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    Paranormal Frequencies - USOs

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    Tune in this week as we discuss the subject of USOs! Are there underwater bases all around us or are we all just paranoid?  Plus, join in on this weeks talk of The Walking Dead!  Listen live this Sunday at 7pm C.

  • "CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke"

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    On tonight's 'LIVE' episode of "CONTACT",  please join Host and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE an Co-Host an Experiencer/Contactee WES ROBERTS welcome back to the programme, metaphysician, author and Full Trance Channeler, SERGE GRANDBOIS (www.lotus-mind.ca).  For thirty-five years, Serge has been channeling the advanced energy gestalt known as "Kris", and is the author of KRIS CHRONICLES - A FIELD GUIDE TO DREAMS ...Discourses on Dreams, Volume 1 (www.authorhouse.com).  Additionally, Serge is Guesting on the show in support of his upcoming appearance at ALIEN COSMIC EXPO (www.aliencosmicexpo.com) which will be happening on JUNE 26, 27 & 28 in Brantford, Ontario - about an hour's drive from Toronto.  GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!  As Sunday's show will be 'LIVE', we will be taking calls in the second half of the programme, and the CONTACT CHAT ROOM will be open and monitored by WES ROBERTS - so call or chat in!



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    "CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke"

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    On this week's 'LIVE' episode of "CONTACT", please join Host and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE, as she and Co-Host and Experiencer/Contactee WES ROBERTS, explore all things UFOlogy-related with the help of renowned, expert guests!  On tonight's show, we are thrilled to welcome back to the programme noted magician, escape artist, expert remote viewer,  Clinician, "OBEnaut" and graduate of both the prestigious Monroe Institute and Gateway Programme, MICHAEL TELSTARR.  Mr. Telstarr is appearing on "CONTACT" in support of his appearance at the upcoming ALIEN COSMIC EXPO (www.aliencosmicexpo.com), taking place in Brantford, Ontario, Canada (a short drive from Toronto) on JUNE 26, 27 & 28.  We'll be LIVE, so be sure to call in to chat with MICHAEL TELSTARR!

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    The Xtreme's Wrestlemania 31 Preview Show With JD and LT

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    This is our Preview show to the biggest Wrestling PPV of the Year..WrestleMania 31..We will run down the matches and give our opinions..We will be joined by Mr. Artie and A special Guest!!!! So don't forget to like us up on Factbook https://www.facebook.com/wxtjpthextreme and follow us on Twitter at @Wxtjp_theXtreme so 5pm est/4pm cst call us up at 805 830 8338..Also the run down of the matches as followed right now.   

    Brock Lesnar(C) vs. Roman Reigns (WWE world heavyweight championship)

    Triple H vs. Sting (Icon vs Icon)

    Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt

    Rusev(C) vs. John Cena (United States Championship)

    Intercontinental championship ladder match

    It looks like the list of names scheduled for this match are now official: Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, R-Truth, Stardust, and Daniel Bryan.

    Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    The second annual "let's get everyone who doesn't have anything better to do on the card" match currently features: The Miz, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Fandango, Adam Rose, Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger, Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Big Show, Kane, Erick Rowan, Damien Mizdow, Sin Cara, Goldust, Heath Slater, Mark Henry.

    Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee & Paige

    Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

    Pre-Show Match Fatal 4 way for Tag Team Championship- Cesaro and Tyson Kidd(c) vs The Usos vs New Day vs Los Matadors

    That is your card for the show! Do you think this will carry 4 hours of fun? Maybe..

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    @GMBSports: WrestleMania 31 Special With Former WWF/ECW Superstar Pablo Marquez

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    Welcome to @GMBSports: WrestleMania 31 Special, starring Brandon Medeiros and Timothy Oliveira. They are young rising stars in the sports world and cut their teeth on other networks, including TSCRN (friends of FSW). So get ready, as they will come all guns blazing in TWO HOURS of action packed sports talk, LIVE every Wednesday night here on BlogTalkRadio! 

    TONIGHT is the moment you have all been waiting for! With under a week remaining until the biggest sports event in all of sports entertainment, WrestleMania 31 is right around the corner. We are privlaged with the honor of being joined by former WWF/ECW Superstar "The Great" Pablo Marquez to breakdown the action! We have EVERYTHING covered on tonight's extravaganza including; breaking down past WrestleMania's and how this present day card racks up against the best of them. Here our the focal points and the majority of matches Brandon and Tim will be dissecting: 

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns

    Sting versus Triple H

    2nd Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

    The Undertaker versus Bray Wyatt

    United States Champion Rusev versus John Cena

    AJ Lee & Paige versus The Bella Twins

    Randy Orton versus Seth Rollins

    WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match




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    New Music Inferno Presents Wrestlemania 31 Roundtable!!!

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    Join us as we sit down once again to chat about WWE and their Super Bowl of wrestling known as Wrestlemania...we will be joined by musicians and fans of the wrestling world...Come share your thoughts on the matches..who will win..who will turn..will Seth Rollins cash in...and so much more...

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    "CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke"

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    On this week’s episode of “CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke”, airing on Sunday, March 15th at 9:00 PM (EDT), Lesley and “CONTACT” Producer, experiencer/contactee and co-host, WES ROBERTS are honoured to welcome  to the programme News Director of ZLand Communications, noted educator, speaker, UFO investigator, Exo-Politician, Co-Host of ZOOMER TV’s “The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett” and key figure in the U.S. and Canadian Disclosure movement, VICTOR VIGGIANI.  In addition to his upcoming appearance at the MODERN KNOWLEDGE DISCLOSURE CONFERENCE in Toronto on April 11, 2015 (www.modernknowledge.com), Mr. Viggiani will also be a featured Speaker at the upcoming ALIEN COSMIC EXPO, taking place on June 26, 27 and 28th in Brantford, Ontario – a short drive from Toronto.  Tickets and further information are available at www.aliencosmicexpo.com.  As this show has been pre-recorded, we will not be able to take Listener calls in the second half of the programme, and the “CONTACT CHAT ROOM” will be not be open throughout the broadcast.



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    CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

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    On this Sunday’s ‘LIVE’ episode of “CONTACT”, airing at 9:00 PM (EST), Host and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is thrilled to welcome back to the programme GRANT CAMERON - noted author, lecturer, UFO Documentarian and Editor of the popular website, The Presidents’ UFO Website (www.presidentialufo.com/).  As always, Lesley will also be joined on the show by Co-Host, “CONTACT” Producer and Experiencer/Contactee, WES ROBERTS.  Grant Cameron is appearing on “Contact” in conjunction with his upcoming appearance at the 2015 ALIEN COSMIC EXPO (www.aliencosmicexpo.com), which is taking place in Brantford, Ontario (1 hour’s drive from Toronto) on JUNE 25, 26 & 27.  In the words of Mr. Cameron, “in the pages of this Web site you will hopefully be led on a journey that will show you the entire known history of how the most powerful man in the world has dealt with the most highly classified secret of the last century. In short, this is the story of how the President and the White House have dealt with the mystery of UFOs”.  Don’t miss this fascinating and illuminating chat!  Grant Cameron will be chatting with callers in the second half of the programme (from 9:30 PM EST), and our new CONTACT CHAT ROOM will be wide open!  Not to be missed! 

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    CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

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    On this coming Sunday evening, February 15th, at 9:00 PM (EST), noted Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke (www.lightworkhypnosis.com) and Co-Host, Experiencer/Contactee and “CONTACT” Producer, WES ROBERTS will welcome back to the programme JASON MARTELL - noted author (Knowledge Apocalypse), lecturer, ancient astronaut theorist and featured commentator of The History Channel’s hit television shows, “Ancient Aliens” and “In Search of Aliens”.  For over eighteen years, Jason Martell has been one of the leading researchers and lecturers who specialize in ancient civilization technologies, and Jason is very excited to be bringing his research and information to the upcoming ALIEN COSMIC EXPO 2015 (June 26, 27 & 28 – BRANTFORD, ONTARIO).   For more about JASON MARTELL, please log on to www.xfacts.com


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    WWE Fast Lane Post-Show LIVE - Follow us @YKIFR

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    Full reaction to the final WWE PPV before Wrestlemania. Who will face Brock Lesnar? Reigns? Bryan? Both? Hear our take and we take all of your phone calls. Hosted by @AnthonyRAlford and @EthanTheBat

    WWE Fast Lane PPV Card:

    -Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan/Winner faces Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania for WWE World Heavyweight Championship

    -Rusev(c) vs. John Cena WWE U.S. Championship

    -Triple H and Sting Faceoff

    -Bad News Barrett(c) vs. Dean Ambrose WWE IC Championship

    -Goldust vs. Stardust

    -Nikki Bella(c) vs. Paige WWE Diva's Championship

    -The Usos(c) vs. Tyson/Cesaro WWE Tag-Team Championship

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    WWE Fastlane 2015 Post-Show Review | PWF Empire Live

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    PWF Empire presents the sixth episode of PWF Empire Live, a spin-off of Pro Wrestling Talk Radio hosted by Brian Joel (Jay) and Charlie Feist, who bring the insightful analysis and witty commentary that served as the cornerstone of their tenure as the two longest-serving hosts of PWTR

    In addition to post-PPV reviews, PWF Empire Live is regularly-scheduled on Wednesdays @ 9 p.m. ET on PWFEmpire.com

    WWE Fastlane 2015 card:

    1. Rusev (c) (with Lana) vs. John Cena - Singles match for the WWE United States Championship
    2. Nikki Bella (c) (with Brie Bella) vs. Paige - Singles match for the WWE Divas Championship
    3. Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan - Singles match; the winner will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 31
    4. Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Dean Ambrose - Singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
    5. The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) (c) (with Naomi) vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (with Natalya) - Tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
    6. Goldust vs. Stardust - Singles match
    7. Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback vs. The Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show) - Six man tag team match


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