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    Kergan Edwards-Stout: AIDS at 32

    in LGBT

    Join Rated G Radio tonight when best selling author, Kergan Edwards-Stout, returns to the show to discuss World AIDS Day on December 1st and how that day has special importance for him.

    Call 323 657-1493 if you'd like to ask Kergan a question!

    AIDS at 32:  Read Kergan's Full Article on Huffington Post by clicking here!

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    Fox Valley Kubb Radio- Episode #30 Kubb Devils UW Stout

    in Sports

    We will chat with a few members of the Kubb Devils.  A college group who started kubb at UW Stout.  

    Show proudly sponsored by Des Moines Kubb, Kubb Nerds and the US National Championship

    Show brought to you by the Clash of Kubb

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Dr. Chris Stout, Kelly Lee Myers and guests

    in Business

    Kelly Lee Myers award winning, 20 plus year veteran of television and film visual effects production he has worked on popular shows including StarGate: SG1, StarGate: Atlantis, Battle Star Galactica and Iron Sky. He has now expanded into writing and producing with two series going into production in 2015 and he is the President and CEO of Dalton Industries Inc., a company that specializes in Virtual Reality and Augemented Reality content creation tools, services and development. He is also the founder of the popular 3D and Visual Effects training site, Liberty3d.com

    Joshua Alper practices primarily in the consumer finance litigation field.  He is experienced in the areas of bankruptcy law and creditors’ rights. In this connection, he has represented financial institutions and other lenders in all aspects of bankruptcy cases under Chapters 7, 11 and 13 of the Bankruptcy Code 

    Paul Byrne Chief Executive Officer of Mongolia Growth Group, a public company listed in North America and a market leader in Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar with real estate investment and development.  MGG owns an extensive portfolio in diversified segments of the market, with an emphasis on institutional-grade commercial property assets

    Dr. Chris Stout Founding Director of the award winning non-profit Center for Global Initiatives. He is also serves on the faculty in the College of Medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago and their Center for Global Health. He’s traveled to over 85 countries and been honored with numerous humanitarian and four additional doctorates for his work. He’s authored over 35 books, including his newest book, The Humanitarian Fieldguide

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    Kergan Edwards-Stout: Author, Husband, Father LIVE

    in LGBT

    Start October off with a bang when celebrated author, Kergan Edwards-Stout, RETURNS to Rated G Radio to talk about his books Songs for the New Depression and Gifts Not Yet Given!  Oh, yeah, getting married this year, raising 2 growing boys and so much more!

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    "The Importance of Animal Totems" with Author Darlene Stout

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's show host Pamela Marie Edmunds welcomes Author Darlene Stout.  They will be discussing Darlene's work with animal totems and how they can assist you in your life.

    More About Darlene Stout;

    Darlene Stout is the author of  Uncovering Your Personal Animal Totem. She calls herself a wildlife intuitive. A name she coined herself as she helps individuals connect to their intuitive guidance by connecting them to their animal spirit guides. She attended Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts and spent twenty-nine years working in biotechnology before leaving it all to answer a call to work full-time for spirit. She holds a bachelor of science in parapsychology, from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Through her classes and workshops Darlene is widely known for teaching people how to tap into their intuition and connect to the spiritual realm through animals and nature. She spends here time as a professional intuitive and spiritual coach assisting those on the their spiritual path and souls journey to trust the messages they get from spirit. As a visual artist she can be seen around town photographing animals and nature that she uses as illustrations for the personal animal totems she creates for her students and clients that complete the journey of uncovering their animal totem. For information on having Darlene create an image of your personal animal totem visit her website at: www.howlecoyote.com

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    Painters Dream Productions Final Show for 2014

    in Marketing

    Join us as we talk music with Theodis Ealey, Gil Gann, Mason Stout, and The Fowlers Ministry.

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    Frankly Speaking: Winter Disease Management w/ Dr. Paul Koch, UW-Madison

    in Science

    In this episode, Frank speaks with Paul Koch, Ph.D., (UW-Madison) about the impact of climate on winter disease pressure and fungicide persistence, as well as the latest in traditional, alternative and cultural controls for the snow molds.

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    Discover Janesville: Beloit International Film Festival | Teach Jamaica Teachers

    in Current Events

    Kristin Peterson is a Janesville native and a filmmaker.  While she is working on her own short film Dog*Walk, for the past 3 years, Kristin’s been closely involved with Beloit International Film Festival where she works as a programmer and other things.  We spoke about what Kristin learned from watching over 3,000 films, the importance of sound, and how we could get Angelina Jolie to work with small independent moviemakers.

    Amy Stevens is a professor of special education at UW-Whitewater.  Amy stopped in to talk about the work she does in Jamaica where she goes annually to help train local teachers, what she learned from her experience, how great the island nation’s needs are, and how little things from America, can make a huge difference in a one-room school house in Jamaica.

    Be in the know.  Discover Janesville.  

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    Are You Ready To RAMBLE?

    in Film

    Bakery Films founder, Maya Jewell goes rambling on a rainy night

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    Football Friday ~ Chryst rumored to be next Badger coach, intriguing NFL games

    in Sports

    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble; presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will talk about the lastest rumors, about the Wisconsin Badgers, next head coach.  Rumors are surfacing that current Pittsburgh coach, Paul Chryst, is in line to be named coach.  No offer can be until a December 17th deadline has passed, because of the UW hiring policy, that is in place.  Chryst, a Madison native, and former Wisconsin quarterback, could finally be the coach that stays.  The next Badgers coach will be the third coach, since 2012. Do you think that Paul Chryst should be the next Badgers coach?

    Week 15 started last night, with the Arizona Cardinals holding on to beat the St. Louis Rams.  The Cardinals may have won the game, but could have suffered another setback.  Starter Drew Stanton has an ACL, MCL strain. This injury could sideline him for a couple of weeks, and the Cardinals have big games, against the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers.  Do you think that the Stanton injury could cost the Cardinals a division title?

    There are other games that have playoff implications this week, the biggest being the Dallas Cowboys visiting the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Eagles won on Thanksgiving, so if they win, it would almost ensure them the division title, because they would have won both head to head matchups.  Houston visits Indianapolis, and their slim division title hopes rest on this game.  The Texans enter the game two games behind the Colts.  Even with a win, the Texans would need the more help with two weeks remaining. Denver travels to San Diego, with a two game lead.  The Broncos are 7-0, at home, but a mere 3-3 record, on the road.  Finally, the San Francisco 49ers travel to Seattle.  The Seahawks are still in the hunt, for a divsion title, while the 49ers are hanging on, by a thread.  Who are you picking?

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    "Talkin Hoops" with Jim Basnight

    in Sports

    Jim Basnight is a journalist that publishes a Husky hoops subscriber only blog at www.huskydigest.com. With a decidedly NW focus, Jim covers everything from the newest potential star on the play grounds and gyms in this rainy region to the greats of yester year. This week Jim welcomes Gonzaga expert Josh Horton of West Coast Convo and co-host Jay Townsend of Coug Digest, as we welcome callers, while looking back at the 'Zona/Zaga game, the  UW/SDSU game and forward to GU/WSU and  UW/EWU. 


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