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    Interview with Sacha-Lee

    in Music

    Northern Ontario recording artist and entertainer Sacha-Lee is a singer songwriter with an edge. Her music is a mixture of Country, Rock, Blues and Pop, which reflects the different styles she was raised listening to. 

    Born into a family of musicians, Sacha-Lee has been performing since the age of seven which would explain her comfort on stage. Her ever ready smile and intoxicating energy makes everyone feel like a part of the party. 

    Her second and latest album entitled The Music Made Me Do It really reflects those different styles with “Forever Thing” a Country-Pop song about knowing when a love will last through the ages, and for the die-hard Country fans out there, there is the haunting “Alone and Waiting”.

    Tune in to get to know Sacha-Lee and her music.

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    Jessica Vaughan CIS this week on The Ruthie Report

    in Politics

    Please join Ruthie this week Thursday December 11th 2014 from 8-10 pm CST


    of The Center For Immigration Studies http://www.cis.org/

    Ms. Vaughan will join the program at the top of the 9:00 pm hour

    Ms. Vaughan testified Dec 10th at a Judicial Hearing in Washington regarding the

    costs of the UAC'

    Jessica Vaughan and Ruthie will discuss not only the Sheriff's show of unity in Washington DC

    demanding that Obama not pass amnesty - but all the facts and figures with what is currently transpiring,

    including the real deportation number, criminal illegal aliens released on our streets, the cost etc.

    This is a MUST HEAR Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Jessica M. Vaughan serves as Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, DC-based research institute that examines the impact of immigration on American society and educates policymakers and opinion leaders on immigration issues. She has been with the Center since 1992, and her area of expertise is immigration policy and operations, covering topics such as visa programs, immigration benefits and immigration law enforcement. Ms. Vaughan recently completed several major projects on immigration and crime, including a Department of Justice-funded project studying the use of immigration law enforcement in transnational gang suppression efforts. In addition, she is an instructor for senior law enforcement officer training seminars at Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety in Illinois.

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    Creative Consciousness Radio Show with Justin Teeuwen Dec 11th, 2014 7pm EST

    in Spirituality

    We would like to introduce you to Justin Teeuwen. Justin resides in Windsor, Ontario  Canada and  is the owner and operator of TIME Consulting Inc. Justin has a Master of Science in Physics and a Bachelor of Education.
    Thursday December 11th 2014 7-8:30 pm  

    Justin shares "It began as a vision to provide motivational enthusiasm, energy and wisdom to both professional communities as well as personal individuals.  Helping others achieve their dreams is the passion of TIME Consulting Inc."

    Justin Teeuwen has been researching, developing and practicing as a life coach for the past 10 years.  Studying from the experts in the field, Justin has compiled and created a simple, easy-to-follow process to achieve your deepest passions.  He is currently completing his first book, "It's About TIME!"                   

    TIME Consulting Inc. provides workshops, seminars, and life-coaching capacities to individuals and communities who are committed to changing their lives.  Many have benefited from the seminar, "Yes, You Can," which focuses on applying the extremely powerful abilities of the mind to your everyday life.  The seminar, "Transform Your Life" has had a deep impact on people who are experiencing changes in their personal and professional life. 

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    Interview with Roslyn Witter

    in Music

    Hamilton, Ontario's ROSLYN WITTER had the chance of a lifetime to sing on stage with country superstar Keith Urban this past September. She was given the opportunity after winning a contest through radio station KX94.7 - she entered a video in which she sang the hit Keith Urban/Miranda Lambert duet We Were Us.

    Roslyn grew up surrounded by country music. Her father is award winning country singer Jim Witter. As a child, she made an appearance in her Dad’s music video for “Tough As A Pickup Truck”.

    “I’ve been singing since I could talk, so I’ve been performing with him since I was three or four years old," she explains. "And he’s been such an influence, so supportive of me.”

    Roslyn has just released a new song she wrote called Your Christmas Song which is available at iTunes.


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    An Artist Speaks Season 3 Episode 17 with Guest Ken Bennison

    in Art

    Listen to host Michael Harris as he visits with Fine Art Photographer Ken Bennison.  Ken was a winner of Contemporary Art Gallery Online's Landscape competition.  Ken was born Kearney Ontario, Canada.  He is a retired saw filer in the forestry industry and has spent a life time exploring the wilderness of Northern Ontario.  Ken says: “My work is a collection of fine art depicting wilderness scenes in my environment, the magic moments of Mother Nature.  I provide a view that most people never see and I try to preserve our wilderness for all to see through art.”

    To read the CAGO Newsletter, visit www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com and click on the CAGO Media tab. On this page you will find our radio shows, videos and newsletters.

    Contemporary Art Gallery Online continues each month with their monthly art competitions and exhibitions.  Go to www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com, and Click on the Art Competition tab for details.

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    Creative Consciousness Radio Show "Sunday Morning Light" with Rose Jabbour 10am

    in Spirituality

    Join me in welcoming our special Guest Rose Jabbour from Windsor Ontario Sacred Rose offers services in Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Advising, Channeling, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Space Clearing, Sacred Dance to heal and manifest, Channeled Meditations, and Workshops


     Co-Create with us The Creative Consciousness Radio Show is made possible by your Contribution .Make a Contribution  Visit our Web Site  About Us Join our Global Spiritual Network Contact Become a Member of our Team

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    in Lifestyle

    Participating in masonry is more honest than most other obligations in life. You have to want it. You have to want to be one.  The lost boys join because they are bored or see an opportunity to mine the contacts for profit.  The must be terribly disappointed.   During the 1st World War, the world learned it was possible to gain support for an unpopular idea but using propaganda.  All sides used it. When it was us, we called it education and information. When it was the enemy it is called propaganda.  Truth is it's all the same. Someone believes people are stupid and can be lead to support something they don't even understand.  100 years later, we have made this all so polite; public relations or spin doctoring or  media reimagining it's still the same. Those damned masons. They are expected to pursue truth whereever it is to be found.  Truth hurts. Truth is power. Truth is love. Slice it anyway you want, finding truth comes at a price.  It is admitting to yourself what you don't admit to others. It is the unassailable starting point for improvement.

    So today, we talk about the things that inspire. Are you thinking it will not go well in your lodge?  Silly, of course it won't.  But it would be harmful to our harmony to point out those who are content with simple things; the titles- ornaments, distinctions, idle parade. Who are we to think they don't belong? We have the freedom to think for ourselves. We can talk- even though we have nothing useful to say but enjoy the sound of our own voice. Babies know how to tune out and so do grown men. Life is full of lost opportunity.  When insightful men gather in large groups, it is an enriching experience, so go out and find your group. They are scattered throughout the lodges of Ontario and beyond. And they are looking for you as you are for them.

    Masonic Companion is with you. 


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    in Business

    http://www.instantcustomer.com/go/83965 join the show and you can learn how to Build your platform by publishing your book on recognized,global distribution channels, Use the 5-step mini Book Creation Formula,Scope,Design,Create,Edit,Format.Publish Your Book Using Amazon KDP,Create Your Author Page on Amazon KDP. Create Your 1-Page Book Setting Page. Create Your Mini PR Kit-Ubiquity Footprint,Expert page,social media,author page,bio,photo,Sizzle reel,Tool Free Vanity Number,Awards & Reviews.Facts-The average author in America can expect to sell 500 books,unless they employ additional,outside,proven distribution strategies.Less than 2% of books published are commercially viable.The opportunity-with a strategic presence online and the tools and strategies that make up Tempe Lead Generation System,you can strtegically reach previously to a select few.Patricia Gagic 

    International Artist, Author, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

    Born in Canada with European roots, she was always motivated to succeed. With only a high school diploma and experience from three part time jobs, she moved to Toronto, Ontario and began the journey into “The Old Boys Network” of Canadian Banking. At age 25, she had climbed the corporate ladder to Senior Management.

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    Part 2: Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights author Bonnie Toews

    in Books

    Mount Albert, Ontario – While journalism adheres to strict rules for how the specific facts of a story are recorded and reported, fiction is a landscape where, in some ways, there are no rules except to make the story seem real. Still, writing a fictional novel requires the same discipline, curiosity and attention to detail as the best investigative journalism.

    Bonnie Toews is an author, journalist and the founder of Whistler House Publishing. This month marks the release of the second novel in Toews’s Trilogy of Treason series, Covert Denial, inspired by her experiences as a journalist covering Rwanda’s humanitarian relief effort in 1994.

    “I found the only way I could publicize what went on was to tell it through fiction,” says Toews. “More often than not, people believe fiction more than they believe the truth.”

    While reporting in Rwanda, Toews discovered she and servicemen had been prescribed an antimalarial drug known as Mefloquine that for some people causes severe adverse reactions. The drug made them more combative and aggressive by entering the neural network and attacking the frontal brain and adrenal gland. Some have even theorized the recent massacre at Fort Hood could be linked to this drug and the U.S. surgeon general has since banned the drug, particularly for Special Forces troops on the ground.

    “The Canadian peacekeepers were very mum at first, but after I was able to earn their trust, I didn’t even have to ask questions,” says Toews. “But back home, no one was interested in what was happening to them.”

    In addition to her work as a novelist, Toews is an advocate for better care and treatment of Canada’s veterans at http://homecomingvets.wordpress.com.


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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 979

    in Self Help

    SPECIAL TOPIC Night - "For Our Kids" - Deborah Maddison, and Tracy Baxter, Canadian activists from British Columbia, will lead this evening's discussion about the Rights of Children and Families in North America. They'll be asking the question. "Is destroying children and families really 'In The Best Interests of the Child'?" This nebulous and often misused concept, 'In the best interests of the child', is not grounded in law, yet has been the mantra behind which some of the worst crimes committed against children has been hidden .. hidden by government agencies around the world. It is one constantly used by CPS, Family Courts and all the related industries that profit off our children to justify the worst types of abuse imaginable. Tonight we will be welcoming back Rhonda Nordlander from Ontario, Canada, Melissa Diegel from Phoenix, Arizona, Laura Cruz, also from Arizona, Justin Pellerin from Albuquerque, New Mexico and Nickey Maich, from Ontario, Canada. They'll be sharing their shocking and horrific stories at the hands of Child Protective Services and the Family Court System. None of these cases were resolved in the best interests of their children. Instead, these families were destroyed, and in the case of the Diegel family the children's lives are now in grave danger. ~~ Every two weeks a new THEME will be presented in this series, with frequent special guests speaking from their own experience. ~~ Please see our web page at: www.NAASCA.org/ForOurKids or write to: naasca.forourkids@gmail.com

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    Dr Carri Drzyzga - Improving Digestion

    in Health

    Guest: Dr. Carri Drzyzga, The Functional Medicine Doc 

    Naturopath  ·  Chiropractor  ·  Author  ·  Speaker 

    Functional Medicine Ontario

    Author, Reclaim Your Energy & Feel Normal Again

    Learn how to fix the root cause of your digestive troubles.

    Hosted by The Real Food Revivalist, Erin Chamerlik

    Get Better Wellness, Inc.  www.GetBetterWellness.com  Brentwood, TN

    As the Real Food Revivalist, I believe that many of the "modern" diseases of our society are the result of factors that we can influence or control. On this show we talk about real food for real life. How to make changes that matter. It is time to get back to an ancestral way of eating and stop taking our nutrition advice from those who are not science-based. 

    One-on-one consultations provided local and long distance, in person or via the telephone or internet.

    My plan will help you uncover hidden food sensitivities, detect candida overgrowth, dysbiosis, and leaky gut. You will have a solid plan to heal your digestive tract and restore health and vitality.

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