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    BMSS Radio: The Free Energy Party with Dave Parker

    in Spirituality

    This week host Michelle Walling will interview Dave Parker of The Free Energy Party http://www.freeenergyparty.org/ to discuss the future of manufacturing, distribution, and availability of free energy devices in the near future, as well as natural cures for diseases. It is the Free Energy Party's goal to make free energy generators available to everyone's home, along with a high mileage fuel vaporizer for your car. This political platform strives to bring information to the forefront about herbal and holistic disease cures that are proven. In the annals of recorded history there has never been a political platform that uplifted free energy and cures for diseases. Now enters The Free Energy Party, ushering in a new era, a golden renaissance, and a paradigm shift toward life more abundant. Check out the Free Energy Party Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/freeenergyparty/.

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    Anarchy Rising 4: Darkside of the Moonshine

    in Entertainment


    Our favorite two middle aged professional wrestlers are back on the air!

    Max and Superbad are back from yet another exciting weekend at ARWpro in Hobart, IN. What happen? Who won and who lost? 

    Anarchy Rising 4 is Saturday and Superbad has some more exciting news and rumors. Joey Boom Boom brings us another exciting installment of Boom Boom After Dark. Also Max has some exciting pop culture news.

    If you're ready for yet another eargasmic episode of the ONLY episodic podcast on blog talk radio. Then tune in!

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    Consciousness Through Vaporizers

    in Entrepreneur

    Join Capt, Hugh T Alkemi in another live interview episode with Forrest Landry, CEO and creator of the Magic-Flight Launchbox, one of the finest and most sustainable vaporizers on the market. We'll learn behind the scenes details about the intentions of this green businessman and his project of mobilizing the community with a purpose grounded in Awakening and Conscientious humanity.

    Live callers welcome. 347-855-8334


    As a philosopher, craftsman, and scientist, Forrest Landry has long worked in service and dedication to the Earth.  It is his passion to help create an evolved sustainability for the planet.  He seeks to embrace who we all authentically are as a means to restore the balance between humanity, machine, and nature.  He proposes a narrative that enables conversation about a system of ethical thinking, one which clarifies the means and directions in which we can appropriately apply technology to solve human ecological problems. 

    In the past, Forrest was a lead architect and principle systems design engineer for one of the world’s most sophisticated search engines. Today, Forrest is Founder & CEO of Magic-Flight, a company who handcrafts the world’s smallest portable vaporizer, from start to finish, in San Diego.  His sustainable business practices are as innovative as they are rare in the manufacturing industry.  

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    Medical Marijuana

    in Culture

    We discuss Medical Marijuana, vaporizers, bongs, bowls, joints, one hitters, & reasons for using Marijuan

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    in Music

    The Cannabis Show, everything you ever wanted to know about cannabis (weed, pot, marijuana etc), industrial resource, medicinal and recreational use. 

    How to use, dosages, cooking and how to use as a therapeutic medical drug. All the latest medical and legislative news. 

    Give a call @ (661) 467-2407

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    "The Matt Duffin Show" - I've been Vaporized!!

    in Social Networking

    Vaporize - for your health, or just to 'get high on weed'?  How about both?  We'll take a peek (stare) into the land of Medical Marijuana, and Marijuani in general.  I'll discuss how a high level Doctor from the Mayo Clinic, explained to me how the weed can make Brain Injury Survivors and Thrivers simply smoke pot because "it make us fee normal".
    Normal, or NORML -many other subjects we see.  However, off and on I've  "inhaled" since the middle-1970's, enjoyed life and times, fought a war smoking it and sadley been incarcerated for simply a 'roach'.
    My relations from Southern Indiana raise much more money off growing five-leafed weeds - than corn, beans or even pigs in this day and age!  Now that is an operation to see - but ya can't.  I'll go over cures of family survival, how some pot might be 'grown for cops' to find.
    As far as the other Healthy Herbs to be consumed, I need HELP!  Monday, I'll stop by health store 'Nature's Nook', and see what I find.  There's herbs for headaches, stress, anxiety, and several others health issues.  No smoke, just the vapors.  
    I will study up on the healthy side of vaporization today, watch football and utilize my Solo Vaporizer (thank you so, Allison Carr, Consultans!) at a friend of mines - 'The Boys' are looking forward to my visit today!
     I'm hoping the "Alley Cat" will call in tonight, very professional with knowledge beyond me.  Let's talk about it, so plug in your vaporizer (or come over) and let's get the show started.  But I doubt I burn any dandelion or sunflower shake with ya,....

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    Vape, News, and Wow

    in News

    Vape, News, and Wow
    Vaporizing Latest News World of Warcraft

  • A Guide To Rapid Methods For Pax 2 vape

    in Blogs

    A firsthand pax 2 vape review might be discussed here to get a better insight about this highly-rated product by Ploom. Firstly, it’s one of the simplest products on the MARKET. To get it working, you should just open the cap that is magnetic on the bottom and fill it up with herbs firmly. Once set, turn within the unit and click at the top centre of the mouthpiece to heat up it. It takes only about a minute and a half for the unit to completely warm.

  • Personal vaporizer pens lesson 1

    in Blogs

    You are going to prefer to find a personal vaporizer you’ll be able to use for a long time, so you have to make sure that it’s resilient. The best ones are built to last, so do not just base it entirely on price. Remember, you receive what you pay for, so if you don’t mind buying a new vaporizing pen every couple of months because you prefer to buy a cheaper one that a more expensive one, then go right ahead! The more tough ones likely cost a bit more, but those additional dollars are worth it in the end since you will not have to go back and get new ones after the less costly ones break down on you.

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    Click, Bang! - Vaping Stimulants And Other Drugs

    in Entertainment

    A review of the Hybrid atomizer from cloudsofvapor.com
    Russ reviews a personal vaporizer used for marijuana.
    Also, a review of an eliquid that is said to have caffeine and other stimulants that is supposed to give you energy when you vape it.
    And returning to Click, Bang! - The News With Jacinda!

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    Beyond sativa and indica

    in Entertainment

    Sponsor: Harbor Area Caregivers Club @ 22708 South Western Ave., Torrance

    CannabisTimesradio.com is proud to introduce a phenomenal weekly feature... Beyond sativa and indica, brought to you by Eric Cote of iStrainGuide(iSG) a reliable method of cannabis identification based on the unique study of terpenoids. As developer of iStrainGuide, Eric is our in-house expert intent on informing patients - and the general public - about cannabis, and its value to society as an effective medical solution. Studied in the cannabis industry as a past associate with Harborside Health Center, Eric understands what patients need when it comes to medicinal advice, and he is excited to share his knowledge with the cannabis world. Tune in weekly to hear from Eric and iStrainGuide on the show, and read his fascinating column in the Cannabis Times Magazine @ cannabismag.com.

    Terpenoids can and do affect how your medicine affects your mind - iStrainguide is the ONLY mobile BudTender capable of providing you with valuable medical facts regarding how you can become a master of cannabis identification. Each and every review is performed solely with a vaporizer to ensure consistent, and medically reliable, reviews.

    For sponsorship of these segments please contact: Eric@cannabistimesradio.com

    Kurtis VanderMolen author of the book “Blinded By Normalcy” and founder of the Grace Changes Everything Ministries to Cannabis Times Radio! Bi-monthly, Kurtis shares various concepts included in his book while discussing how it relates to the subject of Cannabis. Visit his website www.blindedbynormalcy.com today!