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    Bee Venom Therapy Protocol for treating Lyme and Chronic Infections Episode #10

    in Health

    In this segment we will actually be narrating the entire written protocol for treating Lyme and Chronic Infections. Each and every word will be said.

    We realize that reading is very difficult for us to comprehend how to perform BVT properly.

    It seems like Amber & I are seeing many of the same questions, again & again. We want to teach you how to fish for information and provide you the needed resources for this essential information. 

    Please listen to this episode again, and again, and again....it often takes 3 to 6 times to understand & retain all the data. 

    I personally have concerns that as BVT grows (which it will with her new book Pioneers:  Pioneers: Healing Lyme With Bee Venom Therapy) within the Lyme and other communities, Amber will burn out and not bee able to keep personally answering all the same questions a hundred times.

    We want to help, we want to answer your questions ~ that's why we offer the radio show as a means to let you continue to learn. So listen up and take note, we're gonna turn ya into a fisherman!!!

    I strongly encourage you all to utilize this information, take advantage of it and fish for yourselves.

    This is a LIVE show just like our LIVE bees which offer us 100% of the healing effects of the venom. I hope you'll create an BlogTalkRadio account and join in this conversation. Post your questions on the wall and we'll answer them on the show!

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    30JK -- Anna Von Hooft

    in Entertainment

    Get ready, 30JK NATION!!! Super-kewl TROLLZ are headed this way!

    That's right... ONYX von TROLLENBERG (aka ANNA VAN HOOFT) will rock the house with me!
    Also... Anna will talk about what she is up to now and all the projects she's involved in!

    For example... Artemis on "Supernatural"... won't that be fun!

    As ONLY "30JK" can bring it to ya! You know the number -- 347-857-2310
    Again, the number is 347-857-2310; online at www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE.
    Can't wait to have you join us!

    And of course... the party starts the second YOU get here!


    And in case you've forgotten who this is... "WE ARE PROJECT JKFX!!!" COME ON!!!

    4pm Central/2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern... only right here on BlogTalkRadio!

  • POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Von Braschler's Cautionary Tales of Ghosts & Entities

    in Spirituality

    A Cautionary Tale of Encounters with Malevolent Entities and Other Disembodied Spirits by author VON BRASCHLER!

    A how-to primer on safe ghost removal with accounts of the author’s most dangerous spirit confrontations 

    • Includes lists of what to do and what to avoid and explains how to identify what kind of spirit you are dealing with and whether it is safe to attempt removal 

    • Details the author’s difficult attempts to remove spirits from haunted buildings 

    • Reveals how haunting spirits may not simply be ghosts of deceased people but may be powerful entities manifested from rage, hatred, and frustration 

    Von Braschler, a former faculty member at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, has led workshops through the United States and the United Kingdom.  Von has appeared on radio and television and hosted his own weekly radio program, "Healing with Your Pet: Our Psychic, Spiritual Connection." He is actively involved in organizing events for Ancient Mysteries / Ancient Wisdom, the Minneapolis branch of the international Theosophical Society.  He is the author of several books, including, Seven Secrets of Time Travel, Perfect Timing and Chakra Reading and Color Healing. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.



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    Bringing The Heat With Big D and Von Hess

    in Sports

    Like the Tabasco company, Big D and Von Hess are back to bring the heat. Joining them this week is Andrew Anderson. See what Von Hess will have to say to the man dominating independent wrestling.

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    Pioneers: Healing Lyme With Bee Venom Therapy Amber Rose's new book! Episode #9

    in Health

    HEALING LYME WITH BEE VENOM THERAPY There is a ride in Disneyworld that shrinks a doctor down to a microscopic level and injects her into the bloodstream of a patient to find and heal the chronic illness. But we don’t have to wait for medical science to catch up with Disneyworld. We each have an inner physician within us who has gone to sleep, like Rip Van Winkle.

    It is imperative for Lyme patients (especially Late Stage/Chronic Lyme) to wake up their own inner physician. If this were an easy task, we would already have remedies for Lyme and many other chronic conditions. But waking up that inner physician is not so easy. You cannot just kiss Sleeping Beauty and wake her up.

    Bee venom is the only natural substance I know of that really wakes up this physician in such a powerful way that it cannot be ignored or go back to sleep. Since bee venom is a poison, a toxic substance, its entrance into the body creates an emergency situation and forces the body to go through a cascade of reactions. In the process it cleans up any underlying conditions. The melittin in bee venom must kill the Lyme spirochetes that are hiding out deep inside the body.

    We are gonna discuss the new book, it's teachings and how it's affecting the Lyme Patient.

    Purchase the book on Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Pioneers-Healing-Lyme-Venom-Therapy/dp/1515127818/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1441493310&sr=8-1&keywords=pioneers+lyme&pebp=1441493310999&perid=1V1AW4ECN8376AZ2RHC7

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    Retracting vs Relapse with your infections using Bee Venom Therapy ~ Episode #8

    in Health

    We are all accustomed to the surges as we treat our infections. 

    Many of us have tried this, that and the other. Bee Venom Therapy is some highly effective, targeted treatment for many, many pathogens. The venom kills these pathogens, but our 'journey of healing' can be rocky at times. 

    Knowing when to push on and when to back off, is wisdom we hard earn. 


    What is retracing?

    It's when a symptom that had previously been ameliorated suddenly makes a reappearance. How is it different from a relapse? A relapse means the treatment is no longer working and your symptoms have returned. Many people will experience relapse with antibiotics because antibiotics can't penetrate the cyst forms and most will not get through the biofilms. However, bee venom does both these things, so there is no such thing as a relapse when you are properly using BVT to treat Lyme. 

    Unlike a relapse, with retracing you will have a return of a symptom or symptoms, and then they will go away again. Usually the symptom return is short lived. I've seen where they have returned for a day or two and then disappeared again.



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    Kevin Sullivan Presents U2TT -S.E -Ron Von Hess

    in Sports

    Kevin Sullivan and the crew have Ron Von Hess on this special edition podcast. Ron talks about his upcoming movie "Ultimate Deathmatch 4" and his desire to make a movie about "Blackheart" Tom Nash. We also talk indy wrestling and much more!


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    Bringing The Heat With Big D and Von Hess

    in Sports

    Like a travelling fire swallower Big D and Von Hess are back to bringing the heat. On the heels of some big time local shows Von Hess also has some big guests lined up for plenty of talk. Find out all that is on his mind this week.

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    Bringing The Heat With Big D and Von Hess

    in Sports

    Like a travelling fire swallower Big D and Von Hess are bringing the heat. Coming off some big shows in the Pacific Northwest we'll get the latest news and views on the local scene.

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    The Lymph System is part the bodies circulatory system. Episode #11

    in Health

    With the use of Live Bee Venom Therapy, we know the venom kills off pathogens & parasites. The death of these agents are left in the body. In order to heal, we need to move them out in a detox. The Lymph System is of great help in this task.

    If you don't have the Lymph System flowing well, you'll likely feel awful as the toxins build.

    Preserving the internal organs, with a proper detox program is essential. 

    Amber Rose & I will discuss how paramount this 4th circulatory system is for patients who are using LBVT. 

    We will cover in greater depth, our written protocol which includes detoxing.


    Please feel free to call in or blog your questions. Join BlogTalkRadio, create your own ID with them. That way, we can see who is with us LIVE on the show.

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    Bringing the Heat with Big D and Von Hess

    in Sports

    Like Dwayne Wade's limo driver Big D and Von Hess are back to bringing the heat. With a slew of shows set for this coming week there should be tons to discuss. Find out allof the latest information tonight.