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    Pioneering Women's Venture Capital with Whitney Johns Martin

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    In celebration of Women's Entrepreneur Day!  This week’s powerhouse interview is with Whitney Johns Martin, the trailblazer who built the first SBIC and was one of the pioneers of initiatives focused on women entrepreneurs.  She has worked alongside President Clinton, Alan Greenspan as well as Capitol Hill on how to invest in women entrepreneurs. A true headliner, she has been profiled in NBC Nightly News, CNBC, CNN , Wall Street Journal, Fortune to name a few.  She is the now Co-Founder of Texas Women Ventures & Managing Director of TWV Capital Management, firms investing millions in women-led companies.  Our women in the news segment include Ivanka Trump and the #WomenWhoWork campaign, startup Alfred's personal butler service and Intel's newest wearable technology for women, MICA.  Don't forget to download our mobile app to listen to all our shows On Demand: http://monalisapowerlunch.mobapp.at/ 


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    The Intersection of Venture Capital & Global Development #BBSradio

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    Comunication Strategist, Leadership & Keynote Speaker Michele Price brings you weekly access to the top minds around the world to help you "Master the Inner & Outer Game of Business."

    Breakthrough Radio is a global business radio show that delivers high impact & pioneering knowledge for leaders in business. Entrepreneurs, startups, sales/marketing/IT professionals join us every Monday.

    Victor Hwang, Venture Capitalist, entrepreneur and co-author The Rainforest, the Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley.

    Stephanie Calahan the Business Vision Catalyst teaches us every second Monday how to be more effective.

    We will talk with an expert from F-Secure Key on cyber security and how we can protect ourelves better with passwords.

    We will enjoy a one on one with her and dig into what does it really mean to our businesses and careers when we truley understand "How the World See You?

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    Money POWER: Venture Capital and the Woman Entrepreneur

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    The good news is women are creating businesses and hiring employees faster than anyone else.  The bad news is, too few of us build our businesses with a plan for massive growth or scalability.  I mean think about it: how often have you heard a "sista CEO" talk about Venture Capital or Angel Investors?
    Fortunately, Adrienne Graham has decided to take the lead on that conversation.  Adrienne is the Founder & CEO of Empower Me! Corporation ( www.empowerme.org ), a Growth Strategies consultancy with brand extensions in media, publishing and entrepreneurial education.
    She provides Strategic Business Growth consulting services to companies with high growth potential by helping clients create processes and plans to effectively run, grow and position their business for success. 
    On this episode of the Bold Zone, Adrienne will explain the secrets to scaling your business and what you REALLY need to do to attract Venture Capital right now.
    If you're a woman entrepreneur who is ready to step out of her safe zone and into her BOLDzone, be listening to this one.

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    Foreign Investment Venture Capital Financing

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    Foreign Investment Venture Capital Financing with Michael Troup on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet

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    The Truth About Venture Capital

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    Venture Capital was free flowing during the dot com era. Then after the bust, venture capitalists became more discerning with their funds. What does it take to impress a venture capital firm? How much venture capital is out there to small business? How much of that is available to women? Join me as I chat with my guests about preparing for the tedious process of obtaining venture capital.

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    Venture Capital and the State of Healthcare Technology

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    Venture Capital and the State of Healthcare Technology in America: Where are we today and where are we headed?
    Cynthia talks to venture capitalist Chuck Newhall, Co-Founder and General Partner of NEA. His investment activities focus on healthcare services, healthcare information services and biopharmaceutical companies; and Dr. Daniel Leung Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine specializing in Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition at Texas Children's Hospital about current healthcare technology trends and ongoing health care needs in the United States.
    Can money solve the problem?

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    Little Book Venture Capital Investing #BBSradio

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    Digital and Social Media Strategist & Speaker Michele Price brings you weekly access to the top minds in Business, discussing the Inner and Outer Game for today's business. Breakthrough Radio delivers high impact & pioneering business knowledge for entrepreneurs, startups, sales/marketing/IT professionals every Monday with Houston's #1 Social Media Strategist, Michele Price.

    Lou Gerken, author The Little Book of Venture Capital Investing:Empowering Economic Growth and Investment Portfolios

    Andrea Waltz, author Go For No and keynote speaker-The Five Failure Levels, Level 4 Failing Bigger and Faster.

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    Get Venture Capital for Your Business

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    You're invited our FREE teleseminar with the larges Angel Investment network in the USA. This is not just one Angel Group or Venture Capital Group, this is the larges network of investors in the whole United States compiled of almost every single organized investment group in the country.

    Learn how to get Mentoring form Angel Investors and Capital for your Project!

    The venture capital teleseminar interview will be held next Monday August 30 at 3 PM PST 6 PM EST by calling (347) 884-8982.

    In this teleseminar interview you'll learn how this incredible private equity group works and how you can submit your company, product or project for funding.

    Projects funded by this group include software technology, consumer goods, green projects, services, and most other businesses. In the interview we'll go over not only the general Venture Capital and Angel Investment process but what you need to get funded from this group.

    Teleseminar Interview Information

    Title: Get Venture Capital for Your Business
    Date: Monday August 30
    Time: 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST
    Call in Number: (347) 884-8982

    You can also listen and interact asking questions through the internet at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jorge-olson/2010/08/30/get-venture-capital-for-your-business


    Jorge S. Olson

    In this teleseminar interview you'll learn how this incredible group works and how you can submit your company, product or project for funding.

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    Financing Your Business with Venture Capital Loans

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    This show is about how to Finance Your Business with Venture Capital Loans. Our guest is Bill MacNamara with Agility Ventures in Prescott, AZ. Bill MacNamara - VP of Agility Solutions Corp.,  was instrumental in the setup and design of Broadband wireless systems, and is intimately familiar with line-of-sight wireless services delivery. As a consultant he specializes in business plan development, financial projections and market positioning, thus giving him the knowledge base to understand and develop models to help our customers achieve the success that is available in today’s market. Prior to his entrance into the wireless industry Mr. MacNamara severed as Director of Applied Technologies at Qwest Communications.
    Apple Capital Group, Inc, is a commercial finance company that specialize in asset based loan program in the US and Canada. For more information, check out our website at http://www.applecapitalgroup.com or call use at 866-611-7457. Check out our daily small business blog by http://blog.applecapitalgroup.com

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    Tom “TK” Kuegler - From Wasabi Ventures

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    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Tom “TK” Kuegler from Wasabi Ventures. Wasabi Ventures is a venture capital, incubator, and consulting firm that specializes in building and advising early stage technology companies.  In the last 10 years, Wasabi Ventures has built, financed, and advised over 200 start-ups including some wildly successful ventures like Right Now Technologies, PBworks, Ustream, and Etherpad. To learn more visit their website at http://www.wasabiventures.com/

    To learn more about the Friends of Kevin Networking Group or to be a guest on the show visit our website at www.friendsofkevin.com 

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    The Origins of Venture Capital, with Spencer Ante

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    Creative Capital Author
    Spencer Ante

    BusinessWeek Associate Editor Spencer Ante, author of Creative Capital: Georges Doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital, traces the roots of venture capital in America – and how the lessons the founding fathers of this growth engine taught us are more relevant than ever today. “One of the big discoveries of my research was that the venture capital movement was born in direct respotnse to the Great Depression,” Spencer tells host Bill Brazell. “A group of businessmen and financiers in the New England area by the mid to late 1930s realized that the economy – because of the increasing role of government, and the excessive taxes that had been levied under the New Deal – had been supressed, or even extinguished to a certain extent. So they came up with the term ‘the riskless economy.’”