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    The Italian Voice Radio Show !

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    Good Evening Everyone,Tonight we have a Special Guest joining the Voice by the name of Genoveva Rossi,An Italian Horror Actress we will be discussing her films she stared in and also what it is to be Italian,so don't miss this amazing episode tonight @7pm and grab a listen in with You Host's Dom Calvitto & Jen Diva,Only On Blogtalkradio.com! ! So get to you're computers or smartphones and listen in or call the studio @347-426-3972 and join the fun with The Italian Voice! See you all tonight!!

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    and now for something completely different

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    Tune in for our Valentino day Episode.  February 15, 2015 @ 11:00 am EST

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    (WUN) Love Radio - Chicken & Waffle Comedy Wake Up

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    The Worldwide Underground Nation Radio  (WUN) was created on December 5, 2009. Our original format was athletes of color in action sports. Interviews, music, fashion and sports news were the key elements of (WUN) Love Radio. 

    As voices were raised by current social events the show began to grow and mature into a very successful radio program. (WUN) Love Radio has kept its underground ground roots by refusing offers from mainstream media outlets.

    Join us tonight as we discuss current events, surf news and music. Your host for this evening is the craziest female on radio - the Queen of Xtreme Rokki. Tune in at 9:30 PST

    Catch us at www.wunmagazine.com or Twitter: WUNMagazine Facebook: (WUN) Magazine & (WUN) Love Radio

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    We pay tribute to Peter Falk's iconic TV character Columbo, the erratic and absent-minded detective who was a genius at solving homicides.  In his trademark rumpled raincoat, Columbo pesters his suspects, always returning to ask "one more thing."  Joining Richard is "Columbophile," an afficionado of Columbo who has kept the show before the masses.  He describes his dedication:

    "I’ve been active in Twitter circles as @columbophile for about 3 yrs & 13,000 tweets. I’m the number 1 Columbo resource on Twitter. I’m also active on Instagram. I see myself as a facilitator in sharing Columbo humour, insight & style with fellow fans & growing the online Columbo community. I like to see everyday the interactions that go on between my friends & followers who have discovered that shared interest & used it to form relationships & friendships. I’ve been a long-time fan of the show since childhood, watching the reruns of classic episodes, as well as the new ones. My granddad liked the show & I remember watching Bye-Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case & Try & Catch Me at his house with him when I was 9 or 10. It’s no coincidence that they remain amongst my favourite episodes. In the early 2000s I introduced my girlfriend, now wife, to the show on in the UK. She’s Australian & wasn’t familiar with the show, but she enjoyed it as one of the things we had in common. As soon as the show came out on DVD I bought every new season as soon as it became available, & had them shipped over from the US to avoid waiting for UK release. I became a collector of vintage Columbo memorabilia, notably international film posters from the 1970s, I have a collection of those which take pride of place around the house. In the social media age, it’s been fun to share my passion for the program & come across others who share that love."

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    Episode 39 - Micah's Talent Sensation Showcase

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    Please Join me Tonight as we embark on the Very First – Micah’s Talent Sensation Showcase 2015

    We are wanting to showcase the extraoridinary talents of those that are a part of the LGBTQ Community.

    We have American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent and XFactor – so why not produce a contest all done via Radio and on this very platform.

    The seven individuals  will be competing to become the Very First Winner of Micah’s Talent Sensation Showcase.

    So Tonight we want YOU to tune in to all contestants and afterwards you will have the ability to Text your Choice via Phone or select via Website.

    Tonight Each Contestant will perform a 1 ½ to 2 min Acapella Song Selection – They have the option to sing an Original Song or A Song by any Artist.

    They will be judged and critiqued by Three Judges: Professional Singer(s) Chy'enne Valentino & Kendoll Brinkley Brown and Universal Music Group Songwriter Christopher Belton.

    Tonight matters because of the 7 Contestants tonight only 3 will advance to the Finals on next Tuesday – Even though Judges will be on deck to provide critiques YOU THE AUDIENCE DECIDE THE FATE OF THE CONTESTANTS!

    Tonight’s Contestants:

    Kresli Washington

    Shavonna B. Brooks

    Marc Stevens

    Rico Perkins

    Stanley Bj Hodge

    LaMarr Allen

    Paris Buford


    To Listen Live Dial: 646-716-9735

    To Stream Live Visit: blogtalkradio.com/thetalkwithmicah




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    The Hot Corner Show w/ @DrRayT & Joseph Hart of Valentino Realty & CHEM TRAILS

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    The Hot Corner Show w/ @DrRayT & Joseph Hart of Valentino Realty & CHEM TRAILS affecting our Health

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    Michael Horton's been a busy actor for over 25 years, appearing in over 150 iconic TV shows like "Columbo" and "Taxi."  He's also done a dozen films, many movies of the week and over 1500 radio and TV commercials.  He is remembered for his long-running role as Jessica Fletcher's nephew Grady Fletcher on "Murder She Wrote." 

    About 12 years ago, Michael began thinking that there was more to life than acting, and considered directing as a possible 2nd career.  Then another calling found Michael.  Shortly after Apple announced Final Cut Pro was shipping to the public, Michael decided that it was indeed time to plunge into the world of digital filmmaking and Non Linear Editing, and went out and mortgaged his families future on a FCP NLE system and a VX1000 camcorder. He has been a happy man ever since.

    Since July of 1999, Michael has cut a PSA for a Non Profit Organization, directed and cut a music video about handicapped children and horse therapy, co directed and cut a historical documentary on women who dressed as men to fight in the American Civil War; which was just sold to a distributor in NY, and is finishing his own short movie he wrote and directed.  He morphed into the founder, catalyst, and founder of the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group, (formerly lafcpug). http://www.lafcpug.org which presently has over 6000 members world wide and is growing by about 100 members per month. lacpug meets monthly in Hollywood and also co-produces the famous “SuperMeets” around the world.a community supporting and equipping digital editors.  In addition to his acting work and leadership of LACPUG, Horton is a producer, director, and editor.

    The views and opinions of our guests do not necessarily reflect the views and opinons of Richard Rossi Live or Blog Talk Radio.

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    Episode 6: Josh Rossi talks strength training importance for youth athletes

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    We'll cover the why, how and what of strengthening for youth athletes of all sports with coach Josh Rossi of FORE Performance off Winton Road, Brighton. 

    Why is strength/cross training so important? How does is help athletes excel?

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    Richard Rossi and his film "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories" have become the subject of worldwide press and controversy in the last 24 hours since news broke internationally of Papal support for his Clemente film and efforts to have the baseball great recognized as a saint.  In his first full-length addressing of questions since the story broke worldwide, Mr. Rossi answers questions, clarifies the truth, and refutes the tabloid rumors.

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    Everything w/Kathy B Healthy Living & Cooking w/Chef Oliver, Dr Julissa, Kristy

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    Source Nation!! We're back tonight with another amazing healthy and affordable meal. Chef Oliver's in the kitchen preparing Black Bean Soup with peppers, onions, cilantro, and sour cream. Sounds delish!! You don't want to miss the steps in creating this delectable dish. Chef Oliver's live in the kitchen at 6pm.

    In our second hour, Kathy B and Dr, Julissa our Resident Naturopathic Doctor will discuss her new blog feautre for the week Did You Know "Uterine Fibroid". Source Nation, did you know when this organ is overloaded, estrogen dominance occurs, and this is known as one of the main causes for uterine fibroid risk This conversation will give you tips and advice on making sure your body is healthy and fibroid free. Kathy B and Dr. Julissa are live in the studio at 7pm.

    In our third hour, is Fitness Host Kristy McCarley, Kristy, will speak with us about "Keeping New Year's Resolutions throughout the Year" Kristy has two guests in the studio to share tips and advice with us.

    Apollo Levine is a native of Abbeville, LA by way of South Bend, IN. He began singing and writing music at the age of 8 and has always loved anything to do with entertainment. His life's dream was to be in movies, star on Broadway, and to production music.

    Vera has over 20 years of dance training and performing experience and has taught a range of classes, and performed for recording artists and special events including Purple Ribbon Artists, Bobby Valentino and the BET Hip Hop Awards.

    Source Nation!! Tune in as Kristy shares with us tips on being successful when getting fit. Kristy's live at 8pm. You don't want to miss this show. We're live at 6pm. You've heard it here on your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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