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    Meet Versandra Kennebrew: Getting Your Mind, Body & Spirit Right

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    Health is mind, body and spirit working in symphony and Versandra Kennebrew is an optimal health conductor. She has educated hundreds of massage therapists and other holistic health professionals. Through her empowerment tools, retreats and presentations, she supports health seekers around the globe on their journey to optimal health, balance and fulfillment.

    An innovator, Kennebrew has reinvented herself and her business several times and is currently on a mission to support thousands of holistic health enthusiasts in growing their businesses. As a certified myomassologist, energy field enhancement specialist, aromatherapist, international public speaker, homeless advocate, philanthropist, social media strategist, and self-improvement teacher, Versandra Kennebrew has a plethora of tools in her empowerment tool-box.

    Learn more:  www.versandrakennebrewintl.com 





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    Write the Vision Raizin' the Praiz' with Versandra Kennebrew

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    VKI (Versandra Kennebrew International), is a personal and business development company founded by once homeless reinvention coach and entrepreneur, Versandra Kennebrew. Her mission is to produce personal and business development products and services that support entrepreneurs and give them the edge over their competitors. She believes personal development is homeless prevention and supports projects such as Thrive Detroit Street Newspaper and Social Media Made Easy Detroit because they put your potential for growth in your hands. 

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    Write the Vision: Raizin' the Praiz with Versandra Kennebrew

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    They say I'm a teacher that breaks it down so anyone can understand. They call me the social media darling. In one circle I'm the touch expert and in another I'm the world's greatest coach. I would have to say, I'm all that. Not to brag, but just as a matter of fact, because one can only be what those they serve say they are. It's not about me, its about service to humanity.
    Please connect with Versandra at http://www.versandrakennebrewintl.com.

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    Monday Business #Reset: Networking Strategies To Increase Net Worth in 2015

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    Happy 2015!

    Lets talk about the importance of good old fashioned networking. Yes. Leaving the house, attending events, creating a supportive circle  and having a strategic plan each time you leave the house.

    Join Versandra Kennebrew and I as we talk  (5) essential strategies to WIN at netwoking and achieve your wildest dreams by pressing #RESET as it relates to your goals, team, and thoughts.

    Check out Versandra Kennebrew's LOVE TOUR 2015: VKI (Versandra Kennebrew Intl.) is a personal development company which provides tools and resources to support busy professionals and healing artists on their journey to optimal health and optimal performance.


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    #BrandYou: 5 Sizzle Tips To Kickstart Your Company/Career in 2015

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    Must listen show!

    A must-listen show about taking an idea from the noggin to the consumers with two dynamic guests: Brian Smoth (UGG Australia founder) and Versandra Kennebrew (holistic health coach).

    Brian Smith:  Founder of the world-renowned UGG Australia brand and will discuss his journey, roadmap to success with stories of achievements, failures, lucky breaks and near disasters. Brian's guiding prinicple: You can't give birth to adults. Every company is conceived as an idea and birthed into reality, and the baby business grows through its infancy, toddler years, early youth, and tumultuous teens, to eventually arrive at maturity.

    Versandra Kennebrew: Certified Holistic Health coach with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Prior to IIN I studied Myomassology, Reflexology, Applied Kinesiology and Mental Health. Drawing on this knowledge, she created a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits the individual's unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. - See more at: http://www.versandrakennebrew.com/about#sthash.9KTSUfay.dpuf


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    Monday Motivation: New Week, New Mantra & Creating A Winning Plan

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    What do you need to stay and keep that motivation going? Well, you've come to the right place.  My  guest today is Versandra Kennebrew, Holistic Health Coach and certified baaadaaasss W-O-M-A-N! Lets talk about pressing #RESET for mind, body and soul. Also, tapping into your inner strength while getting the juices flowing, create a winning plan and chatting "Top 10 Keeping Your Sexy Weight Loss Tips."

    Versandra has a new weight-loss coaching plan starting on 11/1. Visit Versandra Kennebrew for additional information.

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    Real Talk: Touch Deprivation in Marriage Is Real. Lets Change That.

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    We are celebrating you! Lets start touching again, channel in the sexy and ease the tension.

    The Art of Touch,  led by Versandra Kennebrew, will lead us on a DIY project that will get your sexy percolating again.

    Did you know:

    We live in an anti-touch culture. There is an issue called Touch Deprivation in America – which is based on fear.

    Versandra says, "I want people to understand that without touch you can die.  Babies without touch won’t grow. Children without touch won’t develop. Adults without touch can become isolated, depressed and violent. Lets start touching again."

    "DYI (do it yourself) projects are no longer done in a garage with hammers and power tools, ladies and men alike are creating touch masterpieces with their hands; on the beach. Learn the art of touch and enhance communication and intimacy in your loving relationships."


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    Spirit, Consciousness & Wholistic Healing Pt. 4

    in Self Help

    There is a wave on Conscious Awakening sweeping our planet, as people of all walks of life, tune-in to this higher vibration of thought, experience & beingness.

    Our special guest today, Versandra Kennebrew, shares her spiritual journey and it is truly inspirituational!

    Versandra is also creator of "The Love Tour" project!

    Find out more here:


    Versandra's Bio.

    When I was young, I wanted to know why people I loved died of chronic diseases. Curiosity led me to the bible which inspired me to study the life sciences. I became adept at a variety of holistic healing modalities including: Myomassology, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Guided Meditation, Music Therapy, Integrative Nutrition and Energy Healing. I became a healer. Today, I continue to learn about optimal health and how mind, body and spirit working in symphony, impacts the human experience. I am an ambassador for an international nutrition school and for the manufacturer of the highest rated nutritional supplements in the world. I am an international holistic health coach, author and speaker, passionate about supporting healing artists who want to live more healthy, balanced and fulfilled lives. I am Love.



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    Write the Vision Victorious Visionaries - Author Versandra Kennebrew and Author John R. Williams

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    The Homeless Healer, Versandra Kennebrew: Five years ago I lived in Peggy's Place, a COTS facility for homeless women and children in transition. I was depressed, scared and surrounded by darkness. "The Shelter" saved my life. I was able to rest and be rejuvenated as my place of refuge provided me a safe space to be healed. ~ Author John R. Williams of "The Reunion": His first work; a children’s short story and coloring book about the bond between father and son entitled Daddy and Me.

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    Motivational Monday: Bye Bye Limiting Behavior, Hello Infinite Possibilities

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    Versandra Kennebrew is back for Motivational Monday.

    Holistic Health Coach Versandra Kennebrew shares how you can get more nourishing Primary Foods® to energize you, mind, body and spirit. 

    Did you know food affects your ability to soar in your career and in your relations? 

    Learn (3) easy steps to take your life/mission/passion to next level with Coach Kennebrew.

    Learn more about Versandra Kennebrew: http://versandrakennebrewintl.com/


    See my latest video on getting published and marketing your expertise:





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    Low on Funds: Best Staycations, Vacations and Daycations for You

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    Motivational Mondays is a sacred place to press RESET and let it all go and renew your passion and dreams with simple steps. 

    Who needs a vacation however money is tight this summer?

    Join us as the phenomenal Versandra Kennebrew shares with us the best staycations, vacations, and daycations for those on a budget this summer.  Also we will continue to talk abut the steps to Manfiesting your Dreams through Journaling: (Download your journal for homework now for FREE- http://store.payloadz.com/details/825120-ebooks-self-help-journal-your-way-back-home.html

    Learn more about Versandra Kennebrew at: http://versandrakennebrewintl.com/

    If you are looking for a motivational and quick read this summer - check out:

    You Want Caviar But Have Money For Chitlins: A Smart Do-It-Yourself Guide for Those On A Budget

    The Brand New Mommy: From Babies to Branding to Bliss