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    The Psychic Wounding of Verbal Abuse

    in Spirituality

    The only real way to heal the deep wounding of verbal abuse is to not be alone with it. Come join California Psychic Tori Hartman as she discusses simple, yet powerful ways to begin to heal from verbal abuse.
    As always, Tori will give LIVE mini-readings On Air. She is the creator of the Color Wisdom Cards and will use her oracle to tap into an answer just for you.
    You can use the cards free at ColorWisdomCards.com. Call In at (424) 222-5249.
    Find out more about Tori at ToriHartman.com

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    Verbal Abuse

    in Entertainment

    Are you in a abusive relationship? Do your mate constantly verbally abuse you? Well Vernah and special guest host will discuss verbal abuse and some solutions to this growing problem among couples.
      Relationship www.enddomesticabuse.org     

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    Verbal Abuse: The Deadliest Weapons Called Our Words

    in Education

    John 1:1 says that; In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with Eli, and the WORD was Eli. Why is there such a emphasis on words? We where taught as children a rhyme that went, "Sticks and stone may break my bones but words can never hurt me." Well we today now realize that this very repeated childrens mantra is not true at all. Not only can words hurt us, they can get us killed. So why where we here in America not taught the seriousness of the POWER of words? I see that our peoples biggest stumbling block is our lack of proper positive communication between one another. Even i am guilty of this. The verbal abuse between Black men and women is at an all time high and it is a learned destructive behavior we have inherited from generations of listening to colonizers speak negatively and offensively about us as a race and as individuals that we now carry on against ourselves and our loved ones because we have pyschologically embraced all of the negative things that have been spoken about us. We are living in a time today when knowing who is ones enemy is not so easy to discern. Is verbal abuse as deadly and harmful as physical abuse? I think so. Should we view those who verbally abuse us as our enemies? I would love to have a 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood discussion on the power of propaganda and how WORDS are used as weapons that few of we recognize as such nor do we protect ourselves because often those using these deadly WORDS may look like ourselves or even be our own relatives and family members. The Adversary knew that the greatest weapon against a people or a nation was the weapon of WRONG WORDS and tragically the WAR we indigenous Hebrew Israelites find ourselves in is a war over THE WORDS.  

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    Why Do People Allow Verbal Abuse In Their Relationships?

    in Radio

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    Why Do People Allow Verbal Abuse In Their Relationship??

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    Victory Over Verbal Abuse

    in Self Help

    It’s often dismissed as teenage drama, but online bullying is a form of verbal abuse.  Our electronic lives make it all too easy as 95% of teens are online with 77 % on social networking sites.  The anonymity and speed of the Web makes it possible for bullies to strike without parents even being aware their child is being verbally abused.  According to author Patricia Evans, “In spite of the façade teenagers try to affect, verbal abuse impacts them in an immediate wounding way”.  We will discuss the common warning signs that will be present if this is happening to your child.  And, if it is happening, Evans offers a step-by-step guide for parents who are at a loss for what to do about it.  Join the conversations live or send your thoughts and comments ahead of time to theartofrelating@hotmail.com

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    Verbal Abuse

    in Women

    We hear a lot of talk about domestic violence, but most women can't find help nor do they seek help when they are in a verbally abusive relationship. How do we know that we are being verbally abused? It is normal? Verbal abuse is a pattern of behavior that can seriously interfere with a woman's healthy emotional well being. Join Angela and her guests as they discuss a topic that gets little to no attention, but does incredible harm and damage in a woman's life.

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    Child Verbal Abuse

    in Education

    Please join us for a discussion about child verbal abuse and it's effects on children.

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    Former Psychotherapist For The N Y Jets Dr. Donna Dannenfelser

    in Relationships

    Today's topic is "Relationship Advice"  My special guest today is Dr. Donna Dannenfelser.  Dr. Dannenfelser will discuss her Experience serving as psychotherapist to the NY Jets Dr. Dannenfelser feels "Relationships are alot like sports".  Dr. Donna Dannenfelser is a top psychotherapist, certified hypnotist, and dream analyst with over 25 years experience. She was the highly esteemed psychotherapist for the New York Jets in the 1990s specializing in men’s issues pertaining to high-profiled professional athletes, including their wives and families. Her clientele extended to professional athletes from other arenas, such as baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing, and golf, along with women’s sports such as bodybuilding, skating, and wrestling. Dr. Donna’s straight-talk, no nonsense approach, coupled with her incredible experience working for the NFL was enough for USA Network to base a show on her life titled, “Necessary Roughness.”  She has toured the New York area giving motivational workshops on surviving divorce and separation, parenting issues, substance abuse, physical and verbal abuse, the “coming out” for people who choose to live alternate lifestyles, and coping strategies for survivors of tragic experiences. Dr. Donna currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  For more information about Dr. Dannenfelser please visit her webite http://www.drdonnad.com/ https://twitter.com/TheDr_Donna , http://drdonnasheartcockleblog.blogspot.com/

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    Top 10 Ways To Handle Verbal Abuse

    in Psychology

    Does verbal abuse have your relationship by the throat?
    Do you secretly fear that you are the victim of verbal abuse?   Are you a verbal abuser, and don’t even know it?   To answer any of these questions, you first need to be clear on what verbal abuse is.    In this week’s show, I spell out the symptoms of verbal abuse. I’m also going to show you how to respond if you are the victim of verbal abuse; and, if you are the one who is abusive, I’m going to give you my pointers on how to rein in your mouth.   Obviously, there are many kinds of abuse--physical, sexual and verbal. Verbal abuse is, of course, the most insidious ecause it leaves scars that others can’t see. But the scars are real and lasting, nevertheless.   Tune in to discover if you are a victim of verbal abuse or a verbal abuser, and find out how to break free of this pattern once and for all!   Receive show notifications by subscribing to my Newsletter, liking my Fan Page on Facebook, or following me on Twitter.     Visit Ask Dr. Love for thousands of free relationship, dating, and sex advice articles on every imaginable question or problem.

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    Overcoming Domestic Violence In the church

    in Religion

    Todays show will provide tools, tips, and resources for listeners on how to acknowledge domestic violence in their ministry and in their churches. Domestic violence has been overlooked for years where it has plagued many Christians into silence and ended up in barriers and not speaking regaridng this emotional disiease. Today we will provide tips on how to encourage and deal with these issues. Did you know that it was against the law to intentionally abuse someone whether it is verbal physicla, and or emotionally? it is and this is why we will talk about this today.

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    Verbal Abuse in Relationships

    in Romance

    Verbal abuse in a relationship can be just as harmful as physical abuse. Sometimes people don't recognize that what they are hearing is verbal abuse. It can sometimes be very subtle, or downright obvious. Let's talk about verbal abuse in relationships, and what questions you may have about what might be considered verbal abuse! I'll be looking forward to answering your questions!

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