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    RTR: Spiritual, Physical and Verbal Abuse

    in Christianity

    Today on RTR, we'll be talking about abuse both inside and outside the body of Christ.  There are many types of abuses that occur, but we're going to focus on three types today.  Spiritual, physical and verbal abuse. Join us this and every Sunday at 10am est.  Call 661.449.9951 to listen live.


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    Warning Signs of Verbal Abuse

    in Relationships

    What are the warning signs of verbal abuse, and what is wrong with a person who indulges in verbal abuse? Join world-renowned dating coach, Sandy Weiner, as she interviews bestselling author and international TV and radio personality, Patricia Evans about the importance of identifying verbal abuse and choosing healthy partners.

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    The Psychic Wounding of Verbal Abuse

    in Spirituality

    The only real way to heal the deep wounding of verbal abuse is to not be alone with it. Come join California Psychic Tori Hartman as she discusses simple, yet powerful ways to begin to heal from verbal abuse.
    As always, Tori will give LIVE mini-readings On Air. She is the creator of the Color Wisdom Cards and will use her oracle to tap into an answer just for you.
    You can use the cards free at ColorWisdomCards.com. Call In at (424) 222-5249.
    Find out more about Tori at ToriHartman.com

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    Verbal Abuse

    in Entertainment

    Are you in a abusive relationship? Do your mate constantly verbally abuse you? Well Vernah and special guest host will discuss verbal abuse and some solutions to this growing problem among couples.
      Relationship www.enddomesticabuse.org     

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    Patricia Evans, Author - How to Handle Verbal Abuse

    in Self Help

    How to Handle Verbal Abuse?

    What are the warning signs of verbal abuse, and how do we cope with it? Join world-renowned  coach and mediator  Maureen Smith, as she interviews bestselling author and international TV and radio personality, Patricia Evans about the importance of identifying verbal abuse and learning how to handle it in your relationships.



  • 01:01

    Victory Over Verbal Abuse

    in Self Help

    It’s often dismissed as teenage drama, but online bullying is a form of verbal abuse.  Our electronic lives make it all too easy as 95% of teens are online with 77 % on social networking sites.  The anonymity and speed of the Web makes it possible for bullies to strike without parents even being aware their child is being verbally abused.  According to author Patricia Evans, “In spite of the façade teenagers try to affect, verbal abuse impacts them in an immediate wounding way”.  We will discuss the common warning signs that will be present if this is happening to your child.  And, if it is happening, Evans offers a step-by-step guide for parents who are at a loss for what to do about it.  Join the conversations live or send your thoughts and comments ahead of time to theartofrelating@hotmail.com

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    Verbal Abuse

    in Women

    We hear a lot of talk about domestic violence, but most women can't find help nor do they seek help when they are in a verbally abusive relationship. How do we know that we are being verbally abused? It is normal? Verbal abuse is a pattern of behavior that can seriously interfere with a woman's healthy emotional well being. Join Angela and her guests as they discuss a topic that gets little to no attention, but does incredible harm and damage in a woman's life.

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    IndyGirl Radio on the Deystarr Radio Network

    in Lifestyle

    Host Shara Parrish and DTN Host, Sandra Nun discuss their own experiences of verbal abuse, mental abuse, and intimidation at home and at the worklplace.


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    You Ain't Never Gonna Be Nothing Daily Gogetemism #338

    in Lifestyle

    When someone that you love and respect tells you that you ain't never gonna be nothing or you ain't gonna be shit, it can have a really bad effect on a person, especially a child. Some never break out of it. Some wear it as a chip on their shoulder for life.

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    Child Verbal Abuse

    in Education

    Please join us for a discussion about child verbal abuse and it's effects on children.

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1175

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Reverend Larry Ross from Gerald, Missouri, Vice President of "Knights for the Innocent" and National Chaplain and the Founder of the "Pay it Forward" TV channel ministry on You Tube. Larry grew in a single parent home with a drunk abusive father and 2 little brothers after his mother took off. "Dad was always angry and drunk when not at work and would beat us at the drop of a hat," he says. "I remember him beating my Mom so bad that I grabbed his 22. cal revolver and made him stop." The years of sexual abuse he experienced came from a man his Dad and Mom knew. "They made us call him 'Uncle Don'." At around 13 he discovered the world of drugs and drinking. One evening his Dad started to beat on his littlest brother. "I just snapped, breaking his noise and eye socket and hitting him over and over until I thought he was dead. I jumped up and ran down to Dixie's apartment, who is now my wife." At this point they've been together 29 years. She had two young children who'd been sexually abused by her ex-husband. "I know God put me in their house to be their protector," Larry says. It took a while but he got himself on a better path. "I didn't even really look for God," says Larry, "he found me after I spent my life doing drugs drinking and selling weed." Tragedy in his family didn't stop him. "It's all cogs on a wheel that God has planned for my life because now I get the honor of standing up for those too afraid to reach out and ask for help themselves."