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  • 2D Sports Radio Network Presents: PWR SLAM'S! 1st Ever Promoters Round Table!

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    This week PWR SLAM! Attempts something that has only been done once before, but that was in a regional setting, tonight we attempt to go worldwide. The Promoters Round Table features promotions in the United States, Canada, & one promotion from the other side of the globe. The promotions represented are Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling out of East Carondelet Illinois, Pinfall Wrestling Association out of Springfield Illinois, NWA Smoky Mountain out of Tennessee, Deathproof Fight Club out of Toronto, Ontario Canada, SMASH Wrestling also out of Toronto Ontario Canada, Swiss Power Wrestling out of Switzerland, Ocean County Championship Wrestling out of New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic Wrestling League out of North Carolina, United Independent Wrestling Affiliates own Suquamish Championship Wrestling out of Washington, FIST Combat out of Santa Cruz Califorina, Allied Independent Wrestling Federation's own Dublin Sports Entertainment out of Dublin Georgia, Central Allstar Wrestling, & the lines are open to other promoters that would like to express their views and opinions. While Sean, Steve and Katie will be present, this is a time for them to exchange ideas and teach new and would be promoters so their participation will probably be limited. The listener lines will be open via skype or via phone at (347)-826-9418 at certain times to ask questions so make sure you’re listening for when we open them so you can get your questions answered. ***ALL CALLERS SUBJECT TO SCREENING & TIME RESTRICTIONS*** We also invite all of our listeners to join in on the live chat discussion during the live show by joining Blog Talk (FREE of charge). Our TWO Year Anniversary is right around the corner will we have more names to announce for next week’s TWO NIGHT Anniversary Celebration? Tune in to find out! Also don’t forget to follow us on our social medias: @PWRSLAM on Twitter or find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/pwroundtable 

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    The Indigenous Vote and Election 42 - A game changer?

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    The Harper decade has had no progress for Canada's Indigenous peoples. Just ceremony & pronouncements. Monumental studies have been released. There has also been the "First Nations Financial Transparency Act", a failed First Nations education bill and the steamroller of C-45 in 2012 that inspired Idle No More.

    The fastest growing "demographic" or division in the population of Canada is Indigenous peoples. First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples have a healthy birth rate. The number of Indigenous people legally eligible to vote in the general election has never been higher. The First Nations vote has become a factor, in theory, in this election.

    Dr. Judith Sayers is a mother of two and was the elected Chief of Hupacasath First Nation for 14 yrs, Chief Negotiator for 15 yrs. Her educational background includes Business and Law degrees and an honorary Doctorate in Law. She has practised law for 18 years and fought for First Nations rights and title.

    Rachel Ann Snow is Nakoda Sioux from Mini Thni, a mother of four, a legal scholar, resercher, analyst and consultant specializing in Indiginous law issues. She has over 20 years experience in administration and policy at management level.

    Tanya Kappo is from the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation and has been actively involved in community building efforts including advancing an Indigenous rights agenda in her professional life and her personal life. A graduate of the University of Manitoba law school, she is the Co-Lead for the National Collective of Walking With Our Sisters.

    Hayden King is Pottawatomi and Ojibwe from Beausoleil First Nation on Gchimnissing (Christian Island) in Huronia, Ontario.  At Ryerson University, he is the Director of the Centre for Indigenous Governance in the Faculty of Arts; Assistant Professor in the Dept of Politics & Public Administration.

    Tune in for a real debate on both sides of this issue.


  • CUTV News Radio spotlights Carmen der Kinderen of Release to Heal

    in Health

    Toronto, Ontario – It’s a sobering thought, the idea that we don’t have agency over our own lives, but with THE BODY CODE we can tap into our subconscious mind. THE BODY CODE knows exactly what needs to be released in order for us to achieve total wellness and our true potential.

    “We need to lose what needs to be lost to find what needs to be found,” says Carmen der Kinderen.

    Carmen is a certified EMOTION CODE and BODY CODE Practitioner and the founder of RELEASE TO HEAL, where she works with clients from all over the world, removing imbalances and subconscious blocks that prevent us from achieving the optimum health, happiness and the success we all deserve.

    ‘I’ve experienced many different healing techniques over the years with varying degrees of success," says Carmen. "They all have their gifts, but nothing compares to THE BODY CODE.”

    THE BODY CODE is a state-of-the-art healing technique developed over several years by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Using muscle testing, Carmen can get to the core of what is causing our diseases. Unlike Western Medicine, which focuses on suppressing symptoms, THE BODY CODE identifies the underlying cause of our symptoms and issues and releases it.

    THE BODY CODE has helped thousands of people create a profound shift in their emotional and physical wellbeing and can become your new reality.

    “I think energy medicine is our future and we are well on our way,” says Carmen. “I’ve always had a huge passion for healing and wellness, so it’s been amazing helping others to become pain free, to let go of the issues that plague their lives, to lighten their hearts and manifest the life we are all meant to live!”

    For more information Carmen der Kinderen, visit www.releasetoheal.com

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    Boycott Blue Rodeo? Is Darren A Candidate? Federal Election?

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    On today's show we will find out if Darrino made it on time to be a candidate and we will be talking about Blue Rodeo. Who's Blue Rodeo you ask? They are a Canadian musical band who never made it in the real world so now they are taking their frustrations on the Prime Minister Of Canada. They released a new song this week putting down Canada's Prime Minister. I have never purchased a Blue Rodeo album or single or ITunes, I don't even know what they sound like.We will go over which candidate is running where and as always we will taking your calls.

    Join the chat board and get involved.

    We will also be talking about how vile we are. A former listener called our show vile. Stop with the compliments Darrino and I are blushing.

  • Major League Fantasy Football Weekly Episode #8

    in Football

    Join Lou Landers and Zak Sauer for Major League Fantasy Football Weekly on Tuesday September 29th from 8-10pm EST. This show is your one-stop shop for a weekly recap and what to focus on for the coming week in fantasy football. We will be discussing key games, and performances from players from the prior week's games. We will also prepare you for the coming week in regards to waiver wire claims, and a break down of the Thursday night game. This is a live call in show so feel free to do so at 323-870-4395. Press the #1 to speak with the host.

    Our guests this week are Joe Ciccone, Davin Joseph, and Ryan Bleiweis. Joe is the chief editor with majorleaguefantasysports.com. Davin is a 2-time pro-bowl guard, and first round pick of the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2006. Ryan is a broadcast associate at Rogers Sportsnet in Ontario, CA. 

    You can also listen to the recorded version of the show afterward if you can not listen live. You can find the podcast on I-Tunes. Search for Major League Fantasy Football Weekly.

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    Toronto, Ontario (September 22, 2015) Carlin James is a rapper/songwriter on his way up in the Canadian HIP HOP industry.  His debut single, "Cabana" showcases the artist's creativity and fearless determination to walk his own path. The rawness of Carlin's music is pulled from personal experiences, allowing him to leave a little bit of his soul on each track.  His performance at the upcoming Urban Music Festival, TDOTFEST, October 4th, at Dundas Square in Toronto, will give his fans a chance to hear his new music.  It will be his first time performing at the open air venue, sharing the stage with some of Canada's best musical talent. 

  • Libertarians, LCBO, and the RO

    in Politics

    Darrino will see what it's like to be a Libertarian candidate as he tries again to get his last few signatures needed to get him on the ballot. We will talk about his ecounter with the RO in Barrie and we will listen in as people treat him like garbage. Canadians good people? We will find out.

    Call in or follow us on the chat board and get involved.

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1190

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Maya Hope Kitwana from Ontario, Canada, abuse survivor and author of "Breaking My Silence." She says, "My Caribbean heritage offers me a different perspective, and my humble beginnings keep me grounded. Like many people who came from this background, I have a powerful story to tell. My story is one of abuse – any abuse you may imagine – yet, I have endured." Maya's journey has taken over thirty years. "I want my story to provide a lighthouse for others who have suffered abuse…a way out, and a way to love themselves." In her memoir, Maya exposes her truth, showing from the inside out what was required for her to survive her childhood nightmares, nightmares that no longer torment her. Yet Maya's story is not just a recap of unflinching secrets. This is a graphic, but fearless look at a woman’s journey through rape, incest, and abandonment—and her movement toward hope, healing, intimacy, and love. "I suffered a great deal of abuse growing up and carried the weight and shame of those acts for over thirty years. After decades of silence, and still struggling with my past abuse and my pain seeping into my relationships, I had to take a look at my life and legacy," she writes. "I knew I had to do something to help myself so I could help my children. I undertook therapy and began writing a journal about my past. I had to stop blaming myself." Maya concludes, "Talking and writing have been the greatest and most powerful therapeutic processes for me. I am grateful for the inspiration I received and the wisdom I have now. Hopefully, this book will help someone."

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    Indie Talk live with Mike Dubose & The Dissidents

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    Mike Dubose and the Dissidents were formed in Austin, Texas in 2006. Currently, Mike Dubose and The Dissidents are comprised of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Dubose, bassist Diana Bruschke, guitarist Tom Cuddy and drummer Susie Martinez.

    MIKE DUBOSE was born in Liberty, Texas and moved to Austin at age 6. Born with cerebral palsy, Mike was told he would never be able to play chords on a guitar. Believing that “can’t never did anything”, he decided to challenge the world by teaching himself to play guitar with open tunings at age 13, thus developing his own unique sound and style. Not satisfied with strumming a few tunes, he again defied the limitations of his “affliction” by writing and singing his own songs. 

    DIANA BRUSCHKE is a founding member of Mike Dubose and The Dissidents. Diana was born and raised in Hillegom, The Netherlands, moved to New Orleans in 1989 and to Austin in 1993. She started playing bass at 22 but was recording on major releases shortly thereafter. She played with Susan Voelz, Do It Now Foundation, Swine King, Posh (in the UK) and did an international tour with Lisa Germano.

    SUSIE MARTINEZ was born in Hebronville, Texas. She's been playing drums for 25+ years and has worked with The Hormones, Ursa Major, Cher UK, The American People, Handful and many more.

    TOM CUDDY is a veteran journeyman guitarist with 40 years experience. He's played on countless records & co-fronted Do It Now Foundation (which also included Diana Bruschke on bass.)

    Mike Dubose and the Dissidents first CD will be released in 2015, with Leonard Cohen bassist, producer and musical director Roscoe Beck joining Grammy-winning engineer/producer Stuart Sullivan (Willie Nelson, Sublime, The Butthole Surfers, Jimmie Vaughan and many more) as co-producer and engineer.

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    Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, Hypnotic Regression for Abduction Experiencers

    in Paranormal

    Host Elizabeth Anglin, a veteran of more than two dozen hypnotic regression sessions and guest, regression therapist Lesley Mitchell-Clarke discuss regression as a therapeutic tool for alien abductees with PTSD and ongoing trauma. 

    Guest Bio:

    Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is a consulting hypnotist, graduate of The Ontario Hypnosis Centre, member of The National Guild of Hypnotists with a special certification in Past Life Regression. She is the director of Lightwork Hypnosis in Toronto.


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    Progressive Canadian Party Candidate Dorian Baxter Live To Air

    in Elections

    Join host Brad Joseph,http://pcparty.org/ when we introduce a one on one exclusive interview running for a federal seat in Ottawa Canada Progressive Canadian Party candidate Dorian Baxter Live to Air!

    If elected to Ottawa representing the riding of Aurora Newmarket what can Mr. Baxter bring to the table that the previous elected oficail didnt. Who is the Progressive Canadian Party and when and how did it form.

    The issues of today with refugees, poverty, homelessness, housing, if elected what measures are in place to handle these important issues?

    In this upcoming political debate on October 6 in Newmarket Ontario, why were you not invited to participate since you are in fact ,a candidate running in the riding?

    These questions ,and more with our real time chat and live to air phone calls, we want to hear from you in this exclusive internet radio broadcast!