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    DJ Amilz Va Cap City Show Continues Mr Trinityave Interview

    in Hip Hop Music

    interview with Mr Trinityave continues more music by mr.trinityave and hood commitee later on today and more with dj amilz and djamilzgetmoneyent inc. and our guest mr anita williams and more with upcoming interviews and va flava entertainment its dj amilz also getmoneysumma: the prelude auditions and we will discuss about the djamilzgetmoneywear clothing line and custom nikes shoe line by dj amilz as well so yall tune in today for all the events and we will talk about another show coming to blogtalkradio by DJ Amilz 

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    DJ Amilz Va Cap City Show exclusive tracks are hitting the station today baby

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    new exclusive tracks by ync, remedy, young relixx and many more artist we will mention as well, also new interviews coming up soon and ya boy remedy will be hittin the station tomorrow to discuss about his upcoming projects and shows and many more. also auditions for get money summa: the prelude is still going on until july 12 so if you wanna audition over the air call in today and if you wanna do a shoutout or talk to the host then holla at me this summa is going to be blazin with new hot tracks,videos, concerts and tours also we will discuss about the new mixtape by hood commitee and shawty e and the official annoucement that will be annouced on the station today so yall keep tuning in cause dj amilz va cap city show is going to be on fire all summa long and you the host always got new music on the way so yall know wat it is.

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    DJ Amilz Va Cap City Show premiers more va music by new va artist

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    new exclusive tracks by Young Luv and more other artist and today's new topic of today and more upcoming events from DJ Amilz and more new episodes coming up and interview as well so yall check the show out today auditions for getmoneysumma: The Prelude is still going on so yall email your tracks to djamilz288@gmail.com and make sure you submit the best track to put on the mixtape so yall interested call in today and lets us hear a rhyme.

  • DJ Amilz Va Cap City Show premiers with YNC(Youngin In Charge) interview

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    ync hits the station with there exclusive tracks and new upcoming events and new music and more getmoneysumma: the prelude auditions tomorrow and also remedy will be in the bulding as well discussing his new projects coming up as well so tune in tomorrow this is a show you don't wanna miss and as always dj amilz will be in the building playing those tracks and reppin dat va all day so yall tune in if you have any requests or shoutouts call in the station and let us know where you are checking fro

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    DJ Amilz Va Cap City Show exclusive tracks hittin the station today continued

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    new exclusive tracks hittin the station today by remedy, ync and raw also yall tune in tomorrow for the interview with ync we will get a chance to talk to this group about there upcoming events and new music coming out soon so yall tune in at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow and getmoney summa auditions is still going on so yall call in and you only have twenty mins to sing or rap a song that is your own individual work and dj amilz is dropping a new track in the station today so yall tune in today at 6:30 p.m. aight its dj amilz va baby 

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    DJ Amilz Va Cap City Show new exclusive tracks hitting the station today

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    interview today with sliim olay and new tracks exclusively dropping in the station today a new track by Mr. Trinity ave "real life'' and more discussion with sliim olay with her new projects and auditions today for the mixtape Getmoneysumma: The Prelude auditions are today so yall call in today either if you rap or sing then call in and do a freestyle or sing a song please keep the limit only 30 mins in between each song so call in today at 3:15 p.m. today also we are open to take shoutouts and soon more new episodes and new tracks coming to the show soon its dj amilz va cap city show 

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    VA R&B Sensation CHRIS SCHOLAR

    in Entertainment

    Our KTR guest is upcoming R&B artist Chris Scholar who since the age of 16, has amassed a number of accomplishments. He has opened for major shows such as the Russ Parr Summer Concert Series with acts Bobby Valentino, G-Unit, and Dorrough. He also graced the stage for the Salt & Pepper Hip Hop Legends Tour with acts Dougie Fresh, MC Lyte, Bizmarkie and more. The entertainer has also opened and performed with legendary R&B icon, Sisqo and Dru Hill. Chris has performed the National Anthem at the Verizon Center for a Washington Wizards NBA game & was nominated at the 2011 DMV Awards for the best upcoming R&B artist in VA. He caught the eye of Jermaine Dupri through his site GLOBAL14. Chris has been working closely with the Grammy Award winning producer Rio Bridges of Savant Soundz LLC. Chris sings, write his own music, and create his own show performances & own video production company "Brown Brothers Productions" along with his father and brother so C/0 his new vid "I GOT IT BABE" youtube.com/watch?v=1yn5EMVJwWk … … … TWITTER FOLLOW TEAM CHRIS SCHOLAR @CHRIS_SCHOLAR @ChrisScholar_VA @_thedeanslist_  @irunroutes @BigLonzVA & C.Scholar FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/officialchrisscholar


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    DJ Amilz Va Cap City Show premiers more new music for the tri- city area

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    on today's show we will premier more new music by JR Roney, Deeper Dreams and Shawty E and talk about new upcoming mixtapes dropping for the summa and also the anticipated mixtape coming soon cok 2(city of kang 2 and get money summa it something you don't wanna miss and also new other mixtapes coming out as well, its djamilzgetmoneyent Inc., also new episodes coming soon the whole year around, we gon take this international on the radio so keep tuning in and we gon keep giving you that va flava 

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    DJ Amilz Va Cap City Premiers Deeper Dreams Music by T. Cherry and Deeper Dreams

    in Hip Hop Music

    we are back with a brand new show today and we will be premiering new music by Deeper Dreams and Zhe Aqueen Ampd Beezyveli and more also we will discuss what kind of movement is the Deeper Movement and also we will play exclusive tracks from the deeper fam and also discuss more interviews coming up and the time change for the show to go primetime so join me today as we take it to Dopewell City reppin that Deeper Movement. So all deeper fans call in to the show today and listen to the show live as we take you straight to Hopewell va allmypeopledeeper that's the dream we live for yeaay and D.mears is the general 

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    Comparing the VA Scandal to Obamacare

    in Politics Conservative

    As we have learned about this horrible scandal involving our veterans and their medical care, this of course has lead many conservatives to take the opportunity to compare the problems with the VA to problems that will inevitably occur with Obamacare. On today's show, I'll do my best to address some of their comments, some of the left's rebuttals, and provide my own mostly inconsequential thoughts regarding all of this.  That's at 6:30 Eastern time and archived later.

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    DJ Amilz Va Cap City Show premiers more music and shows love to va artist

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    ync(Youngin In Charge) interview rescheduled for tomorrow more music from Lil Boosie and more discussions about his mixtape and his comeback in the rap game and more auditions for the getmoney summa: The Prelude going on today so you got 25 minutes to rap or sing a song if you are good then you get a spot on the mixtape and as always we will discuss the new mixtapes that are out now by other artists as well and more from djamilzgetmoneyent Inc. and DJ Amilz so yall tune in today cause we got a good show for yall listners out there so tune in today at 6:30 p.m. eastern time and pacific time 

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