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    Union issues, economy, presidential election, worker rights and contracts.

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    Union issues, economy, presidential election, worker rights and contracts. Unions are the only thing that will save jobs and middle class wages in America and around the world. Tonight we commit to another installment of our show to save unions, speak out for the down and out, and help get America back on track.

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    Do you want to do away with the IRS..... like Mike Huckabee

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    Think about it . the 1% that have all the money have it because the IRS has given it to them... why because 90% of the 1% are greed mongers like Bernie Sanders says they are.

    Americans spend upwards of $1 trillion each year complying with our 75,000-page tax code that is so confusing and complex, our government cannot explain it.

    Instead of tinkering with the tax code, we need a tax revolution that helps every hard-working American and eliminates the IRS once and for all.

    look at this https://youtu.be/7b7YrxMjsa0  


    The Fair Tax HR 25:

    * Enables workers to keep their paychecks free of federal withholding

    * Allows retirees to keep their entire pensions

    * Refunds in advance the tax on purchases of basic necessities

    * Allows American products to compete fairly

    * Brings transparency and accountability to tax policy

    * Ensures Social Security and Medicare funding

    * Closes all loopholes and brings fairness to taxation

    * Eliminates Corporate Welfare

    * Reduces Lobbying efforts in D.C.

    * Promotes a smaller, more efficient, more effective government

    * Collects taxes from illegals & the underground economy

    * Abolishes the IRS


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    Holla! It's Your Money in 2016

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    At the top of many New Year's Resolution lists each year is getting control of our finances. It can be expressed in many ways - getting a better job, making/keeping a budget, saving more, etc.

    Joining CAN WE TALK FOR REAL co-hosts Teresa Jackson and Michelle E. Brown on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 is Karen Green Reynolds a regular contributor to the blog HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME!

    Reynolds began her involvement in the financial industry as a quest for personal knowledge. Now she has a securities license and works as an independent representative of an international company. She believes in people being equipped to take control of their lives. Adding in a recent blog post that "Nothing worse exists than feeling defeated, consistently, when it's your finances."

    61% of adults do not keep track of their money. The median retirement savings for 55-64 years old is small. 29% of households with members 55 or older don't have retirement or pensions. Is this you?

    Join us on CAN WE TALK FOR REAL for this important discussion on personally and purposefully changing our financial habits.

    Join us Wednesday, January 13, 2015 at 8:30est/7:30cst pm, call into 347-215-8985 and Press 1 to speak.

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    The Coal Miner

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    The nation pledged to the coal miners’ union in 1946 that, in exchange for their dangerous but critical work, miners’ pensions and health care would always be secure. Letting the UMWA pension fund collapse would be foolhardy as well as inhumane, costing taxpayers more in the long run while also endangering the government’s Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.But the UMWA endorsed McConnell’s Democratic opponent in 2014; non-union coal companies, such as Joe Craft’s Alliance Resource Partners, are thought to oppose the measure.In this season of giving, McConnell naturally wants to thank Craft for the millions of dollars he’s given Republican candidates and committees. But McConnell should find a way that does not deprive retired miners and their widows of benefits they were promised and earned..kentucky.com Lexington Herald Leader



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    "Good v Evil" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

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    Good vs. Evil
    While we are distracted over a red cup or whether or not a piece of candy properly represents the holiday season, the folks in Washington DC, that are supposed to be representing us as the American people, are selling us out…and we’re none the wiser.
    Red paper cup vs. Our government, wanting to marry Isreal? Hands down it has to be the Red, paper, throw away cup as that is what represents Christmas.  Who cares about freedoms & liberty?  Since we are mindless and spineless, who don’t care about our freedoms and liberties, because the government will take care of us. NOT! We can’t seem to be bothered or taken away from our trivial bickering over cups and candy. Who cares about the fact that 1 in 4 children go hungry every night, or ignoring the fact that we have a homeless problem in which the largest percentage of them are vets, the very men and women that served and fought for the freedoms (what is left of them) that we enjoy. How is it that we don’t seem to have the funds to feed the hungry, house the homeless, or even leave the social security benefits of the elderly alone? Not to mention the pensions of those that served. Yet we somehow have the funds to fight senseless wars or even bring in Syrian refugees. Sorry forgot, a paper cup and a piece of candy is far more important issues than dealing with reality.Isa & Common Cal are joined by the guest of the evening Dr. Bruce Engelman; Senior Pastor of Triumph Baptist Church in Fort Worth Texas. Engelman is a Preacher, journalist, lecturer, Theologian, author, and highly regarded historian. He has taught journalism at Texas Baptist College and is the author of the best-seller "Eternal Flame", the only religious book written about the assassination of President Kennedy. Get ready of A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica live Tuesday night, 8 PM EST/5 PM PST broadcast on Coffee Party USA Radio Network.

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    Get an A+ in Country, a better President with Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton

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    are you just going to sit there, just take it lying down, give up and count your unfulfilled blessings. This week alone: New York City convicts a State Legislator who took thousands to hundreds of thousands AND HE STILL COLLECTS A STATE PENSION - ARE YOU CRAZY; Montgomery County School Board admits to burying RADON Readings from 2012 that were off the scale for dangerous levels of RADON and Officials said that they would do better  - ARE YOU CRAZY: we can do better and strip them of their jobs and pensions for just imagine if thousands of students and teachers and staff are found top have RADON exposure later on - who pays for chemo; Chicago Mayor admits to nothing about the Police Video showing 16 bullets shoot into a man - ARE YOU CRAZY TO LET THAT GO. America, if we keep going like this, we will be DAmerica. Please put me in the WHITE HOUSE so that i can do something about these atrocities.   c2it    c2


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    Veteran’s Day 2015: Thanks for Serving

    in Lifestyle

    Joe Davis, Director of Public Affairs, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Washington Office, sheds light on many of the concerns veterans face and he helps us to understand why the gratitude continues,

    Joe keeps it real: he shares real questions and provides real answers!

    Above all, Joe reminds us that for generations, the men and women of America’s Armed Forces have put country before self.  On Nov. 11, Veterans Day, our nation honors the contributions of the nearly 22 million veterans living today, and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of liberty and justice.

    This Veterans Day, the VFW thanks every Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman and Coast Guardsman for their service. And we ask all Americans to say a prayer of thanks for those who are serving far away from family and friends. Without their service and sacrifice, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to cherish our many freedoms for the extraordinary gifts they are. 

    Joe Davis

    Director of Public Affairs

    VFW Washington Office

    200 Maryland Ave., NE, Washington, DC 20002



    (o) 202-608-8357


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    Get an A in Country and a great Presidential Candidate with Write-In Ballots: Cu

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    we are made up of different stuff and the same stuff, and then we add to it: upbringings, circumstances, family, education, work experience including unemployment, bullying, investing, family, friendships, love, shuns, neighbors, moving, politics, volunteering, interests, disappointments, political sidings, retirement, lost pensions and events. Our lives and life's wanderings - the paths we lead and follow got us here today. What do you do about it. What can you do about it. I have had & seen too many disappointments, shortfalls and unfairness. This gets to you. It bakes inside and builds up. Depending on your lining and thick skin. It can blow up or blow down. If you want to blow down the inequities, wrongs and the other things, you set up to do something about all the its. That is where I am and have been all my life. And I have seen a way for over 8 years how to do for me & you. It is the Presidency of our Country. Oh what I can do. Every bad, every wrong, every no good is on my to do list. Now some call it the Bucket List. So, please, let's kick the bucket, kick the can and get some grounded leadership into the White House. Some people have asked what my platform is. I have answered that I have no platform because my feet are on the ground and I walk it. 2B President is easy for me, once in the White House, because I am in so many holes and some to many that you have fallen into, or, just found yourselves in. Being in so many holes, you think of ways how to get out of them. Some you can't. Some I can not escape because it’s too late for me to enjoy the freedom from the holes. But it is not too late for many of you if I get you out of our holes. This is who I am – gets us from being in a hole to being whole.

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    The U.A.W. Factory Whistle Show

    in Automotive

    Join Scott, Mary, Leroy,and Scott as they talk abut the Ford contract.   If you work at Ford you need to listen to this show, as they talk about pensions and health care.

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    Life's Game Plan: The Retirement Stage

    in Finance

    Did you know that 45% of adults ages 65 and older had incomes below twice the poverty thresholds under the Supplemental Poverty Measures (SPM) in 2013, compared to 33% of older adults under the official measure. The American dream has changed dramatically--the age of retirement, home equity, social security, pensions and medicare, all remain at risk.  What are your game plan during your retirement stage and is it really designed to work out as planned by the time you retire.  

    Learn how to create your own American Dream and start now, not later.  The longer you wait, the more you risk.  Take control of your own future and remove it out of the hands of others.  

    Join us in a discussion about retirement planning with several financial experts who have experience, wisdom and knowledge to share with you that will help guide you to making wise and healthy decisions about your retirement.  

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    The U.A.W. Factory Whistle Show

    in Work

    Join Scott and Leroy and me Donny, as we try to answer e-mails.  Will the uaw turn this contract down?  Pensions,Health Care, you should know the facts.