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    Mark Proct spent years managing Jimmie Vaughan, Stevie Ray Vaughan! INTERVIEW

    in Rock Music

    Today's Guest: Mark Proct, former Stevie Ray Vaughan and Fabulous Thunderbirds tour manager.'

    Order "Home Today, Gone Tomorrow: Snapshots from 40 Years on the Road -- Austin and Back" by Mark Proct: http://amzn.to/1Jphkok 

    MARK PROCT podcast excerpt: "It was hard to believe what happened to Stevie the night before and we were not sure what we we were going to see (at the crash site). The FAA was already onsite and they were very nice to Jimmie and let us go up the hill to the site. The amazing part of this was that Jimmie was looking for Stevie's cross. We were there for a while and couldn't find it. We went to leave and a guy ran up to the car we were in. In this field he had found the cross and handed it to Jimmie. It was amazing."

    Key Interview Moments:

    • 6:25 Mark Proct discusses being a native New Yorker working for Willie Nelson and touring East Texas in the mid-1970s;

    • 14:00 The state of the Fabulous Thunderbirds when Proct agreed to become the band's tour manager in Europe -- even though he had never been there before;

    • 42:30 What it was like visiting the site of the helicopter crash the morning after the accident that took Stevie Ray Vaughan, two members of Eric Clapton's crew, a CAA agent, and the pilot.

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    Characters Gone Mad with JD Holiday and co-host Karen Vaughan

    in Books

    REPLAY: Authors Dellani Oakes, J.P. Lane and A.F. Stewart bring their characters to life in a VERY different way!    Maria Echevarría ~ A stunningly beautiful socialite turned recluse, Maria Echevarría is also a ruthless killer who heads the powerful Echevarría Cartel, Colombia's leading drug cartel. A brilliant business woman, she immediately set about expanding the cartel's markets and building a huge complex of cocaine labs, producing up to twenty tons of cocaine a month.   www.amazon.com/The-Tangled-Web-international-intrigue-ebook/dp/B007Z5Y3ZQ J.P. Lane's site: authorjplane.blogspot.com/
    Wilhelm (Wil) Vanlipsig is an 86 year old man who looks 26. He was genetically enhanced when he was a young man and hasn't aged a day since then.  Wil won't say he's a complicated man, far from it. He's pretty straight forward. Have an insurmountable problem? Call the Lone Wolf and consider it done. www.amazon.com/Lone-Wolf-Dellani-Oakes/dp/193517150X/  Dellani Oakes' site: dellanioakes.wordpress.com
    Fairyland is situated next to Wonderland and down the lane from Camelot.  Detective Piper is on the Fairyland Police force. He ferrets out suspects and investigate crime on the streets and in the lanes. He searches for a missing pumpkin, hunting for an arsonist, wondering what the future holds in a series of crystal ball robberies, and dealing with spells, curses and other strange happenings.  www.amazon.com/Fairy-Tale-Fusion-F-Stewart-ebook/dp/B00G1RJUCA
    A.F. Stewart's  afallon.bravesites.com/
    CO-Host Karen Vaughan: http://karenwritesmurder.com/ jdswritersblog.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-authors-words-characters-gone-mad.html

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    Euphoric Rock Tributes: Battle of Two Bands: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mick Fleetwood

    in Rock Music

    Another battle of two bands on the Euphoric Rock Tribute show sponsored by the Euphoric Network. This show is a Blues Show tonight. So, tune in for some great blues. Pick your favorite blues band by song or band name.I will give a 10.00 Wal Mart Gift Certificate to the fifth caller. So join in live and be the fifth caller but you can only call once to win prize. That call in number is 1-347-677-1837. The Italian American is rooting for Mick Fleetwood... I will be pushing Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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    Parents Perspective ...... W/Money Management expert R. Vaughan

    in Parents

    Parents, I like to bring issues to your attention for our perspective. We often fail to plan, but hopefully we never plan to fail. Especially when we are talking about finances. Our guest has designed a course in money management and he will share his insights with us tonight.   Rob Vaughan is a longtime friend who is now the CEO and Founder of IQ Business Solutions. Mr. Vaughan has had the pleasure of presenting before various corporate audiences.  So prepare for a awesome treat tonight here on the Parents Coaching Parents Network

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    KEI Radio Host, Donna Ghanney Interviews "Prophet Nicole Vaughan"

    in Christianity

    Kingdom Empowerment, Inc Radio Host - Donna Ghanney interviews "Prophet Nicole Vaughan" on Friday, April 10, 2015 at 6 PM EST.

    Topic: Kingdom Movement

    Short Bio Prophet Nicole Vaughan

    Prophet Nicole Vaughan is founder and Visionary of Pearl of A Great Price Ministries and Mentorship©2013
    and Kingdom Alliance Action™

    Learn more about Nicole Vaughan here.

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    Pt. 1: Rick Wiles Commentary | Pt. 2: Ann Corcoran & Jessica Vaughan

    in News

    Rick comments on the stunning news story that CIA Director John Brennan uses an AOL account – and it was hacked by a teenager who posted documents on the Internet to prove he was inside the CIA chief’s account. In Part 2, Refugee Resettlement Watch founder Ann Corcoran and Center for Immigration Studies’ policy director Jessica Vaughan talk with Rick about John Kerry’s scheme to import tens of thousands of Muslim refugees into American cities and towns.

    Download MP3
    Ann Corcoran | Refugee Resettlement Watch
    Jessica Vaughan | Center for Immigration Studies

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    Day of Days Interviews: Greg Vaughan and Galen Gering

    in Television

    Diva of Days of our Lives correspondents Carrie Garfield and Cheri Henry interview Days actors Greg Vaughan (Eric Brady) and Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez.)

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    Organizers of the Vaughan Film Festival

    in Entertainment

    A growing Canadian city with a bussling arts community, Vaughan is bringing in filmmakers from across the world to showcase their work.

    Besides the showcase, the festival also offers classes to all parts of the film industry, from directing to stuntwork.

    The event is set for April.

    We will talk to the organizers about the successes of the festival and what we can expect this year. 

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    in Entertainment

    Take 2 Radio welcomes as a Special Host Dr. Mary Barrett.  Shows will be on Fridays at 8pm eastern time!

    First guest: 8pm eastern on April 24th
    Jim Malliard grew up with the paranormal practically woven into his DNA. When he was as young as 3 years old, he would spend time in cemeteries with his family talking to his friends who were unseen; and to this day, those experiences have left him wondering and fueled his drive to seek out the truth.

    Jim now lives in northwestern Pennsylvania with his family. He runs Meadville Paranormal and his radio show, The Malliard Report, from there.  

    Second guest: 9pm eastern on April 24th
    My name is Holly Vaughan. I am 29 years old living in Tennessee. I decided to start a travel business because I love traveling and planning family, fun filled vacations. I have planned small family vacations for my family. We have vacationed in Florida and spent a couple days at Lego Land in Lakeland, FL. I have planned a small weekend vacation in Chicago, IL for my graduation. On my honeymoon last June, I planned a Las Vegas Vacation, we went on a Champagne tour around Las Vegas, went to see a show. Drove from Las Vegas to Southern California. Spent some time in Hollywood went to a wax museum, saw Jimmy Kimmel live (for those of you that do not know, he is a late night talk show host). Just to name a few things we saw and did on our vacation. I would love to help make memories for other families also. Please also visit my website at www.yourparadisegetaway.com for all your vacation needs.

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    power of perception writers with Chrystal Vaughan

    in Spirituality

    Chrystal Vaughan is the author of Sideshow, a paranormal horror novel. Sideshow was Mrs. Vaughan's first novel, and she is currently at work on the second in the series. She has also written the young adult paranormal novel, Dead in the Water (via Solstice Publishing) and the paranormal horror Conspiracy of Ravens (from the same publisher). Mrs. Vaughan has two short stories published and another, The Exclusion Zone, due for publication in an anthology from Crimson Cloak Publications. She enjoys writing strong female characters, researching the mysterious and macabre for her books, and blending genres in her work. Mrs. Vaughan is currently working on earning her Master's Degree in History, to complement her BA in English. She works at a local high school by day, aiding students with English and History assignments. Once her education is completed, Mrs. Vaughan intends to focus on her writing, crossing genres like paranormal horror with history. Mrs. Vaughan lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two daughters. When she is not writing, she is an avid reader and enjoys knitting and spinning yarn. She is passionate about animal rescue and has numerous pets, including three dogs, three cats, rabbits, chickens, and a giant African tortoise. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/?ie=UTF8&k=Chrystal+Vaughan&i=books

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    Organizers of the Vaughan Film Festival

    in Entertainment

    A growing Canadian city with a bussling arts community, Vaughan is bringing in filmmakers from across the world to showcase their work.

    Besides the showcase, the festival also offers classes to all parts of the film industry, from directing to stuntwork.

    The event is set for April.

    We will talk to the organizers about the successes of the festival and what we can expect this year.