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    USOKS Bob Newton Chats With Bruce Fenton

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    Bruce Fenton has been in search of Giants and has presented sites in Ecuador and Georgia that have potential to be Regions where the Giants lived. He has a story to share here in this episode that opens the doors to layers in time that we must have missed in history class. I believe these connections are found in Fairy Tales, Myth and Legend, and we seem to be finding more truth in the latter three than in our history lessons. We cover some very interesting points of view that give insights as to the times of the giants, how they lived and some possibilities that may lead us to understanding them better. 

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    USOKS Bob Newton Chats with Zach Royer

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    Chatting today with A Zack was fun and informative. We covered ground not many do on the big island of Hawaii and places beyond.. Since 2011, Zach Royer has been at the forefront of "exploring the paranormal in paradise", including everything from local hauntings, UFO reports, sightings of the Goddess Pele, debunking hoaxer Thirdphaseofmoon & more. He’s led numerous investigations of locations known or reported to be haunted on the Big Island, including popular resorts, a national park, and an ancient battleground to name a few. Mr. Royer has published two books: "Hawai'i Vortex Field Guide", & "Pyramid Rising: Planetary Acupuncture to Combat Climate Change", both of which are self-published. In 2011 he started Kahuna Research Group, the Big Island's only anomalous (paranormal) research group with the hopes of being able to experience Hawaiian mysterious legends firsthand. In 2014, due to a large number of requests, he created Big Island Ghost Tours as a way for visitors to experience the mystery of Hawai'i Island's paranormal activity, which is growing in popularity. Zach Royer is an ordained minister and the only Certified Leading Paranormal Investigator, or C.L.P.I., in Hawaii.
    {Visit Zack's website}

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    USOKS Chat Anne, Bob & Jan Peter de Jong

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    We are chatting about the Gamarra Theories and Peru... And Connections both ways in the timeline.

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    USOKS Anne Tittensor, Bob Newton Chats with Robert Bauval

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    What started out as a Chat on two subjects ended up being on one. As many know Robert Bauval has been under constant attacks from Zahi Hawass for decades and put Robert on the spot many times. In this episode he tells the tale between Hawass and him. The rise and fall of Zahi's credibility, the corruption within his tenure and corruption in the Egyptian Tourist Trade is brought to light. 
     Robert Bauval is a deep research/investigator that stands his ground. He reminds me of Custer in many ways except for one, when the smoke and bullets cease and vanish, Robert is still Standing. From the UN-Secret Order of the King Snakes point of view. He Walks the Walk and talks the Talk !!!!!

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    USOKS Campfire Chat # {Geeze I forget}

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    As we move forward with USOKS Radio and learning how this is done on our own. We have the luck to have made some friends along the way that share their research with us. As many know the USOKS Campfire Chats follow no charted course and has produced many nuggets of information that has been connected Globally by the Efforts of the USOKS Research Team. 
     That Team didn't come together over night as did this USOKS Radio Program. We have worked hard in making our connections into our deep past and have decided to reach out in a way that the others haven't. As the song goes,,," Let it all hang out". 
     Lets get to the bottom of this Pile of Layers.... 

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    ~~~{USOKS}~~O}:> the Search for Mu Continues With Jack Churchward

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    As many of you know the USOKS have been in the search for the Ancient land of Mu. It seems we have been drawn into the search from different directions. Mine started at the age of 9 when I first read "The Lost Continent of Mu" by Col. Jame Churchward. After years passed, to many to count, I started a search into layers of timeI knew existed but were told they didn't exist. A few years back I was reunited with the Works of James through the efforts of his Great Grandson, Jack E. Churchward and his website, www.My-Mu.com... I haven't stopped in my quest for the connections to this land. Through researching with the USOKS Team we have made connections overlooked by the Mainstream and denied by the Powers that Be... And we have found along the trails many places have been destroyed and erased from the planet. The good side of that coin is "They didn't destroy it all"... Join in and you might find out you hold a piece of Mu within you.
     Tonight we have a return guest and one that will be on our shows some time to come. Jack has done an excellent job in bringing James's work back into the light which in my opinion has proven the Colonel correct in is research presentations. Join us.

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    USOKS, Continued.

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    Going to the finish.

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    ~~{USOKS Radio}~~ Anne Tittensor interviews Steven Myers

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     Steven Myers is an author, lecturer and he is also the founder of the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation. Steven's work has opened the doors for mind expansion and understanding that it Had to be Simpler for the Conventional Construction of the Great Pyramid and its siblings. Steven has presented Theories that "Hold The Water" in the USOKS scope of understanding what is in plain sight. Human existance on this planet has been underestimated and blown out of proportion to the point it is nearly impossible to make sense of the Non-Sense. Steven's Theories happen to be very solid and well researched. Lets step away from the spin doctors that are being called Egyptologist these days and listen to something that has missed the SPIN ZONE !!! Visit his website @; www.thepump.org to find out more and how to purchase his books.


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    USOKS Bob Newton, Steven&Evan Strong with Trina Barnes about Ancient Australia

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    Steve and Evan Strong and Trina Barnes chats about some the deep past in Australia. Which is deeper than we have been told. Trina is a feet on the ground Independent Researcher that has found some unique places in Australia that have implications of a culture in antiquity we are now just beginning to see materialize out of the sands of the Outback. For more info on Trina's finds you can go to www.ancientaustralia.tk and or find her on Facebook. Trina BArnes.

    As you know Steven and Evan Strong have been working hard on the connections to Egypt and beyond with their work in Australia. In the time to come we will produce more information that will solidify the picture of the past history in Australia and its connections to the Ancient Global Connections we once had on this planet.

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    USOKS connecting on the Air.

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    Just a closed group