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    Vanilla Ice, Selma, Scandal, & More

    in Entertainment

    Listen to the "ICC Morning Show" as we give you the scoop on BET's special concert commemorating the 50th anniversary of the march on Selma and Bloody Sunday and why Vanilla Ice has people side-eyeing the event. 

    We'll also discuss the riveting episode of "Scandal" based on the Mike Brown shooting and more! 

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    in Books

    Vanilla Gorilla Animal Art & Poems
    RE-Run From 2012 Archive Library 
    Hosted by Lady Selah SuJuris
    Music by Kee Smith Bushes & Briars
    Music By Greta Pedersen Friendship Stew

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    My Mother's Secrets - Vanilla

    in Cooking

    Join me in this exciting interview with co-founder of Faerie's Finest as we discuss vanilla.  Be prepared - you may be shocked to learn where artificial vanilla and strawberry flavoring come from the days....and most appalling is the fact that the FDA allows it to be labeled as natural flavoring. 

    Learn about Faerie's journey to build her family owned business from a simple idea into a thriving success. 

    Faerie's unique flavor powders are alcohol-free alternatives to liquid flavor extracts that can be substituted one-for-one in place of extracts without adding any extra liquid to the recipe.  The vanilla powder is a must have in my kitchen.  Visit www.faeriesfinest.com for more information.

    Visit MyMothersSecrets.com if you would like to become a more confident cook and don't know where to start.  Mom will help you become a master in your kitchen.  But be prepared...This transformation will also stimulate positive changes in your relationships and your life. So let's start cooking something you love for someone you love today! Even if you are alone in the kitchen it cannot help but be filled with love. Enjoy!

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    The Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl: Are you open to dating another race?

    in LGBT

    Are you open to dating another race? Interracial dating is such an explosive topic and we are going to dive right into it. Join us for a lively discussion on this episode of Common Ties Live!

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    Vanilla & Chocolate Swirl- LOVE True or (Still) TABOO?" - IT IS WHAT IT IS

    in Relationships


    On this episode of IT IS WHAT IT IS, Host and Author, Ron E. Jefferson is ready to candidly discuss the topic of interracial relationships.   How can they work? 


    Call the show with your questions, and comments.   (347) 237-5342 and press "1" to speak LIVE on the air.

    Ron E. Jefferson is the Author of 'LISTEN TO THE MAN, THINK FOR YOURSELF".   

    KLJN 107.7

  • Dinner Specials...with May Pang and Cynthia Neilson...Live

    in Entertainment

    May and Cynthia are welcoming back another in their Rock Icon series...Vanilla Fudge guitarist/vocalist Vince Martell.  He will be chatting up their new critically acclaimed album Spirit of 67 as well as their upcoming tour.  The Fudge are still making musical history, and we're pleased to be grilling him as our first Dinner Special of October...live...Monday noon eastern.

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    ACA Explained Again; Vanilla Book Author; Six Types Of Office Troublemakers;

    in Business

    Catherine Merritt founded MUMZY and went about looking at crowd funding. She discusses her experiences.

    Terry R. Barber (CEO of Performance Inspired£) often relates 21st century corporate America to an ancient battlefield. He brilliantly uses historical warfare, tactics and characters to present lessons for today's leaders and followers who struggle in their job of trying to make their companies and lives relevant. He dissects the modern office into three groups of combatants all who can be directly related and recognized in the corporate world we know today, including the most toxic – the six kinds of office “troublemakers”.

    Janet Sawyer joins us from across the pond to discuss her book and more.

    Steve Friedman of Littler Mendelson discusses the ACA and what it means for small business after recent court decisions.

    Over50JobBoard.com CEO Blake Nations. ³Our site enables employers to sift through a cluttered applicant pool and hire based on wisdom and expertise.²

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    WWE Hate on Black Wrestlers and Vanilla Midgets

    in Sports

    Is there hate in the wwe on black wrestlers and vanilla midgets??? Plus the news on the wwe network is it worth the deal????

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    in Entertainment

    hot soup motha Phukas. When the shit goes down you better be ready!  We are a couple punk-toberfests deep so bring it!!!!!

    Lets talk about our Night Out With THE VOLT @ the Vanilla Ice Concert! 

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    Whirl With Merle

    in Travel

    The town of Barto is where Landhaven Bed and Breakfast, is located at 1194 Huffs Church Rd and owned by Donna and Ed Land.

    The building was formerly an 1870s general store.  You can see some of the history in “the event room”.  The first floor has the kitchen, dining room, “gathering room” and one bedroom. I was given one that had a roll in shower and shower bench.  This is very unusual for a BandB.  There are 4 rooms on the second floor and the living quarters on the third floor with an extra bedroom and private bath if necessary.

    Friday night called for entertainment. It was a country-rock-bluegrass sort of local group called Frog Holler. The room was packed with what appeared to be mostly followers of the band.  We all loved the music.  Some of the women in the audience couldn’t help but get up and dance.  Concerts tend to be on both Friday and Saturday evenings with a BYOB. 

    The pillows on the bed were like the best ever!  Would have slept longer if it weren’t for a full day of featured fun to look forward to. Breakfast was a deconstructed blintz.  Bake casserole with the cheese filling.  Then you get to scoop on fresh cooked apple pieces, nuts and a vanilla sour cream.  Donna and Ed maintain an extremely friendly atmosphere. www.landhavenbandb.com 

    We will talk with the owners.

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    A Conversation with Motivational Leader Paul Malik

    in Motivation

    The meaning of his name is “Little King who stands out from the rest”. Born and raised on the south side of Jamaica, New York, he entered the world with trouble, difficulties, and great odds stacked against him, however his life was changed when his grandparents stepped in to raise him. Their southern roots and religious home-setting taught him that he is unique and was created to make a difference within the earth. He is one who is called mentor and brother, but mainly, a practical holistic life coach. His realistic and transparent approach, wisdom, and reasoning challenges countless individuals to pursue a higher standard of living. His words provoke and motivate people to rethink and change their lives for the better. His greatest strengths are his business and marketing concepts along with his networking strategies that cause growth to happen for many non-profit entities as well as businesses. He is an entrepreneur, author, founder and CEO of Eagle Empowerment, LLC & Eagle Eye Photography. These companies were designed to teach, train, develop, and empower others to truly live and have power to overcome. His vision and passion is to see individuals come to a place where they value oneself, so that they may live life beyond limitations.