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    Civil War Pension File Reveals Valuable Family Information with Alvin Blakes

    in History

    The Civil War Pension Files of Philip McQuerter of Woodville, Wilkinson County, Mississippi provides revealing information about the family.

    Alvin Blakes is a lifelong organizer and community worker who has been researching African history since he was a teenager, and has travelled to Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and all over the United States to pursue his studies. He has researched his family’s history from Woodville, Mississippi back to the late 1700s in the Eastern US. He is a member of the Dallas Genealogical Society’s African American Genealogy Interest Group. He graduated with a Bachelors and Masters of Mechanical Engineering degree from Howard University’s School of Engineering.  Currently, he is the Manager of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Agency’s Bus Fleet Engineering Group.

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    GBBLive Podcast: Most Valuable Trade Assets, Marc Gasol's Offensive Aggression

    in Basketball

    As the Memphis Grizzlies weigh their options and assets with the trade deadline approaching, GBBLive has got you covered with plenty of Grizzly analysis. Join Host Joe Mullinax live at 8:00 PM CT on BlogTalkRadio for Grizzly Bear Blues' flagship podcast!

    In the first segment, Joe and GBB's Managing Editor Chris Faulkner break down recent game action and trade rumors in the "Grizzly Bear News" segment. The Grizzlies continue to struggle with consistency, and Memphis' frustration is reaching a boiling point.

    The second segment of the program will feature Phillip Dean, co-host of 3 Shades of Blue Radio on Sports56 WHBQ Memphis. Joe and Phillip will discuss Marc Gasol's offensive aggression and potential trade targets for the Grizzlies.

    All this plus your last chance to enter the January drawing for the Fan Essential's three-month membership through GBBLive Trivia on an all-new episode of GBBLive! Follow us on Twitter @GBBLive and make sure you are subscribing to the podcast on ITunes so you don't ever miss an episode! Listen live Tuesday night at 8:00 PM CT on BlogTalkRadio!

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    Failure is a Valuable Tool!

    in Motivation

    Talk to the audience about how "failure" is both needed and inevitable.  Discuss various types of failures's various ways of viewing the failure, and how one may find positives in failure. Allow audience to ask questions about failure of the hosts, and how they overcame or continue to overcome personal and professional failures.

  • FFMVP: Fantasy Football's Most Valuable Podcast

    in Sports

    Four brothers help you dominate your league by finding fantasy's Most Valuable Players this season.  All four hosts happen to be lawyers so you can bet there will be some spirited debate.  Follow @FFMVP on Twitter for the latest news and witticisms.  We answer all sit/start and trade questions.

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    "FAMILY" CANDIDATES MORE VALUABLE? Why is a parent more important than singles?

    in Politics

    Why are "parents" valued, stereotypically, by society more than those who are married - or single - without kids?

    Carly and CARLY vs Citizens United.  Carly Fiorina playing games with super PAC money...and getting away with it because the FEC is incompetent.  

    Fed Ex employees volunteer to deliver on Christmas, people still not happy.  

    And, Trump...his campaign is radical and new - he is buying the volunteers a al "BREWSTERS MILLIONS".


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    An Uncommon Mom: Vulnerable and Valuable

    in Women

    Laurette Lynn talks with Jessica Arman, founder and creater of My Magic Mud.  Together they discuss growth and change in life, strating a business and raising kids in an uncomon and not-so-mainstream way.  

    So many points are covered and discussed in this discussion, it's difficult to nail down a theme.  It's a wonderful, smart, funny and useful conversation with two stunnig ladies so listen in!

    For more information or to become a guest, or make a suggestion, visit Laurettelynn.com

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    Episode 2643 - You are Valuable - Joseph Cohen

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2643 -  You are Valuable - Joseph Cohen
    Recorded 7-14-2015 on Omega Man Radio  omegamanradio.com
    Pastor Joseph Cohen Website:  www.newhopeinthelord.com 

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    Godless – Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs

    in Books

    “Beliefs divide us, values unite us. Fight violence with values.”

    Godless – Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs is Jeff Rasley’s 8th book and it is

    - A value-based counter-attack against religious fanaticism and political gridlock.

    - A critique of fundamentalism and ideological politics and a remedy for what ails the Church and the political order.

    - A middle way between orthodoxy and atheism to save religion in the advancing age of unbelief and a pragmatic approach to encourage political activism to counter apathy.

    It shows how religious and political extremism can be defeated with pragmatism and positive values.

    The book is available through Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P766NYO

    Jeff Rasley is a retired lawyer, professor in the Honors Program at Butler University, organizes and leads Himalayan trekking expeditions, and is president of the Basa Village Foundation. His website is http://www.jeffreyrasley.com

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    Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping, Interview with Author Cal Wilson

    in Prepping

    Doctor Prepper™ interviews a new author in the preparedness non-fiction genre, Cal Wilson.

    Cal is a Christian, a patriot, a gun-owner, and a prepper. He is also a practicing attorney and has been involved in law enforcement for more than 20 years. He lives in an undisclosed location west of the Mississippi River with his wife and various family members.

    Wilson’s first book is entitled Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping, which has been a very successful seller inpaperback and in Kindle formats. The complete title is: Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping: Cheap Stuff You Can Stockpile Now That Will Be Extremely Valuable When SHTF.

    Dirt Cheap… assumes the average family will not be able to stockpile everything needed for enduring a worst-case scenario. Rather, it suggests increasing the amounts of certain items for barter for other needed items when the need arises.

    Prepping needn't be expensive. By knowing some of the tricks of the prepping “trade,” you can save lots of money by just being aware of some of these tips:

    Dryer lint––makes an easy fire starter component so you can cook, purify water, or take a bath
    Salt––one of the most common kitchen products, but is worth its weight in gold in making food tasty and preserving meats when there is no refrigeration
    Bottled water––essential for short-term disasters when there is no tap water
    Used milk containers––use for non-potable water storage, such as flushing toilets or watering plants
    Used bottle drink containers––use for potable water storage, or for storing dried foods
    Addiction items––what items (tobacco, liquor, etc.) to store for barter in case of a longer-term disaster


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    College QB are less valuable than NFL QBs?

    in Sports

    We talk QBs, college football and more