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    Mind Fit Radio- "How Do You Eliminate The Victim Mentality?" ;)

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    "Mind Fit Radio" Season 4, Episode 4, "How Do You Eliminate The Victim Mentality?" ...Join Ms Masta Foxx "The Energy Whisperer" & Ms Whizdom, Master Mind Stimulators/Coaches, "The Mind Fit Team", As They Share Their Views & Inspirations About The Body & Mind. Come & Get Your Mind & Body Synchronized For A Complete Fitness! Listen & Get Your Mind Stimulated! Episodes Are Every Sunday @ 9:30pm-10:00pm (PST)...Listen Online Or Call in to speak with the hosts (909) 265-9250

    *We Will Also Be Broadcasting Mind Fit Radio Live On Periscope, So Follow Us @mindlabwebinar To Chat With Us Live!

    *If You Missed Any Episodes, Listen To Them On-Demand & Even Download Them To Itunes! By Going To www.blogtalkradio.com/fitoverdrive

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    Trout Fishing In America ( The Hurd Mentality )

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    Torrid love affair with killing things abounds in this episode. Culinary recipes involving payola , graft, lying , cheating , storm damage and spider infestations. Mormon lifestyles involving ribbon bondage are discussed in-depth regarding  total sensory perception with lights off. Door security guards discribe advanced procedures in meat locker toga parties. Crumb cake , coffee cake , the band Cake, cakewalk , beefcake, suet cake , angel food , devil horns and Dustin Hoffman are scheduled to appear .Feature added extra credit -nothing.

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    "From Victim to Victory"

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    Finding Your Boot Straps is a motivating 11 step process that allows you to change your victim mindest.  If you've been raped, molested, or abused as a child and experienced a host of misfortunes during your life.  Don't throw in the towel just yet.  First, listen to Diane Bogino tell her story. She was raised in a dysfunctional and abusive home where her dad was murdered and her mom was imprisoned.  Raised in foster care she continued to experience physical, mental, and sexual abuse by her foster parents and siblings.  It's amazing how she turned her situation around, empowered herself, and is now empowering others.  Tune into this brodcast with Diane Bogino.  A motivating testimony.  Author of "Finding Your Bootstraps: 11 Steps to Overcoming Victim Thinking.  www.dianebogino.com     

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    Does The Thriver Model Place The Blame On The Victim?

    in Women

    Many people believe if a victim of narcissistic abuse is asked to take responsibility for what happened to them – that they are being “blamed” for the abuse they suffered.

    Naturally, there a large consensus assert this takes away the accountability from where it should be positioned - which is on the abuser.

    There is also a lot of belief that the words “blame” and “responsibility” mean the same thing. But do they? Does adopting these beliefs and paths create the same results?

    Today’s radio show is a very controversial topic, and one that I feel very passionate about bringing out into an open Forum for discussion.

    It is one regarding victimisation versus Thriving, and how the Thriver Model is confused as victim blaming.

    To join in the debate please visit the blog here: http://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/does-the-thriver-model-place-the-blame-on-the-victim

    I love reading and answering all your comments! 



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    New Age Movement Mentality

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    What is this New Age Mentality that is being shoveled in the minds of people globally.  Why now are the powers that operate in this earthly relm seeking to further brainwash humanity into beliving we can have  OneWorld Peace,  One World Currency,  and a New world/New Age Religion.  Also one must ask, is the New age Religion really new? What is going to be so different about this New religion? Is it just another "copy-cat" a spin off of a pre-existing religion that is currently active? How does this tie into this years Half time Super Bowl Performance? What role has the  American celebrities plays in this whole scheme of deception? Grab some Tea as we labor to give you the "tea" on the next controlled bamboozelment world programming called The New Age Movement Mentality.

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    Cultivated Mentality Cast

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    Interviewing cast and producers of the film Culitvated Mentality.. We want to get a better understanding of what their experience was like on set..

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    FREE HEMP = FREE MONEY Four Twenty Too ~!

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    Free Cash for everyone , free pot for everyone, free love will follow. The movers and the shakers of this country and the world give useless information on virtually every subject ( just take note of what they are doing). Hemp laws take toll on all of our known institutions , programs and facilities -not to mention society in general. A small fraction of uptight humans with mental problems regarding TYPE A personality disorder legislate and dictate over the rest of humanity.  

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    My Life Victim No More! ​The Ugly Truth

    in Entertainment

    Some people are tested more than others. Some are lucky enough to learn the toughest lessons and manage to survive. Others aren't so lucky. Domestic violence, verbal and emotional abuse, rape, bullying and death. This is one woman's journey and how she makes it through to become a survivor.

    1) Victim Mentality - discourage and help to change perspective 2) Raise awareness of abuse and bullying - why victim should come forward 3) How to change your life related to this 4) My book 5) Share my life experience to help others If you ever been a victim please come in the studio -

    Guest Call In (646) 595-3032

    Lets open up this dialog

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    Women sometimes when in the need of attention, we have a tendency displaying the wrong energy towards our partner. One minute we can be that sweet Sxy Lover, knowing all the right words and actions to convey. In another breath, we play a role of a pesky Villian, provoking unwanted arguements and distance in our relationship. Then, as soon as your mate gets annoyed you turn around and play the Victim. All these role playing games we play will only lead to poor communication and loss in love. Join me to discuss the attention seeking games we play for all the wrong reasons..Listen in to your Spoken Girl, SxyRsh as she explains her flaws when looking for attention from her mate. Call in and share your thoughts (607) 203-5364, Live 2pm today..

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