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    Cut The Cable Revolution

    in Sports

    Join Breaking News Journal, UTa1kRadio, CThePower, and SportzAddix as we join together to Cut The Cable Revolution.

    Special guests include:

    Professor White, Breaking News Journal
    Little King, Ball Cards at SportzAddix
    Ron Brown, Detroit Pistons Farm Club (1973 to 1977)
    Lloyd Marcus, Promoter Singer Songwriter
    Ickey Woods, ex-Cincinnati Bengals (Jovante Woods Foundation for Asthma Research
    Kenya Williams, CEO of JazziMI Productions
    Murray T. Bass, CEO of Tools4Learning and Tools4PreSchool
    Nohl Rosen, Breaking News Journal Reporter - Arizona Regions & Creator of Cat Galaxy and Small Business Man of PantherTek

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    Cut the Cable Revolution

    in Entrepreneur

    Cut the Cable

    Humpday Madness

    Join Jerry and Special Guest Ruth White as they talk about "Cut the Cable Revolution" and also Breaking News Journal. 

    Breaking News Journal is a ground breaking network with various hosts that have diverse topics.  Tune in to Breaking News Journet at: http://www.breakingnewsjournal.net/. 

    Also on the show will be Special Guest Ron Brown, Oakland University Basketball Star, Rochester, Michigan

    Tune in to listen or to be part of the show, dial 310-807-5055.



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    Cut The Cable Revolution

    in Entrepreneur

    Join Breaking News Journal, SportzAddix, CThePower, and UTa1kRadio as we join together to Cut The Cable Revolution.

    Special guests include:

    Professor White, Breaking News Journal
    Bradlee Dean, Junkyard Prophets
    Harriet Baldwin
    Diane Burnett, Nevadans on COMMON CORE and activists against COMMON CORE, Invictus Training Center for Karate, Firearm Training and more
    Jocasta Odom, CEO for Sister Circle, Celebrity Life Coach and Producer on Project Red Slipper
    Chanera "CiCi" Cotlage, Humpday Madness at UTa1kRadio

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    Alec Baldwin's Cousin, Harriet Baldwin on Breaking News Journal On Air Radio

    in News

    Long time friend of Breaking News Journal will join us to talk about New Media. Harriet Baldwin ( and yes she is a first cousin of Stpehen and Alec Baldwin) , will be joining us. She is an Activist, Journalist, is hot she has ROKU already so she wil be ready for the Channel when we launch. She's joining the Pre Super Bowl "CUT THE CABLE" REVOLUTION Radio A Thon Friday January 31, 2014. January 31, 2014 to begin official fundraising for Project Red Slipper. www.breakingnewsjournal.net click the red slipper. to get your ROKU, just click on the box net to the red slipper.

    In partnership, Breaking News Journal, SportzAddix and CthePower are coordinating their strengths and their reach to support the "CUT THE CABLE" Revolution, and effort to bring CLEAN, HEALTHY programming to our American families as well as to those abroad.

    January 31

    3:00 pm
    UTa1kRadio (310) 807-5055

    January 31

    6:00 pm
    SportzAddix  (646) 378-1303


    SIX HOURS OF the most pressing issues facing us as parents and grandparents of the next generation; Common Core, public school, home schooling,  corporate media.