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    Catharsis Empathy w/SPECIAL GUEST Author Marilyn "Slyce" Brown

    in Romance

    Marilyn Brown published her first book “Dream Killers” in 2010 and 1 year later started “Slyce The Book Club”. She lives by “Each one, Teach one” philosophy. She is the CEO of “O.G. PUBLICATION” PRESENTS. Marilyn has been a published author for the past four years and have written “DREAM KILLERS, FOREVER A GANGSTA AND G-4-LIFE.” These books are in the process of being revised and re-released under Marilyn’s own imprint “O.G.” (Only God) Publication. Dream Killers will be re-released in December of 2014. Some collaborations that Marilyn has participated in are with Aija Butler on a book called “THE JOURNEY.”

    TOPIC: Catharsis Empathy refers to a time in which one or more people need to vent, or let various emotions out, and have the feeling that the person they are venting with is right there with them, on their side, is joining with them without criticism, and is helping bad feelings come out.

    Often when there are pent-up, negative feelings and the dam breaks to let them out, lots of things get said that make no real sense unless you understand the words just help the feelings get vented or experienced better.  It’s not to be taken seriously, but instead understood with empathy.

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    Vision, Vision Boards, and Manifesting What you Visualize.

    in Finance

    Have you made a vision board?  Do you know what a vision board is and why so many make one?  Do they work? Let's talk about vision, vision boards, and manifesting what you visualize.

    I saw a facebook post where one person vented a frustration on vision boards being a waste of time.  I use them and many successful leaders I know do too.  Chances are, the person venting was aware of the claim that vision boards help people achieve their dreams, but could not figure out how to make that happen on their end.

    If you believe in the law of attraction, you need to be doing this. 

    Vision boards are a really cool tool, and success strategy, so let's talk about why, and how to manifest what you visualize.

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    in Radio

    Original founder and leader of
    “The Floaters” with Miss Diamond 

    Larry Cunningham

    The man that organized and fronted the multi-platinum selling vocal group from Detroit has musically vented!

    Larry has spent the last 15 years writing his testimony and his latest accomplishment “The Essence of Grace” is his musical story come to fruition. 

    The Floaters were an African-American R&B vocal group, from the Sojourner Truth housing projects in Detroit, Michigan, that formed in 1976. The group are best known for their 1977 song "Float On", which reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, #1 on the UK Singles Chart, and #5 on the Irish Singles Chart.

    The band was formed by the former The Detroit Emeralds' singer James Mitchell, with his brother Paul Mitchell, Larry Cunningham, Charles Clark, and the unrelated Ralph Mitchell. Most of The Floaters were from the Sojourner Truth housing project on Detroit's Eastside.
    James Mitchell wrote the band's one major hit, "Float On", with Arnold Ingram and Marvin Willis. The lyrics spotlight each member of the band, who introduced themselves with their name, astrological sign, and ideal type of romantic partner.The song was produced by Woody Wilson. It became a world wide hit in 1977 on ABC Records, reaching #1 on the US R&B chart, #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, and #1 in the UK Singles Chart (for a single week in August that year).
    Follow-ups such as "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" (#28 Billboard R&B chart) were not as successful. The group continued to record, releasing four studio albums over the next few years.
    A new recording of the song "Float On" was recorded in 2001 for the album Still Standing by the group Full Force.
    This song was also sampled by Canadian hip hop recording duo Dream Warriors, in their song of the same name

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    Keep the home fires burning, safely, with your gas fireplace

    in Real Estate

    On this episode of The House P. I. with Reggie Marston, HGTV's original house detective. Join me and my guest David Scot, president of Fireside Hearth & Homes and Larry Boido, production manager for the Manassas, VA office of Fireside Hearth & Homes. Fireside Hearth & Homes is one of the largest manufacturer's of gas fireplaces in the country. David and Larry discuss all the in's and out's of owning gas fireplaces, whether direct vent gas fireplaces, retrofit vented on ventless gas logs for masonry fireplaces or the newer gas fireplace inserts. As a home inspector and inspecting thousands of gas fireplaces over the years possibly as many as 95% of gas fireplaces are not operating properly and are in need of professional evaluation and service.  

    When home owners move into a home with a gas fireplace, purchase a new home with an installed gas fireplace or upgrade their existing masonry fireplace to gas logs most folks don't read the directions for proper and safe operation of the gas equipment. As with all gas appliances the gas fireplaces require regular maintenance and service to ensure they're operating properly. David and Larry cover all the requirements for gas fireplaces and offer tips throughout the show on how to determine if your gas fireplace is installed properly and operating effiecently and safely. Did you know  that just operating a ceiling fan in the same room as a gas fireplace can cause the fireplace not to burn properly or possibly not vent the combustion gas to the exterior of the house causing a potential carbon monoxide hazard. Join us, 9 am Saturday morning. Phone lines will be open at the end of the show.

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    Sabotage Reloaded

    in Sports

    Jeff Bowers is hidden away in his bunker getting ready for an all out assault on the NFL draft in May (or just hidding from the Russians), so Dustin Copening is stepping in to fill his shoes and guide the crew threw an hour and a half of Sports Narrative Sabotage.

    Ian Kinsler is none to happy about being traded to the Detroit Tigers, and he vented his frustrations to ESPN the magazine. Will joining the latest group of ex-Rangers to bash the organization backfire more on him or Jon Daniels?

    Baseball also got its first look at replay in two spring training games yesterday, and Russell Wilson took over Surprise, AZ for a day. We'll discuss.

    We step inside Mick's Pub to discuss Oscars and other things that bug the Mick, and we'll also ride the lightning for the best segment in radio history.

    Lebron James made Miami Heat history and set a personal best with 61 points in last night's win over the Bobcats. Can anyone stop the King and the Heat from a three-peat? We take a look at the NBA playoff races with a little over a month left.

    Jeff Feltman will take us inside the life of a startup professional poker player for the Fountain of Feces.

    Finally, we touch on the Dallas Cowboys camp wrangling, and the Dallas Stars ride up the NHL standings.

    All that and then some, tonight on The Sports Narrative Sabotage "Reloaded".

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    Twelves Company - Week 8

    in Football

    This week we preview last weeks matchup with the Cardinals, a game that was a full week ago. I can honestly say it was hard to remember parts of the game... which is both embarassing, and speaks to how the game went.

    We vented a little bit on the continued struggles at the offensive tackle spots, gloated some about last weeks keys to the game (they were pretty much spot on), and provided a public service announcement for the 12th man.

    Do not over-react when a player seems to be forgotten by Darrell Bevell.

    Mike Robinson returns! Sadly though, the Real Rob Report does not.

    All that plus a look ahead to Monday Night Football against the Rams! This week went a lot longer than we initially thought it would, things got packed! Don't worry, we still found time at the end for some goofing off.

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    Why Too Much Honesty Ruins Relationships

    in Romance

    Do you live according to the adage “honesty is the best policy?”   Have you ever heard yourself justifying harsh words under the guise of “I’m just being honest?”   In this show, I reveal the truth about honesty. I expose the dangers of the honesty is the best policy approach, explaining the little known fact, “simple” honesty, is often the cover story that conceals vented aggression.   While there is short-term gratification in getting “it” off one’s chest, there are long-term destructive consequences associated with this plan of attack. Among other things, those who are on the receiving end of such honesty bombs store up anger and retaliate, creating greater relationship distress.   The only way out is to give up the gratification of short-term release, curb honesty for honesty sake, and instead assert oneself, set limits and state needs using constructive communications that benefit all parties.   Join me for what promises to be an honest to goodness eye opening show!    Ask Dr. Love with Dr. Jamie Turndorf is a one hour live Internet Radio program originally airing every Tuesday at 1pm (EST) on TalkZone Internet Radio. Visit AskDrLove.com and sign up for my newsletter to stay informed of all my upcoming shows, plus receive 11 FREE relationship eBooks for signing up today! 

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    Every Scientific Fact Can be Criticized, Except Evolution

    in Politics

    One of the predictable rites of the biological establishment is the outraged, condescending response given to any criticism levied at the theory of evolution by the wrong group. There is no end of the amount of indignant spleen vented towards the supposed interlopers – pig-ignorant, fundamentalist, pseudo-scientific nuts – who dare contradict the most important idea in the history of science. Consider noted atheist and evolutionary evangelist Richard Dawkin's statement:
    It is absolutely safe to say that if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked, but I’d rather not consider that).
    And yet, in two recent articles on pride and error in the sciences, a foundation is laid for even evolutionary biology to be more open to criticisms, without worrying from where these critiques arise.
    Yet, a strong argument is here advanced for principled and unbiased humility in the search for scientific truth. After all, could it really be any other way? Why should Mother Nature or God favor a blindly biased cabal of “truth hoarders” arrogantly convinced only they intuit the secret nuts and bolts of the universe?

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    Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 148 - Talking Super Bowl

    in Podcasting

    It was Super Bowl Eve, and Craig didn't know who to root for in Big Game 46, so he spent a good chunk of Episode 148 breaking down the Super Bowl scientifically VSR style with Face and The Whale in an attempt to figure out which team he would cheer for on Sunday. Regional accents, 1980's music videos, Tragedies, Flula, and retro logos all were prominently involved in making the decision.
    Craig also talked a bit about silent discos, robbing banks, and finding the perfect euphemism for death. We also took a quick break from the Super Bowl breakdown to chat with The Ed who is still sore from both his hernia surgery and his ouster from the Dameshek.com Big Brother game. After Ed vented for a bit, we spent a little bit of time discussing the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
    We wrapped up with a music recommendation from The Shins of their new single "Simple Song" from their upcoming March album release "Port of Morrow".

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    in News

    Last week the state of Georgia committed murder and the whole world watched in awe. I wanted to do this show then but I had other commitments that didn't allow me to air at the height of the controversy. Then again since when does something like this "die down"? Already post about the Execution of TROY DAVIS have been replaced by the infamous "numbers" game on Facebook. People have already forgotten that a heinous act of injustice just happened last week, I shutter to think what goes through the minds of those that put such little importance on this issue. How could you not care, because it wasn't you or someone you know? Thats so laughable because it could have EASILY been one of us. The debate of whether or not Troy Davis should have been executed is a big enough issue, but to me the absence of our Presidents words about the issue is even more disturbing. Of course I vented this frustration on my Facebook and twitter and got a barrage of Pro-Obama supporters, of whom I am one of myself, telling me in short to shut the f*** up about that. Of course to know me is to know thats was gas to my already lit flame. So I'm bringing BOTH of those issues to my radio show. Questions: 1) DO YOU THINK EXECUTING SOMEONE WHILE THERE IS EVIDENCE THEY MAY BE INNOCENT IS WRONG? 2) DO YOU THINK THE DEATH PENALTY SHOULD BE DONE AWAY WITH 3) DO YOU THINK TROY DAVIS' RACE HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIS EXECUTION? 4)DO YOU THINK THE PRESIDENT SHOULD HAVE SPOKEN OUT ABOUT THIS ISSUE, WHY OR WHY NOT

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    Cash & Cari Show

    in Entertainment

    We're on the hunt for fabulous finds with Cari Cucksey from HGTV's diamond-in-the-rough show Cash & Cari. Cari plays hookie from her busy day to chat with us about her tv show, Cash & Cari, and shares a personal experience of preparing for her grandparents' estate sale and how it has helped her relate to her own clients. Plus she tells us about one of her best finds, that was worth a great deal more than she ever imagined! Speaking of great finds, Mark & Theresa share their Fixitup Finds: Therma Tru's vented sidelites, SimpliciKey deadbolts, and the RainPerfect Pump—a solar powered rain barrel. Plus we’re FRESHening up with DaVinci Roofscapes color expert Kate Smith who shares her Five-Letter approach to picking your perfect color. And we've got a Craftsman's TurnTight tractor ready to give to one turning-on-a-dime fan. Check the MyFixitUpLife show schedule to find out who is talking with MyFixitUpLife's Mark and Theresa this week. If you have a question about your home improvement projects, send us an email at info@MyFixitUpLife.com.