and into more authentic presence. 
    This is an important topic for all of us.  We are truly in this together.  Our hope is to enhance the experience of our audience toward greater ease and intimacy in our lives and in our world. 
    "Chai Chat" is co-hosted by two good friends and colleagues, Lori Moffett, RYT and Victoria Vetere, PhD, HC.  Our mission is to call our listeners to a place of greater calm + consciousness. 
    Enjoy all our wonderful shows on archive at your leisure!  We invite you to "Follow" our show and to share with your circles!

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    At First Do Nothing - The Power of Presence

    in Health

    In this important show we explore the power of presence.  Co-hosts, Lori Moffett, RYT and Victoria Vetere, PhD, HC discuss the concepts in the work of Echhart Tolle, entitled The Power of Now.  We also teach about forms of practicing presence including Body Scan Meditation and Breath Awareness.
    We have also invited a guest to join us in sharing with listeners a practice that he has found to be extremely helpful in clearing his mind and enhancing his inner peace.
    As always, we welcome questions from listeners via Facebook, Twitter, and messages to our show page.
    We hope that you will join us and listen "live" or at your leisure on archives.

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    Love Month - Enjoying Healthy Relationships

    in Health

    In this second February "Chai Chat" show we discuss the topic of relationships.  We present some important concepts about keeping relationships joyful, whether with partner, family, co-workers or friends.  As with all our shows, we invite you to laugh, learn, and love more easily.
    Chai Chat is co-hosted by Lori Moffett, RYT and Victoria Vetere, PhD, HC.  Lori is a Restorative Yoga teacher & Reiki Master.  Victoria is an Enlightened Life Coach.  We are great friends & colleagues and live in Columbus, OH.
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    Love Month - Celebrating Self

    in Health

    February is "love month" and in Part One we focus on "Celebrating Self!"  This show explores our current level of self-care and supports us in improving it in practical ways.  Co-hosts for "Chai Chat" are two great friends & colleagues, Lori Moffett, RYT, and Victoria Vetere, PhD, HC.  Lori teaches Restorative Yoga and is a Reiki Master.  Victoria is an Enlightened Life Coach.  Both live in Columbus, Ohio.
    Our mission is to teach and inspire living a heart-centered life. We encourage listeners toward greater calm and consciousness. 
    Visit our Cafe Press store to Wear Your Wisdom!  Signature tees and your very own Chai Chat mug!

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