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    FLOW Ministries Bible Study

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    Our weekly Bible Study encourages our faith and enhances our relationship with God as we learn how to live in the Kingdom of God. The Bible clearly states that we our to study to show ourselves approved unto God, so we can rightly divide the truth. (2Tim. 2:15) We believe in The Holy Spirit. The Word will puff us up, or just enlarge our intellect without the leading of The Holy Spirit; with The Holy Spirit teaches us Gods wisdom comparing spiritual things with spiritual. 2Cor. 2:13.  If you would like to know more about you visit us @ http://theflowminitries.com. You may e-mail us @theflowministry.com, contact us @7864445277, or for prayer please call 772-626-1102 .                  

    Would you like to learn how to pray the Word of God?
    Would you like to be filled with the free gift of The Holy Spirit?
    Would you like to learn the Word of God taught by the inspiration of The Holy Spirit?
    Would you like to experience the presence of God with us?
    If you are in the Treasure Coast, FL area, come and join us as we raise and train leaders for the Kingdom of God. Sunday mornings Intercessory prayer @ 9a.m. and Worship @10a.m. or Thursday Prayer @7p.m. @ FLOW Worship Center; 2118 s.e. E. Dunbrooke Circle; Port St. Lucie, FL.34952. You may also join us on FLOW Bible Study Conference line Tuesdays 559-546-1100 passcode 956755# @ 6p.m. See you there.

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    Poetic Verses Hosted by Mocha(butter)fly

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    Come on out to the OPEN MIC! We showcase your talent. Call in 347-637-1962. Bring your poetry, lyrics, & your VOICE.

    6pm Eastern
    5pm Central
    3pm Pacific

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  • Trillion Dollar Flow

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    Called, Equipped and Commissioned - Ready to Serve

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    Prophetic Ministries Today

    Prophets Kent & Kirk

    Many people have some idea of what their ministry is about. They are drawn to ministries that inhabit a kindred spirit operating in the same type of ministry that they yearn to flow in, but they cannot seem to get started for lack of direction. However, when a person is called, commissioned and equipped with at least one spiritual gift they cannot fail. The security of being called, commissioned and equipped is like a three strand cord, very difficult to break. The Bible states in Ecclesiastes 4:12, "Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a three fold cord is not quickly broken."

    We desire to come to you via Internet Radio today to Prophecy God's purpose into your life. You may be called by God to share a special message; but without a spiritual gift you will never be established.

     "For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established" (Romans 1:11).


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    30 Minutes of Psychic Awareness

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    Laura Schwalm-Anthony is a modern-day Spiritualist who incorporates holistic and spiritual practices to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit. Laura was named Laura the Voice of Truth by her clients, for her accuracy and authenticity. Laura is a psychic medium and certified Holistic Health coach, master healer, Conscious wellness Coach and Metaphysical speaker and educator in the art and alchemy of healing. She specializes soul readings and removing emotional imprints that cause energy blockages. Laura Schwalm-Anthony will be hosting her second psychic healing fair 2/21/2015- as well as participating in it with the best psychics and healer in the New York and tristate area's. Tarot card readers Jeannine Carson and Fianna Avila, Pardis Partrow specializes in Angel Cards Dainichi will be doing his very inspiring kabbala readings, Anthony Fusco the  Voyager Card reader will be offering 15 minute and 30 minute card readings. Martha Vallejo will be doing intuitive readings and making crystal wire jewelry, Alara Phoenix does astro numerology.  Krista Mitchell the world reknown  Akashic Record readinger will be coming down from Canda just to be at this February 21- event. Jyogan Hakata- Kohler who studied all three levels of Reiki over in Japan and works in multiple healing centers and teaches Reiki world wide will also be taking time out of his busy schedule to participate in February 21, psychic healing fair.Saturday February 21, 2015 at the Open Center. Located at 22 East 30 Street. NY NY.

    All psychics and healers listed above work at multiple healing centers such as Namaste, Choices, Om Namaste and Flow Life. They are the best of the best

    www.pureenergyhealer.com www.meetup.com/holistic-and-spiritual-transitions/

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    Greek vs Banksters, will Syriza Party Default on Debt and leave the Euro $

    in Politics

    1) Program intro

    2) Our tonights program is the Sound clip of a news report about the control of Greece by the Bankers , the IMF , and Euro centeral Bank in Germany .

    - The key issues are if the New Syriza Party in Greece gets Elected will they default on there debt payments and  leave the Euro$ and run there Ecomony with there own Greek Currency   . And what affect will this have on the Euro Zone eccomony and the Euro zone banking system .

    3) Playing of the sound clip

    4) Music break

    5) finnal Comments

    6) Colsing song , O Canada them song 

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    BEing With... Eliot Daro: Writing

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    Tonight: Eliot Daro on writing, poetry, and whatever else...

    Call-in lines will be open. Press #1 to 'raise your hand' if you'd like to ask a question or make a comment. 


    Mu (marti upson) in conversation with Self and other BEings. Spirituality, art, music, writing, creating, healing, Life, Flow, and infinitely more... 

    Episode Notes:

    I had some technical issues during this one, but hopefully not too bad. I was disconnecte and had to call back in to rejoin the conversation about two minutes later... =) What did I miss?!

    The live listeners were cut-off abruptly at the hour mark (lesson learned to schedule over the alloted time), but the recorded/archived version continued for about 15 minutes more until... the music was abruptly cut off! (Again lesson learned. =))

    Thank you for listening and supporting the BEing With Mu podcast! <3 - mu

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    HelioSoul with USET 6 on air tonight with Harmonization and Balancing Act

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    Today's transmission from  HeliOSoul Source brings the waves of LEI for purpose of harmonization of perpetual change and transformation of fast moving life and dynamic of our own shifts and flows of the  wave of transformational energies sweeping the terrain of Earth and the bodies and spirits of humanity collective: This transmission is a part of regular USET-Universal Spiritual Energy Transfer which are  now a regular ones as part of heliOSoul's giving back. It is every one’s own and individual choice to receive USET. LEI is the Divine and self-intelligent unified and structured flow of love and consciousness from the heart of the matter on earth and from the sacred soul of one unified living God Creator. Therefore, as self-intelligent and all-knowing due to Divine nature. LEI’s are self-directed precisely to where your body-soul-spirit-consciousness-mind unified HUB – Human Universal Being needs at this moment of time.

    The facilitator of LEI, as well as your own self have no authority or control on how the transfer shall appear in its unfoldment, quality and outcome. It is all up to Grace, which “knows it all.” Your own possible shift and transformation during and/ or after the transfer may and will vary from others. Every shift and transformation of your own self is and always will be different from your own and every previous one. All you need to do is tune in to our transmission, sit comfortably, enjoy and prepare to receive first public open and free USET from us as a spiritual gift. 

    http://www.helio-soul.com/about-us/e-ra/   http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9aK1tXiIq9fuNIF1UbLtLX-CIiIPzLGk 

    Please, call in and participate in wave of meditational tarnsmission from Universal Source Of Divine Self-Intelligent Light & Love 



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    Psychics Gone Wild Friday Patti Negri & Jethro Smith

    in Spirituality

    Patti Negri hosts Super Special Guest Kimberly Ward on Psychics Gone Wild Friday Night at 8pm EST and 5pm PST - Free Psychic Readings - Tarot - Mediumship - Oracle Card Readings - Magick and More at www.psychicsgonewild.com !

    Patti Negri was Voted #1 Psychic in the United States and in the World 2015!

    Patti Negri: actor, producer, psychic medium, and community activist has been communicating with the spirit world since a toddler. She conducted her first seance at age 8 and since then on radio, film, TV and in living rooms across America. Specializing in energy and flow in people, spaces and situations, Patti works organically, arranging natural elements to the rhythms and cycles of the universe, bringing healing, changing our lives for the better and creating balance. http://pattinegri.com/


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