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    Disabled Veteran Radio PTSD Suicide Prevention Bill and Much More

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    In this episode we discuss Disabled Veterans issues pertaining to PTSD and The Suicide Prevention Bill. We will discuss the Free Denistry in New Port Richy, Florida. We will also discuss how people say they support Disabled Veterans Issues but in Reality they truely do not :(  I will bring to your attention how the Director of one of The VA Facilities I attend will not allow my psychatrist speak up about my PTSD and how I should have been diganosised with PTSD on the date of discharge and if my psychatrist comes out and makes this statement she will be fired. We will call this VA Facility Live along with Contact Bubba The Love Sponge Live on Live. Call into the show live this morning 9am to 10am Eastern Time 

    GUEST CALL-IN (646) 716-8912

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    Disabled Veteran Radio For 2/2/16 Live Tuesday Afternoon Eastern Time 2p to 4p

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    Disabled Veteran Radio is asking for your help :) Can you can send a gift and help Disabled Veteran Radio aquire more Stations and a spot on Sirius XM Radio to spread the message on How The United States Government has not fully compensated Veterans and Disabled Veterans that were misdiagnosed with a personality disorder on the date of discharge. This cause the Disabled Veteran and Veteran to miss out on Veteran Benefits for years and save The United States Government some say Trillions of Dollars. In hour 1 we talk about this weekends Bradenton Area River Regatta - http://www.bradentongulfislands.com/river-regatta/ 2/6/16 . I speak with Former Governor Charlie Crist Possible VP soon and close friend of President Obama. I ask Charlie Crist question about Iowa Caucus, Who will win the Super Bowl and if he will join me on stage at The Florida Strawberry Festival in March to do my live Radio Show there. Last Guest of Hour one is Barry Hart creator of The Fuel Genie System. I combine music, news, commentary and interviews. In the second hour General Manager of The Florida Strawberry Festival Mr. Paul Davis. Disabled Veteran Needs your support today send a gift through PAY PAL @ billapgar.com

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    071: The suicide I’m trying hardest to prevent is my own (Momentary Reflections)

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    Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Hashtags are made, inspiring pictures are shared, and hope is strong. On this day, we come together as a society and recognize that suicide is a serious issue.

    On a day that my efforts are especially recognized, I still know the suicide I’m trying hardest to prevent is my own.

    Much like an alcoholic, I still identify myself as someone with a problem. I still admit I’m at risk for suicidal behavior. I haven’t attempted suicide in nearly a decade. I haven’t felt the urge to end my life in a few years. I’ve quickly addressed and pushed through my spurts of depression. Yet, I recognize that deep in my psyche, there’s a risk.

    I’ve recently become anxious about this risk as I look towards the future. I hope to graduate from American University in May. People ask me, “What will you do when you graduate” or “do you have a job lined up?” Even worse, they tell me, “I know you’ll do great things.”

    This is tough to hear because it sounds a lot like the commentary I received as I exited the Marine Corps. I felt like I was set up for success. I had money in the bank, I had an impressive resume, and I had an plan of what I wanted to do. Or, so I thought. Like many veterans, I fell flat on my face. 

    Almost a year after I left the military I had lost my savings, only found jobs I didn’t like, and naturally became depressed. The year following that found me in debt, leaving a mutually disappointing relationship, and practically homeless.

    I was in a very dark place...

    *To finish this post, please listen to the podcast or read it at One2ManyProject.com/71*




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    063: Proactively Preventing Suicide (Momentary Reflections)

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    My name is Timothy Lawson. I'm a student here at American University, a Marine Corps veteran and a survivor of my own suicide attempt.

    I first pondered suicide as a teenager. I daydreamed of taking my own life and how the people around me would respond, but I didn't attempt.

    Early in my military career I took leave to go back home and visit friends. At the time, I was already struggling with emotional health. One night, while I was home, I was feeling guilt, shame, and lack of hope about several things in my life. I was depressed. I panicked. I went to the medicine cabinet and grabbed the first prescription bottle I could find and chased it with a bottle of beer. I didn't even bother to look at the label. I just downed the pills and went to my room. I laid there on my bed not knowing if I'd wake up. Fortunately, the next morning, I extremely sick. But sick was better than dead, and I knew I how fortunate I was to still have a heart beat...

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    068: The Law Enforcement Perspective of Responding to a Suicide Crisis

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    ?This week's episode of 1, 2, Many: Veteran Suicide features a Navy veteran that explains to us what it's like to respond to a suicide crisis. The images he describes are very graphic and his thoughts on being a "burden" may be considered insensitive, but I think his perspective and experience are worth sharing.

    As always:

    RESPECT my guests
    Do NOT call them out if they’ve chosen to be anonymous
    Share this with those you feel would benefit
    Be sure to take something from each episode

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    1st Still Serving™ Podcast for Veteran Entrepreneurs

    in Military

    Interview "Tbird" Theresa Aldrich Founder of HadIt.com Veteran To Veteran

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    Disabled Veteran Radio Playing Jams Tonight at Midnight

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    The Jams are ready. I may hook my mp3 box and and when I get a request try to upload a song while another song is playing.

    I do not know if I can do that but I have programmed some cool Jams and I won't be like Scott Shannon and tell you

    what songs did not make the count down and only play like 15 seconds of the song. That's why I like playing pretty much the Radio Hit

    version and play the whole thing. Also if you have a Disabled Veteran issue to air join the conversation. Thanks 

    I have included pictures of items for sale. I have 11 cabbage patch porcelain 1984 figurines along with Whose Your Mommy Comical T Shirts.

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    064: The Trickle Down Effect of Suicide feat Margy Agar

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    Margy Agar has returned to the 1, 2, Many Project to share new information she's learned about her daughter's suicide.

    Margy first appeared on the podcast last summer and told us about how her daughter was bullied during her time in the military.

    If you have not heard that episode, you can listen to it here:


    If you would like to follow Margy's efforts and her activist campaign, you can reach her on Twitter: @BOSSYtxmar55

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and for reassuring my guests that their stories matter.


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    Donald Trump Jams And Trump Says Help Disabled Veteran Radio

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    Ok I am putting this music show to the test. President Donald Trump is into helping Disabled Veterans and I am asking you please help me put Disabled Veteran Radio on Radio Stations around the USA and on Sirius and XM Radio. To donate to Disabled Veteran Radio utilize Pay Pal at billapgar.com

    If you seen Donald Trump speak live tonight through yahoo then please call the live two hour music show. My name is Mr. Bill Apgar 100% Disabled Veteran and Host of Disabled Veteran Radio Call the show (646)716-8912

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    074: I Want to be Proud of Myself featuring Alex Gutierrez (Marine)

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    Alex Gutierre is a Marine Corps veteran that is currently battling emotinoal health issues. Alex was involved in a motorcycle accident that took the life of his passenger and put him in a month long coma.

    Alex describes his life and emotional state following the accident and where it stands now. This story is unique to the program as Alex admits that this is a current issue for him and one he is trying to overcome.

    Let us know what you think of this week’s story by tweeting us:

    @One2ManyProject (Podcast)

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