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    The Los Angeles Unified School District/UTLA Teachers Union

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    According to the "California Watch", with California's public school system facing economic uncertainties...some of the most financially troubled districts have been elevating the payroll for top administrators.

    One is the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation's 2nd-largest district, has been buried under a cumulative $2.8 billion dollar deficit for the past five years, and has eliminated more than 12,000 teaching and staff positions.

    Los Angeles Unified pays Superintendent John Deasy $384,948 a year, about five times the salary of the average teacher. Since 2009 the school district has raised John Deasy's salary by 32 percent.

    Superintendent Deasy has attracted controversy in this position and other positions. According to the Substance News, John Deasy claims to have earned his PhD at the University of Louisville (UL) in the College of Education. The Dean of the college at the time was Robert Felner, now serving a jail term of 63 months in prison for a variety of frauds committed against the University of Louisville, and other universities, which includes misappropriation of a $649,000 federal grant. Felner was also convicted of stealing $2.3 million in research grants.

    John Deasy got a "fake" PhD directly under Felner in a period of 4 months, earning only 9 credits! John Deasy has been thrown out of other superintendent positions for having this "fake" PhD. Why is the LAUSD Board members allowing Deasy to keep this job? Is it kickbacks?

    As Superintendent, John Deasy has overseen thousands of teachers losing their jobs. Incredibly, Los Angeles teachers have not received a salary increase in 7 years. The UTLA teacher's union leaders was paid a total of $1,327,172 in salaries, and $444,309 in OTHER compensation, for a total of $1,771,481 a year! 

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    Los Angeles Unified School District Swindling Teachers out of Salary Increases

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    The Los Angeles Unified School DIstrict Board voted to hire John Deasy to be its Superintendent back in 2011, while having full knowledge that John Deasy had a fake 9-credit PhD. John Deasy resigned in October of 2014, after billions were misappropriated and possibly embezzled.

    When John Deasy was selected to become the school Superintendent, Ramon Cortines had just resigned. Ramon Cortines was on the Board of a school vendor, Scholastic, Inc., and collecting a salary from the school district and Scholastic, Inc, while he was the Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District! He was forced to resign under a conflict of interest. Also, Ramon Cortines has admitted to being gay, and while he was Supeintendent, he was accused of gay-sexually-harrassing a male employee of the School District. The School Board settled the case and paid the sexually harassed man $200,000 and lifetime health benefits. Cortines admitted to sexually harrassing the male employee. 

    Now that John Deasy has resigned, the LAUSD School Board has voted Ramon Cortines to act as intern Superintendent! There should be a record of Ramon Cortines' sexually harrassing an employee, and that charge and settlement should be in his employee file with the Teacher Credentialing Agency.

    It is my opinion that billions have been embezzled under John Deasy and possibly Ramon Cortines, and the School Board does not want a new face to take the Superintendent position, because the embezzlement will be discovered. This is why the School Board reached back to a gay criminal to take the position as Superintendent.


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    The Mind Of A Bronx Teacher

    in Education

    Special guest, and favorite Bill Grundfest, former writer and producer of Mad About You, will join us again as he surely blames all ills of education on teacher's union's, like the UTLA, and teachers of course. Will he still defend the Value Added Assessment of standardized testing? Will he blame the suicide not on the Los Angeles Times, but the United Teachers of Los Angeles? Listen tomorrow and find out,! Call in # is (917) 932-8721

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    The Mind Of A Bronx Teacher

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    The day after interviewing UTLA president AJ Duffy I came across a very interesting gentleman through Twitter, Bill Grundfest, @BillGrundfest. Bill is a former writer for Mad About You, and teaches writing at UCLA, http://www2.uclaextension.edu/writers/instructors.php?recordID=217

    Bill, who has children in the LAUSD, and I got to know one another from such tweets to me like, "@SoBronxSchool Pt 1: Duffy kills ANY reform that doesnt protect EVERY teachers job. NEWS: the schools don't exist to supply teachrs w/jobs," and, "@SoBronxSchool oh, don't get me started on Diane Ravitch, who carries water for the unions and should just go the prom with Duffy" Sure to be interesting Internet radio. The call in # is (917) 932-8721

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    Indie on Air! w/guest Jennifer Sullivan

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    During this episode Classic will interview Austin, TX singer/songwriter Jennifer Sullivan.
    Jennifer taught herself to read music when she was 5 years old. She learned to play easy classical piano music, gospel music, and contemporary pop songs. Her earliest musical influences stem from the legends of Classic Country (Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Shania Twain), Classic Rock (Roy Orbison, Led Zeppelin, ACDC), and Motown (The Supremes, The Temptations, Sam Cooke). The most influential artists Jennifer found independently during her adolescence were Jewel and Sheryl Crow.
    Since then, Jennifer has written well over 50 songs, taken voice lessons, and performed in and around Texas and California. She lives in Austin and is also a student at the University of Texas as an Advertising Major in the College of Communications.
    Her first semester of school, Jennifer studied "The Blues According To Clifford Antone." Cliff greatly influenced her musically and became her first mentor away from home. He introduced Jennifer to the world of blues music, from books, records, videos, and stories that were given to her. Antone introduced her to some of the most beloved local joints in Austin, and even once taught her the blues guitar techniques of BB King. After his death, Jennifer continued to pursue music and began working with Austin Jazz Musicians on stage and in the studio while getting voice training by respected jazz vocalist and educator Suzi Stern.
    She recently returned from the UTLA,
    Semester in Los Angeles program, where she worked as a music marketing intern with Viva La Rock! and studied the Entertainment Industry.
    Jennifer has entrepreneurial ambitions in the music business, but is most passionate about writing and performing music. She currently performs primarily solo singing and playing the guitar and piano, but she is also known to perform with some of Austin's best musicians, and continues to perfect and evolve her craft.