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    Have Tea with Blase, every Thursday night at 6:30 pm eastern time on a journey to becoming our AUTHENTIC Self.
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    in Entertainment

    How much validation does a person need?

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    in Relationships

    Silence is not always golden. Noticing something and not acknoweledge can cause problems specially in relationships. Taking the time to pour into your children, job, and relationships can be beneficial if done properly. It shows that you care and that you're paying attention.

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    The Validation and Clinical Implementation of BRCAplus

    in Science

    This webinar reviews the validation and clinical implementation of BRCAplus, a multi-gene hereditary breast cancer test.  Although BRCA1 and BRCA2 account for a large portion of hereditary breast cancer, there are many other genes that differentially impact the risk for breast cancer.  BRCAplus was designed to test for mutations in genes that are known to have a high breast cancer risk and that have management guidelines associated with them.  With the advent of next-generation sequencing (NGS), it is now possible to test for multiple genes that can increase the risk to develop breast cancer at once. 

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    Preachers in search of validation: If God doesn't validate someone, will you?

    in Christianity

    The 21st century has afforded churches and preachers with unprecedented opportunities. These include television shows, social media outlets, and even social and political influences. What if God did not validate the church or the preacher to have the spotlight? Aside from vagrant immorality and flamboyance, how can you discern if a ministry or preacher's calling is invalid in God's sight? What are signs you should look for to determine when preachers are in search of validation? Tune in with Pastor Neal to find out this and more.

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    Validation part 1 with Jef Gazley

    in Self Help

    Child, Marriage, Family Therapist and author Jef Gazley is our special speaker on this re-broadcast show with his topic "Validation part1." He will discuss Validation as it applies to children and adults. He will discuss the relationship of Validation and PTSD; the 3 Brains; Separating the behavior from the person, NET(Neuro Emotional Technique); the essence of everyone being sacred. His website is www.asktheinternettherapist.com 

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    Validation with Dr. E D Brown

    in Self Help

    We will have as our special quest, Dr. E. Douglas Brown, author and licensed Clinical Psychologist on this re-broadcast show. He will talk about validation as it applies to parent and child relationships and how it changes upon maturation; Why it is necessary to give it and to receive it. He will also talk about the higher level of validation which is self validation. It is important to: •Feel like you are important •Know that your feelings are real, very personal to you, and should be acknowledged as such •Feel okay sharing those feelings and personal outlooks/perspectives •Feel like someone is not going to ridicule you or in some other way disrespect you behind your expressed feelings •Feel at ease discussing what is deep inside  - When children don’t have validation, the emotional scarring starts taking place and problems begin. Lack of validation is responsible for most problems youth and adults are having today.

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    Validation part 2 with Jef Gazley

    in Self Help

    Therapist Jef Gazley is continuing his discussion on Validation.  He is going to use his technique of Energy Psychology and (EFT) Energy Freedom Techniques with our call-in participants. These techniques have proven very useful in addressing validation concerns and areas where you feel emotionally stuck. It is important to: •Feel like you are important •Know that your feelings are real, very personal to you, and should be acknowledged as such •Feel okay sharing those feelings and personal outlooks/perspectives •Feel like someone is not going to ridicule you or in some other way disrespect you behind your expressed feelings. Emotional scarring starts with the lack of validation in childhood. 

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    Be My Validation

    in Comedy

    Star, ReTweet, Share, Favorite, Stumble Upon, ReBlog and Upvote on Reddit this show! Tell Matt-Man and Jayman they're pretty and funny! We all need validation sometimes, but some of you people are a little too addicted to "stars" "hearts" and "likes." And it's kind of annoying. Matt and Jay will get to the bottom of this Favstar obsession people have, how it works and why it has taken over some people lives and caused them to lose all perspective in life. All that and so much more on IWS Radio!

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    Elohim Hour:"Yank This Frequency Up"Magrav Power Unit Confirmation& Validation

    in Education

    Today we will be giving confirmation and details of proof of concept for the MAGRAV Power unit.... From build to finish.... 

    Quetzalcoatl will have knowledge superior to the imagination of even the highest I.Q., because he will explain formula’s involving both DNA + Metabolic Reactions that produce phenomena’s with Visual-Telekinesis with animalia. He will have the knowledge to deliver reincarnation without Death; moreover, he will explain wisdom involving the creation of Gold, that even the Egyptians labored to great extents over thousands of years via their construction with Pyramids to engineer with Alchemy. 
    He will have the right granted by the Creator of the Heavens, to perform miracles in the Ocean so that the theories of time-travel & Einstein will be shown as correct. Moreover, he will grant new lives to paraplegics, by allowing their imaginations and cognitive functions to go hand-and-hand with a flock of Eagles, via the telekinetic circuit of Electrogenesis. 
    The blood of Quetzalcoatl will be immune to Tuberculosis, Herpes, and all STD’s that were created as a result of the maritime dormitation with rodents across the Atlantic. He will reveal the truth about AIDS; which is a cognitive program created as a result of fear & annexation from Colonialism, rather than a blood disease

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    How Ego Makes Us Believe That Validation Is Important

    in Motivation

    Believing in ourselves is something we feel from time to time or we admire when we see it in life when we do. Why is believing in ourselves something that is a more rare event then business as usual for us. How does shutting down or shutting out positive thoughts and or feelings that we may have towards ourselves hold us in place until we believe that there is and are great things in us already? Tune in and Join in on the Conversation Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST!