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    D***Head Radio #28...Can Your Wildest Dreams Come True ?

    in Comedy

    We Live In Mr. Peterson Neighboorhood with VENNUM 

    Checking Out Some New Tracks From MYTH of Tommorrow

    The Topic Is Creating Your Own Reality

    How Many Of Us CAN say we spoke something into Being ?

    I'd Be Willing to Guess ALOT of Folks


    Most of The Time It's Something Negative

    Callers Share With Us A Time You Spoke Something Into Being 

    we gonna tap in to the POWER of POSITIVE thinking

    Learn How To Project Positive Images Into Our Lives

    Friday Night @ 8pm est 

    Call In (347) 637-2166

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    The 'Watseka Wonder' The Mary Roff and Lurancy Vennum Story

    in Paranormal

      Char McCain and Jim Heater, Hosts of The Paranormal and the Sacred, are happy to have as their guests, Philip Booth and Juli Velazquez! They will be discussing the Roff house in Watseka Illinois where the first documented case of possession took place.
    A 2009 movie, The Possessed, was produced by The Booth Brothers, Christopher Saint Booth and Philip Adrian Booth, that recounts the story of the Watseka case by "Spooked Television" to appear on the SyFy Channel. Since then, the film has aired on The Chiller Channel on June 10, 2012, owned by the same network of channels as SyFy. Their new movie Children of the Grave 2 is available for sale at boothbrothers.blogspot.com

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    The Dark Special: The Wateska Wonder

    in Entertainment

    Your friend in the emptiness, The Night Caller, returns to The Dark. This time he brings you a profile of a rare case of spirit possession known as The Watseka Wonder. In 1877 a young girl named Lurancy Vennum was possessed by the spirit of another girl who died twelve years before. The possession lasted six weeks and inspired a book and a documentary….
    (This special is pre-recorded, so no calls will be accepted...But please join us in our chatroom..)

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