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    Live@PleasersAtl "How men talk themselves out of pocket"

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    Tonight Willona deals with how men sometimes talk so much when they meet a lady that they really talk themselves out of pocket.  Come join Willona and guest Kwame Penn for  a lively and entertaining topic.  Live@PleasersAtl 849 Cleveland Ave.  #LetTalkItOut

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    2014 What to Expect & "Love in the Bull City"

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    2014 Is going to be an awesome year we have so much in store for you!!! Shows on health and wellness, Erotic Poetry, upcoming Just Like Kandy event "Love in the Bull City." Great guest such as Elliott Axiom Erotic Poet, Donna Wlker of www.TheBiggChat.com, and Dawn Malone Hesalth and Wellness educator at Meredith College. So excited, call in with your questions. Remember your Life should Always be this SWEET!! 

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    Kickback Saturdayz with Clarke & Farin

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    It's Valentine's Day weekend. Happy Sidepiece Day! You're jumping out windows, trapped in closets, deleting text messages and phone calls and lying to your girl or man. Whoever said having a sidepiece was easy? Is going through all this trouble worth having a sidechick or sidedude? Why can't we be happy with what we have at home? Maybe we just want the best of both worlds. Tune in as Clarke & Farin discuss.... "Sidepieces: Are you about that double life?" 

    Happy Valentine's Day!


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    Valentine's Day: Dave Brown, Jermaine Cowan, Love/Romance, New Music & more...

    in Religion

    Rouse Ministries Broadcasting & Communications Online Radio Shows - The Pastor J. Rouse Show & Wright On Point.

    - Valentine's Day;

    - Love and Romance;

    - Dave Brown, Trumpeter/Gospel Musician/Performer on Love and Inspirational Things and upcoming Valentines Performance on February 15, 2014 and much more...;

    - Jermaine Cowan; Reggae/Gospel Singer/Artist/Performer follow up, new single "What Love Is", new music and other updates...;

    - More New music...;

    - International Events and Happenings;

    - Love Shout Outs, Birthday Shout Outs, Church Shout Outs, Special Anniversary Shouts, Upcoming Rouse Ministries Events, International Christian Events and Happenings and much much more......


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    The Felicia Show "Millennials & Relationships with Ashton Wilson & Frank Brown"

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    @TheFeliciaShow talks "Millennials & Relationships" with Relationship Coach, Frank Brown and Relationships Author, Ashton L. Wilson as Valentine's Day arrives, @TheFeliciaShow will give you “A Millennial’s Guide to Love, Dating and Relationships” by "Dating Millennials" style. To learn more about Ashton L. Wilson visit his website at: http://AshtonLWilson.com/ and for more about Frank Brown, visit his website at: www.FrankBrownJr.com

    Frank Brown is a graduated Life and Relationship Coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. His love for transformational coaching and inspiring growth fuels his efforts to build motivation and healthy relationships across the nation. Frank truly believes that healthy relationships with others begin with a healthy relationship with yourself. He uses the message of self-love to show the power of clarity and purpose, and how they can lead to a more prosperous and passion-filled life in every aspect.

    Ashton L. Wilson is America’s “real talk” relationship coach, and leading authority on genuine transformation to godly manhood. Ashton specializes in building men and youth in the inner city. Founder of the Inner City Intervention program (ICL), Ashton helps free men from their circumstances and their past, while challenging them to reach extraordinary results. Ashton delivers dynamic keynotes and transformational seminars for youth and adult men through churches, businesses, colleges, and youth organizations nationwide. Real, raw, and relevant, Ashton tells the plain truth and confronts the issues that keep men bound in “boy” behavior.


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    The JenJen Show

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    With Valentine's Day being around the corner, share the love with everyone. 

    Concord Music Hall callapses during a live event early Saturday Morning. 

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    Love & Relationships: Jay Hurt on Dating/Relationships & Family, New Music, etc.

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    Rouse Ministries Broadcasting & Communications Online Radio Shows - The Pastor J. Rouse Show & Wright On Point.

    - Love and Relationships;

    - More New music...;

    - Special guest - Jay Hurt, Relationship Coach/Author/Speaker/Columnist on relationships, dating and the family....;

    - International Events and Happenings;

    - Love Shout Outs, Birthday Shout Outs, Church Shout Outs, Special Anniversary Shouts, Upcoming Rouse Ministries Events, International Christian Events and Happenings and much much more......


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    Excuses Men Give for Being Absent on Valentine's Day

    in Romance

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    Just in for Tomorrow night Comedian HOWIE BELL & TALENT and I explore the humorous side of Love when we explore the reasons your Man isn't with you on Valentines Day! Be sure to click the link for details and tune in and share with a friend who is alone on VDay you won't want to miss this Show -- WE GOIN IN

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    Valentines Day Edition

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    Even though this week isn't Valentines Day week, we will be doing the Valentines Day edition :) makes ure to call in with your best and worst stories as well as ideas for others out there we will be taking next week off but don't worry its only 1 week !!! Remember if you're sad about being alone on Valentines Day, just remember nobody loves you on any other day of the year either!

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    A Theory of Parenting - Valentines Special

    in Parents

    A Theory of Parenting is proud to present a Valentines Special.We here at A Theory of Parenting would like to read a poem in celebration of Valentines Day.The poem is written by me, Tammi Joyner.The poem is a part of our cardline, here at A Theory of Parenting.The name of the poem is Valentines Day, 365 Days a Year!Valentines Day 365 Days a Year by Tammi Joyner(Speaker)What should I say to you on Valentines Day that I wouldn't or shouldn't say to you in the middle of May? (Speaker)I love to show how much I care each and everyday!(Speaker)My feeling are genuine and true in the love I convey!(Speaker)Now tell me what's with this once a year fondness on Valentines Day?(Chorus) It's a celebration of love some might say!(Chorus)True love and affection can not wait, this is the mistake that too many people make!(Speaker)I would faint, I would weaken, I would tire, thoughtfulness, kindness, and tenderness daily I require!(Speaker)My lover, My friend together there is true devotion, I will wrap you in a blanket of sensativity and emotion!(Speaker)Now tell me, why should we delay the joy that warms our hearts, Allowing others to control our life parts?(Speaker)We should not hold back, we should never hear until Valentines Day is 365 days a year!

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    Be My Valentine

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    This week on The Chelsea Krost Show:
    Keith Keller:
    Keith is a Global Twitter Marketing Specialist and the go to guy regarding all things Twitter.  He is back this week to give us more extremely helpful hints on how to grow your social media presence.
    Publicist and blogger for Uncommongoods.com. Gabby and I are going to talk about the ultimate men’s Valentines Day gift guide. These gifts are funky, trendy, and way more exciting then the classic box of chocolates and or new wallet idea.  
    Tune into the show to hear how you can win one of the Gift items .
    For over nearly 20 years David Wygant has been earning the trust of American men and women looking to transform their love lives. Today, no dating coach earth commands more respect from the media, from other experts, and from real-life individuals. That's because, unlike so many so called experts clamoring for your attention. 
    Stephen Dimmick:
    Media personality, dog lovin makeup man, vlogger dishin a daily dose of gorgeous w/ Aussie attitude. His motto is, “If you ain't a nice person makeup won't help.” ? I must say, I love his vlog on How to curl your eyelashes that he just posted!.

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