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    Fruits and vegetables, when pollination stops

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    Fruits and vegetables, when pollination stops
    American Preppers Radio!
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    This Saturday 6:00pm/Pt on Best of Prepper Broadcasting with your host Barbara we’re going deep into the rabbit hole…when pollination of certain fruits and vegetables stops. Think that will never happen? It already has. Find out why and tips on hand pollination for a time when the birds and the bees won’t be helping to produce life-saving food. 

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    Kind Organics Vitamins – made from organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs

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    Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Travis Lesperance will discuss Kind Organics vitamins – made from organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

    Travis Lesperance is the regional educator for Garden of Life and has extensive knowledge of the natural foods Industry. Travis has overseen the design and utilization of food-based nutritional supplements and developed strategies to help individuals and athletes pursue their health goals. He is first and foremost concerned with the incredible amount of cultural and genetic diversity that exists within human populations, and the necessity to apply nutrition and diet accordingly to achieve optimum health.

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    Healing Fruits & Vegetables

    in Health

    On this episode of "Doc Talk", I'll be discussing the amazing heaaling benefits of fruits and vegetables,  Hypertension, diabetes, eczema, heart disease, weight loss,  and high cholesterol are all health issues that benefit from eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.

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    When pollination of fruits and vegetables stops!

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    Best of Prepper Broadcasting!


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    This Tuesday 6:00pm/Central on Best of Prepper Broadcasting with your host Barbara we’re going deep into the rabbit hole…when pollination of certain fruits and vegetables stops. Think that will never happen? It already has. Find out why and tips on hand pollination for a time when the birds and the bees won’t be helping to produce life-saving food. Go to home page Tuesday 6:00pm/Central for live listen and interactive chat. 

    The Best of Prepper Broadcasting with Barbara Fix brings take-no-prisoners advice to liberate your life through penny-pinching preparedness. We’ll discuss prepping from A-Z that includes tips on food storage, gardening, and food preservation to safety, grid-down survival and news impacting self-sufficiency to help you get prepared for the changes headed our way.

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    Healthy Fall Recipes (cooking with apples, root vegetables and pumpkin)

    in Food

    I will be talking with Lindsey Gomes, Dietician at Shop Rite (E. Hartford and Manchester, CT) about Healthy Fall Recipes including cooking with apples, root vegetables and pumpkin.



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    Chef Alex Presents: Let's Chat Vegetables & the Importance of Fresh Veggies

    in Cooking

    On this show, Chef Alex Cardinale will be talking about vegetables and the importance of fresh vegetables. Vegetables play a huge roll in cooking. Vegetables are used in dishes for cooking, they can be used as sides for a dish, and much more. Also vegetables are eaten raw in salads and such. We will chat about the importance of using fresh vegetables and when vegetables are in season. We will be having a SURPRISE GUEST on the show who will be talking about fresh vegetables and why they are important for your pets! If you happen to have any questions on veggies, feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 dial 1 with your questions, comments, or share your vegetable recipes! I will share some awesome vegetable recipes with you.


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    Vertical Vegetables and A Garden to Dye For on Mike The Gardener!

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    Vertical Vegetables and A Garden to Dye For!
    Mike The Gardener Show!
    on American Preppers Radio!
    Thursdays 7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt
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    In this week's episode, Mike talks with Chris McLaughlin author of the book Vertical Vegetable Gardening and A Garden to Dye For.

    In the first segment Mike & Chris talk about how you can save money, time and space using vertical gardening techniques. In the second segment Chris gives an in depth discussion on growing plants in your own yard that you can use as natural dyes for your spinning projects, Easter eggs and much more.

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    Be clean. Eat green.

    in Fitness

    Clean eating is a must if you wish to get lean. This podcast will cover green vegetables and lean meats.

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    Cruciferous Vegetables vs. Thyroid: Friend or Foe?

    in Health

    Many people who are diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism are told to completely avoid these cruciferous vegetables, which include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, and cabbage because of their supposed "goitrous" qualities.
    Have you ever been told to avoid these foods? Join us for this very special episode of Vibrant Health Solutions Radio, where Dr. Ritamarie will demystify, debunk and clarify this controversial issue once and for all.
    Why brassica vegetables have gotten such a bad rap. If you really have to avoid some of the healthiest, nutrient dense food on the planet. Tips for how to eat your favorite cruciferous vegetables that your even your thyroid will love! Not only are cruciferous vegetables packed with nutrients, they can also play an instrumental role in helping your body detoxify what I call its "toxic load."
    That's why I include them in my famous 7-day GREEN Cleanse Program, in which thousands of people have experienced amazing results in the last five years since I started the program. Now that you know these are your friends and not your enemies, find out how to jump start your body in one of the fastest and healthiest ways on earth:
    Fall Equinox Detox: Join the GREEN Cleanse Program

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    Chef Egger interviewing Alex of Weiser Family Farms

    in Food

     Chef Egger of http://thesocalchef.com will be having lively discussion with Alex from http://weiserfamilyfarms.com and his ever increasing business as a grower of specialty produce. Alex is a permanent fixture and character throughout many Farmers Markets in California. Chefs as well as produce distributors seek his unique vegetables and fruits. Such produce includes specialty melons, heirloom tomatoes, fingerling potatoes and exotic fruits. Chef Egger will be giving out advice on cooking and recipes for these seasonal foods. We maybe taking live calls this week.

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    The Forgotten Vitamin - Your Bones, Hearts & Immune systems BEST Friend!

    in Nutrition

    Vitamin K is often referred to as the Forgotten Vitamin simply because it's major benefits to your health are often overlooked. Working in synergy with Vitamin D, vitamin K is essential for good health and healing and according to some of the top specialists in vitamin K research, most of us by far are deficient in this vital vitamin.

    In this week's segment, Dr. Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, will be discussing their importance, their deficiency symptoms and how to replenish your body with this life giving nutrient. More specifically he will be covering:

    The 3 Types of Vitamin K
    The effects of depletion and how it manifests in your body
    Pharmaceutical drugs that deplete vitamin K
    Oils that deplete vitamin K
    Which foods contain vitamin K
    Vitamin K toxicity
    Supplementing with Vitamin K

    All this and much, much more!

    So stay tuned for a nutritious 30 minutes with Dr. Budweiser.

    Meanwhile, check out our blog at www.weiserliving.com

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