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    Nostradamus Society President Victor Baines

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    The Nostradamus Society of America (website) is an Internet based historical society dedicated to preserving the memory of the famous 16th century prophet Nostradamus.

    Since their formation in 1996, their goal has been to provide visitors, members (and the media) with relevant information, (and opinions) regarding the life and prophetic writings of Michele de Nostradame of France.

    They provide a global center of communication for historical, educational, and commercial purposes, and we are not associated with any political or religious organization

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    Ronald Baines.....the Business After Football

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    Greatest Accomplishment

    The Vision

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    From Football to Business/Ronald Baines

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    A college football player's goal to become successful in business.

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    Profile:Lesli Linka Glatter/Director/Oscar Nom/Homeland/Mad Men

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    Lesli Linka Glatter is a director of film, network, cable, and premium cable television drama, with both pilots and episodes to her credit. Lesli’s TV work includes Homeland, The Newsroom, The Walking Dead, Justified, Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex, Nashville, Boss, True Blood, Mad Men, The Good Wife, Weeds, House, Heroes, The West Wing, NYPD Blue, ER, and Freaks and Geeks, to name a few. Her first series was Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories followed by Twin Peaks, for which she received her first Directors Guild Awardnomination. Lesli has also directed numerous pilots including Grace, Gilmore Girls, In My Life, Newton, and Pretty Little Liars. In addition, Lesli was the Co-ExecutiveProducer/Director of Shawn Ryan’s The Chicago Code,  NBC’s The Playboy Club, John Wells’ Citizen Baines, ,HBO’s The Leftovers  and currently isthe Executive Producer/Director of Homeland Season 4 and will be returning for Season 5.In 2010, Lesli was nominated for an Emmy for directing the Mad Men episode as well as winning a Directors Guild Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Dramatic Series for the same episode. In 2013, she was nominated for her third Directors Guild Award for the Homeland episode “Q&A” as well as an Emmy nomination for the same episode. In 2013, Lesli was nominated for her fourthDirector’s Guild Award for the season finale of Homeland, “The Star”. Lesli  recently won her second Director’s Guild Award for the Homeland episode “From A to B and Back Again”. Lesli currently serves on the Board of the Directors Guild of America, the Western Directors Council, the PAC Leadership Council, and the Diversity Task Force, as well as being an advisor at the Sundance Directors Lab. Lesli recently received the Caucus Foundation Award. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Kiler Davenport with Cohost Justice Clarke: Interview with Author Tom Ufert

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    Tom Ufert “is an inspirational voice in our troubled times.” He received his bachelor of arts in political science and history as a scholarship recipient from Centenary College of Louisiana. Tom is a former Rotary International graduate Fellow who attended Australian National University in Canberra, ACT, specializing in East Asian political affairs and was a White House Fellow nominee.  He is a former Lyndon Baines Johnson Congressional Intern and constituency aid for two former United States Members of Congress.   His past services for 11 political campaigns on both sides of the aisle were highly valued by former Louisiana Governor Charles “Buddy” Roemer, Henson Moore the former assistant chief of staff to U.S. Vice President George H.W. Bush, and the recently retired U.S. Trade Ambassador, Ron Kirk.

    Tom Ufert, a native of Louisiana, now resides in Texas.  He is an Amazon Best Selling Author for his second book  "On The Roll Again" , his first book, "Adversity Builds Character" received high acclaim with numerous 5 Star reviews, as has his newest release "Political Craps" .  In fact all three books and several of his essay booklets have garnered distinction as Amazon’s Top 20 Best Sellers.  Perhaps Mr. Ufert’s greatest claim to fame is that every book he sells contributes directly to charity through his charitable book entity Stand Strong For Others.  Interested listeners can hear the distinguished author’s weekly broadcast, "Tom’s Take" , about politics and current events on The Lean Freak Show (http://leanfreakshow.com/tom-talk/) .

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--LBJ--President Lyndon Baines Johnson goes to the Dogs(Beagles)  Historical Audio Extract  LBJ reminisces about his dog


    No President has ever owned an Afghan Hound--Borzoi--Greyhounds

    Origion of Scalping--It didn't originate with the native American Indians--


    1942--Nazi Occupiers of Poland Ban Jews from all public transport --Bicycles too



    2-20-BIRTHS-DEATHS & EVENTS relevant to US(a)  Death--Walter Winchell media liar about Rose D'Aquino aka Tokyo Rose--Elliot Ness fictional Untouchable--Ness had little to do in the successful prosecution of Al Capone





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    New Year Eve 2015

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    The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a lawsuit challenging the legality of the state’s Medicaid expansion could proceed, dealing a setback to one of Gov. Jan Brewer’s signature initiatives less than a week before she leaves office.
    The new film “Selma,” directed by Ava DuVernay, has won rave reviews and awards buzz for its depiction of the tense maneuvering surrounding the protests in that small town in March 1965, as Dr. King (played by David Oyelowo) contended with racist authorities in Alabama as well as factions inside the civil rights movement.
    The charge began on Dec. 22, three days before the movie’s release, when Mark K. Updegrove, the director of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, wrote an article in Politico saying that the film was trying to “bastardize one of the most hallowed chapters in the civil rights movement.” A few days later, Joseph A. Califano Jr., a former top domestic aide to Johnson, issued another salvo, in The Washington Post, accusing the filmmakers of deliberately ignoring the historical record.New York Times 2015
    Happy New year 2015 !



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    Swirsky Susses Out Secret Beatles Stories!

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    Beatles researcher and film maker, Seth Swirsky, has created something incredible...a film called "Beatles Stories" that was 5 years in the making. In this heartwarming, honest movie he captures the true tales of people who have met The Beatles, worked with them, and been their friends. Tales that have never (for the most part) before been told. It is a film of great historical importance and of great interest. And Jude is thrilled to have him as her special guest on The John Lennon Hour.

    Tonight YOU can call in and chat with Seth about his encounters with Sir Ben Kingsley, the beloved May Pang, Denny Laine, Joey Molland (Badfinger), Mark Hudson, Henry Winkler (the Fonz), Beach Boy Brian Wilson, Graham Nash, Norman "Hurricane" Smith, Art Garfunkel, Luci Baines Johnson, Nancy Lee Andrews, Fred Seaman, Jon Voight, and so many more. Or you can sit back and listen to the rare and gripping stories he uncovered during his exciting days collecting Beatles Stories. Call 646-668-2641 to visit with Seth live and in person!

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    VFTB 206: Jerome Corsi - Who Really Killed JFK?

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    FIVE SHOTS by three shooters changed the course of history. On November 22, 1963, a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald, we are told, assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Except that modern analysis of the forensic evidence proves that this simply wasn’t possible.

    Dr. Jerome Corsi, senior reporter for WND.com and author of the best-sellers Who Really Killed Kennedy?, The Obama Nation, and Unfit For Command, discusses new research into the JFK assassination outlined in his new ebook Who Killed John F. Kennedy?  Corsi explains that audio recordings prove that the most likely scenario involved three shooters located in the Dal-Tex Building, the Texas Schoolbook Depository, and on the grassy knoll, as well as other compelling research that indicates who might have had the means and motive to want President Kennedy dead.

    Also: #OpFerguson; the H-word; and a good interview today about Ebola and transhumanism on The Josh Tolley Show (see his archives for November 26, 2014).

    Please join Derek and Sharon Gilbert Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM Central Time (GMT -6) for the Gilbert House Fellowship. Our plan is to study through the Bible in a live webcast every Sunday morning. Log on to www.GilbertHouse.org for more details.

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    The Science of Love Part#6

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    In The Science of Love, John Baines reveals love as a Universal force only accessible to mankind through raising our level of consciousness. He uncovers common patterns of behavior we may call love, but are really just self serving habits. 

    What is your attitude towards self help books, and what do you think about people counting on that kind of literature to solve their problems?

    I think that an extremely high percentage of self-help books are bad, due to their superficiality, exaggeration, or lack of a solid foundation. Some bestsellers in this genre are, in my opinion, merely "literary candy" that sweetens the heart and mind but leaves one disillusioned afterwards, since they give no concrete solution to people's real problems.

    As to those who seek out this type of book, they are right to do so, as they are moved by a desire for personal self-mastery.

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    Discussion on the Science of Love by John Baines- A Rosicrucian (Order of the Rose).

    Do you think you know the meaning of love?