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    Tax free , Versace Mansion , license plate scanners

    in Poetry

    You're busy - too busy
    Tax free weekend
    Versace Mansion , 
      license plate scanners
    1300 2501 11634 37115 You won’t find these spots everywhere
    The industry's best kept secret is out.

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    Founded:The 80's

    Location:Brooklyn, NY


    Brooklyn, NY


    "Too Many To Mention"


    Money, Hoes & Clothes Imagine the unimaginable, hundreds of inner city youth coming together for a specific cause, "To get dipped"!* (fly, fresh, etc) which in Brooklyn it meant your clothes were new and usually from the most flashy designers with the illest colors. Tommy Hilfiger was still an amateur in the streets. Izod was past tense and Versace wasn't even heard of in the Hip Hop fashion dictionary, niggers couldn't even pronounce the word until Biggie Smalls came on the scene. The head honcho in labels and brands was Ralph Lauren's "Polo". In our eyes he was worshipped like God. It was even to the point where some of us would carry a picture of Ralph Lauren in our wallets. "MONEY, HOES, AND CLOTHES was our motto and "LO" was our life The name Lo-Lifes came about in '88 when Big Vic Lo (Thirstin Howl III) got caught talking to a girl after he just got another girl's phone number. The girl said "you are a low-life" in a disrespectful manner. His reply, "you are right!" "I wear Lo everyday and "Lo" is my life. Then everybody replied, "that's right", We are Lo-Lifes!". It was never officially voted on, or anything it was just the name we lived by. The Lo-Lifes were originally composed of two boostin posse's from different sections in Brooklyn. There was the Crown Heights half who were originally known as "Ralphies Kids" (Ralph Lauren's Kids). That name being made by G-George whom lived on St. John's and Utica Avenue, which was also where Ralphies Kids could be found. Then there was the Brownsville half who were originally called POLO U.S.A. (United Shoplifters Association). 

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    HeadShrinkInc.com presents - NFL Week 6, MLB Playoffs, College Football, Music

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    'Animoolies' on Kickstarter


    'Plexus Slim' Natural Weight Loss

    and new music from:

    Andre Williams w/ 'Let's Party'

    David Turner w/ 'Ready Or Not'

    Sarantos Melogia w/ 'Believe'

    A Famous Freak w/ 'Hickies'

    Yung Versace w/ 'Oh No'

    Teddy Robinson w/ 'In Motion'

    J.O.E. 3:16 w/ 'Redemption When You Come Home

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    All Independent Music Weekend Playlist - Powered by Channel2Wealth.com

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    'Uber' Free Ride Code: DJPUT




    Matt Shifley on Amazon.com

    'The Attic w/ Uncle P'

    and new music from:

    Vin Deca w/ 'I Encourage You'

    ShawnyMac w/ 'Act Right'

    Daddy T w/ 'Bring It'

    David Turner w/ 'Ready Or Not'

    Sarantos Melogia w/ 'Believe'

    Pastor R. L. Hall w/ 'We Need Love All Over The World'

    A Famous Freak w/ 'Hickie'

    Yung Versace w/ 'Oh No' 

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    Multi-talented actress Hilary Shepard

    in Lifestyle

    Actress, musician, game inventor, writer and model Hilary Shepard started her career as a model for the likes of Gianni Versace and Diane Von Furstenberg and soon began acting, joining the world famous comedy improv group, The Groundlings, alongside Phil Hartman and Kathy Griffin. She simultaneously formed the all-girl rock band, American Girls, and played bass, percussion, and co- wrote all the songs for their 1984 album on IRS Records. Her songs were featured in the movies Tough Guys and Troop Beverly Hills, which she also appeared in.

    Hilary has starred in over 23 movies including Private Resort, starring opposite Johnny Depp, and is best known for  playing  the evil queen, Divatox, in the movie Power Rangers: a Turbo Adventure. Besides reprising her role as Divatox on the television series, she also re-occurred on television in Star Trek Deep Space 9 and appeared on pretty much every iconic TV show from the 80ies and 90ies from Family Ties and Full House to the Golden Girls and Doctor Doctor.

    Hilary also co-invented the best-selling award winning board games LIEbrary, Famous Last Lines, and Call it! with her best friend, actress Daryl Hannah. As a writer she co-created the CBC sitcom "Material World" that won a Geni for Best New Show and her personal essays have appeared on the websites Freshyarn, CrazySexyLife, and The Conversation.

    She is author of a new book, SHESUS. Hilary's 16 year old daughter, popular teen model Scarlett Turner posed for the cover of  the book which was shot by her other daughter, award winning photographer Cassidy Turner.

    Follow Hilary Shepard on Twitter

    Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys website

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    The House of Faith N Fashion & Faith Hope Consolo

    in Social Networking

    Recognized worldwide as the “Queen of Retail,” Faith Hope Consolo is renowned for her expertise as a consultant and retail broker who has been instrumental in revitalizing and sculpting retail corridors across the nation -- and beyond. The sheer volume, size, and distinction of her transactions, combined with her exceptional experience in a global array of retail markets, have set a high standard among real estate specialists. As Chairman of Douglas Elliman’s Retail Group, Ms. Consolo is responsible for the most successful commercial division of New York City’s largest residential real estate brokerage firm.


    Her understanding of the industry and coast-to-coast experience enable her to strategize with retailers throughout the country, from unveiling national expansions to the debuts of flagship stores in locations spanning global capitals to suburban power centers. She and her expert team know that style knows no price point. The result is an extensive client base that includes such top-tier fashion names as Buccellati, Ivanka Trump, Cartier, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Bruno Magli, Christian Louboutin, Fogal, Ferragamo, Bond No. 9, Calypso, Fresh, Lockes, Paul Smith, Sermoneta, Wempe, Wolford, and globally based mass merchandisers that include Who.A.U. and Zara.

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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy DeNador and Guest Sarah DeAnna 07/30/14

    in Lifestyle

    My guest for 07/30/14 is Sarah DeAnna.

    Overcoming childhood poverty and personal tragedy, Sarah DeAnna graduated high school with honors, then put herself through college, graduating early with an International Business Marketing degree.

    After college, Sarah DeAnna was “discovered” and went on to become a successful international high fashion model who has appeared in some of the biggest and most influential fashion magazines worldwide, including Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Amica, L’Official, and Riviera. She has done runway shows and other events for internationally renowned designers, including Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Stella McCartney, and others. She has appeared as a model on various TV segments for such stations and shows as TLC, Bravo, MTV, E!. Hollywood Insider, and Good Morning America. Sarah DeAnna is represented by several agencies worldwide.

    One of the reasons Sarah DeAnna is so successful in the modeling industry is because of her commitment to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Sarah DeAnna is fascinated with nutrition and health, and is also committed to compassionate living and spreading the message to women and young girls that beauty radiates from within and that self-love, confidence, and a commitment to health are what make every woman just as gorgeous as any supermodel.

    Her 1st book, Supermodel YOU, was released April 1, 2013 and was an instant bestseller.

    Today, Sarah DeAnna continues to model and promote the book doing book signings, speaking engagements, and other inspirational things.

    To connect with Sarah DeAnna online, visit her website: www.sarahdeanna.com

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    SERIES: RCO Radio Platinum Megahertz Musicshare No. 1

    in Music

    SERIES: Platinum Megahertz Musicshares from RCO Radio.  Please listen, comment, and share. No songs are remixed or altered in any way, all songs are credited and links to artist profiles are provided.  Listen at: www.webmediashare.com/mixed1.html.  DISCOVER MORE MUSIC:  Visit the music channels of the musicmakers to discover more of their exceptional music.

    DJ Creath-Ambient Feel:  https://soundcloud.com/patrick-bergeron-2
    VYVCH-Stonerville: https://soundcloud.com/vyvch
    Marlo Henderson-Free Your Mind: https://www.marlohenderson.com
    Zoran Peternelj Deep Green Blue: https://soundcloud.com/zoranmusic/deep-green-blue
    DJ Creath-Versace
    FTUREABLE- Hold U: https://soundcloud.com/ftureable
    DJ Creath-Ambient Swirls: 
    Niyah-Future: https://soundcloud.com/niyahx0
    Flight of the Emu-Londontown: https://soundcloud.com/flight-of-the-emu
    DJ Creath-Authentic
    StéLouse-Rock With You Flip: https://soundcloud.com/stelouse/michael-jackson-rock-with-you
    DJ Creath-Good Moments

    DROPS by: www.djdropscentral.com

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    dirty salow shut em down radio tune in

    in Music

    shut em down radio doing interview with female rap artist  Versace V the Medusa this friday at 9pm call 347 850 1177 listen  press 1 to talk Official Site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gefnxzRzo0

    Name: Victoria Dunmars

    Contact: 630-439-6913


    Moniker: Vicious V the Medusa

    OBJECTIVE: To show that there are many females out here capable of having mainstream success while exhibiting great lyricism on a hit radio song

    INTRO: My name is Victoria Dunmars. I'm known on the streets of Chicago as Vicious V the Medusa a.k.a Versace V. I started performing at the age of 11 as the other half of a rap duo called "By Choice."At the age of 11 I was performing in arena's such as the Baltimore Arena. By high school I was writing and recording my own music. I also began to build a small fan base by battling local rappers which is how I got the name Vicious, and because most of the battles I competed in were against men I got the name Medusa, which bring me to the mission, and my brand "Man Eaterz." I want to be the voice of strong women who can not only do what men can do but do it better

    Past Experiences, and Accomplishments: I started out as a battle rapper, so I still go to competitions around the city of Chicago from the Rap Factory to Café Lora competing which is lucrative for me because I’ve never lost so I’m the undefeated champ when it comes to battling. My song Pop’d B**ch produced by Young Chop did over 220,000 views on World Star. I also received an interview on 92.3 the hottest station in Chicago for hip hop where they premiered Pop’d B**ch. currently the song receives air play when they do the Chicago mix. Several DJ’s have played Pop’d in the club

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