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    What is Brass Tacks VOB saying about our Blogs? Let's talk! Episode #8

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    Tonight we will talk about:

    The mention of our Naked Departure and Sheri Veronica blogs on Brass Tacks VOB radio station;

    The DPP's Murder File;

    Follow up with Marleen Knight in light of the arrest of Everton Gittens;

    Marguerita Maloney re: her son who died on the cliffs in Cove Bay, St. Lucy; and

    Other hot topics!

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    The Bully Effect

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    Today "Live" on "The Bully Effect"

    Sharon Hendricks!  Who has wrote an anti bully childrens book! 

    "I'm 42 years old and I have always loved writing. I graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature correspondence course for writing for children and teenagers and I love reading YA fiction and horror.


    I have many ideas for my Walk a Mile in Shoes Club series, along with other works in process. I am married and I live in Pennsylvania with 3 cats." 






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    Episode 7 (Recap of the week's episodes)

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    Welcome to Naked Departure talk show with Charlie Spice and Sheri Veronica.


    Round up of the topics of the past week

    If you would like us to discuss a particular topic please email us the details at NakedDeparture@gmail.com to post them in the chat room during the show.

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    Professor Curry: Interview with GM Veronica Walker and Professor Corey Tucker

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    Oftern referred to as the "Queen" of Sanuces, GM Walker is a 1st Generation Grand Master, Sanuces PIA Expert and Tournament Champion.  She has broken ground and set the bar for all women in and out of the Martial Arts.  Professor Corey Tucker has lived the life of a Sancues Warrior since Birth!  He runs a very successful Martial Arts School in Homestead.  Hear what these two exceptional Martial Artist have to say tonight.....OUS!

    CALL IN TONIGHT AT 9PM:  646-716-6825

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    ACTS Church Worship Service - Anointed for Betrayal

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    Join The ACTS Church as we Just Add Power! The ACTS Church International is a nondenominational place of worship where Authentic Christians Transform Self (ACTS) through the Word. Join us in your pjs, in your car, on the beach, in the mountains or wherever you may be. Worship service give you a chance to join us from around the globe as our pastor, Dr. Veronica Walters (Dr. V) breaks down the word in real and applicable ways. No judgment! Just Word!

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    Veronica Entwistle: Agent of Change

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    Veronica is a Starseed “agent of change.”  She is gifted with the conscious presence of guides and angels, with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and healing energy.  Her rapid style of intuitive counseling has guided thousands worldwide to their authentic self. Her work, in concert with a vast number of Guides and Angels, takes conscious awareness to new levels, transforming constrictive energy and densities left from old reactions and beliefs, to healing and infinite possibility in thousands of clients around the world.  Her journey has taken her through fields of consciousness studied in the works of great saints, teachers, and life experience and Guidance.  The journey is wondrous.  Playful, quick witted, with loving compassion and the ability to unhook people from limitations.  She hosts two radio shows on BBSradio.com, Paradigm Shifters and Radiance by Design, and has a new book called "My Near Life Experience: How I Overcame My 3D Identity."  She also offers workshops as well as private counseling.  Check out her website: http://www.veronicaentwistle.com

    At the top of the show, it's the Starseed News with Anastasia, bringing topics of interest to starseeds that you won't hear in the mainstream media!

    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Episode 6 (Reaction of Marleen Knight to her husband's fatal shooting)

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    Welcome Naked Departure talk show with Charlie Spice and Sheri Veronica.


    Reaction of Marleen Knight to her husband's fatal shooting by police officer Everton Gittens.


    Marleen Knight (Wife of Selwyn Knight)

    If you would like us to discuss a particular topic please email us the details at NakedDeparture@gmail.com to post them in the chat room during the show.

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    Soul Saturday's broadcast Santa Clarita Valley cities episode 2015.108

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     Looking at the numbers for the Santa Clarita Valley cities with Veronica real estate, can only bring us to one conclusion. That conclusion about a local market is the fact that we are still lacking real estate inventory. Those are selling as fast as they possibly can yet drain the last seven days we only have 76 real estate homes sell in the Santa Clarita Valley. It is not for a lack of buyers in the market wanting to purchase homes. It's the fact that the local Santa Clarita real estate inventory is so incredibly well. During the week we might have on 100 to 120 new listings in the market in the SCV cities.

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    Urban Teen Magazine Celebrity Interview with D. Woods!

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    D. Woods was born in Anaheim California, relocating to in Springfield Massachusetts, where she grew up. D. first developed her love for the arts while performing in dance and regional theater productions. As a teenager she relocated to Atlanta, GA where she attended the renowned Tri-Cities High School for Visual and Performing Arts.

    There she studied modern contemporary dance, ballet, West African and Hip- Hop dance styles. While still in high school she performed with the Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensemble of Atlanta with whom she performed across the U.S and overseas including West and South Africa. Her education also included the prestigious Alvin Ailey School and New York University where she studied abroad in Havana, Cuba.

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    Help for our Veterans with Veronica Mallet

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    Veronica Mallet is the President and Executive Director of Smile, God is Here, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Opelousas, Louisiana.  

    Smile, God is Here was incorporated in 2009, aimed at showing our veterans sincere gratitude for their service to this country.  It assists them throughout the year but the organization is extremely proud of its efforts of providing minor home repairs to these service men and women.  

    Mrs. Mallet has a sincere heart for these veterans as her son is currently serving in the military as an airman.

    She is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother and looks forward to the day when she can give the veterans 100% of her committed time and devotion to the cause.


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    First fruit offering with Pastor Veronica Dailey

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