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    Manchester Derby, Orlando City v Portland, USMNT Roster

    in Soccer

    On the newest episode of the Total Soccer Show...

    0:00 - 3:40 - Recapping our soccer injury history

    3:40 - 16:25 - Manchester Derby Review

    16:25 - 28:31 - Orlando City 2-Portland 0 Review

    28:31 - 37:05 - Discussing the USMNT roster for the upcoming Mexico friendly

    37:05 - Close - New assignments to the TSS scouting network!

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    USMNT U-23 vs Mexico, CONCACAF Champions League Final first leg, new USWNT uniform

    in Soccer

    0:00 - 3:30 UEFA Champions League

    3:30 - 7:40 CONCACAF Champions League Final first leg, Club America vs Montreal Impact

    7:40 - 14:45 USMNT U-23s vs Mexico

    14:45 - 18:40 New USWNT uniform

    18:40 - 36:00 Listener questions: Reserve teams, Nike Academy, Klinsmann's core, quantifying a good soccer game

    36:00 - end TSS scouting network

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    Harry Kane, Wayne Rooney, USMNT vs Switzerland preview, Cristiano Ronaldo to MLS, Minnesota United

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    0:00 - 1:00 Thomas Floyd fundraiser (url: https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/vv87 )

    1:00 - 13:30 Reviewing England's 4-0 win over Lithuania, including Harry Kane's debut and Wayne Rooney closing in on the all-time goalscoring record.

    13:30 - 28:45 Previewing the USMNT vs. Switzerland game.

    28:45 - 45:15 Listener questions including testimonial games, stoppage time, Cristiano Ronaldo to MLS, Minnesota United)

    45:15 - end htpp://www.totalsoccershow.com relaunch and details about monthly subscription options.


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    Very Specific Predictions for MLS 2015, plus USMNT Gold Cup Draw, USWNT Algarve Cup Win

    in Soccer

    0:00 - 41:45 — MLS 2015 predictons. Five predictions each, plus one bonus.

    41:45 - 44:08 — USMNT Gold Cup draw

    44:08 -  46:45 — USWNT win Algarve Cup

    46:45 - end — Future of TSS chat

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    USMNT vs Chile Preview, Sebastian Giovinco, Martin Odegaard

    in Soccer

    (Start - 1:45) FA Cup upsets!

    (1:45 - 23:30) USMNT vs Chile preview (including very specific predictions).

    (23:20 - 31:20) Sebastian Giovinco to Toronto FC and Martin Odegaard to Real Madrid.

    (31:20 - 49:30) Listener questions, including set plays, culture shock in Major League Soccer, supporting smaller teams, and did Clint Dempsey fail in the Premier League?

    (49:30 - 53:11) Weird soccer traditions and superstitions.

    (53:15 - end) Listener donations.

    Send questions to contact@totalsoccershow.com, support the show at http://totalsoccershow.com/support or buy a tee at http://totalsoccershow.com/shop


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    USMNT U-23 vs. Mexico Preview w/ Liviu Bird

    in Soccer

    Daryl is joined by Sports Illustrated contributor Liviu Bird to preview the U-23's game against Mexico.

  • 01:00

    Stoppage Time - The REAL Futbol Show: USMNT- Turkey Friendly, MLS, and More

    in Sports

    Stoppage Time- The Real Futbol Show is a weekly soccer show. On this week's episode, Phil Naegely @PNaegelySTS and a slew of Stoppage Time Soccer.net writers will talk about USMNT, MLS, and other soccer storylines.

    US Men's National team took on Turkey Sunday from Red Bull Arena. The show will break down the send-off friendly to the 2014 World Cup and look ahead to their last friendly in the States.

    Then, the focus of the show will shift to Major League Soccer talk. It was a busy week of action and Stoppage Time- the Real Futbol Show will break it all down.

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    USMNT vs Panama Preview

    in Soccer

    (0:00 - 8:50) Klinsmann comments about the preseason of his MLS players.

    (8:50 - 26:30) USA vs Panama preview, including "things we want to see."

    (26:30 - 29:00 ) Quick notes on other weekend games, including USWNT vs France

    (29:00 - 38:30) Guerilla marketing, t-shirts, Paste Soccer, Arturo Vidal's luxury goods, Totti making mascot's day, 25 quotes from Johan Cruyff, Dean Saunders, Steve Nash, Landon Donovan.

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    The Hex - USMNT v. Honduras

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    Michael &  Wes talk about the the Hex and the USMNT's 2-1 loss to Honduras.

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    USMNT January Camp Roster, Jozy Altidore, Frank Lampard, Leo Messi, Bayern Munich's Bathroom

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    (0:00 - 17:30) Daryl and Taylor each pick the three players they're most excited to see called up for US Men's National Team January camp.

    (17:30 -23:20) Jozy Altidore's possible return to Major League Soccer.

    (23:20 - end) Listener questions, including: What does it mean to play on the break? Is Frank Lampard Schrodinger's footballer? Would Leo Messi fit in Chelsea's system? What is Merseyside? Why Kyle Walker? Is Jordan Morris hindering the USMNT?

    T-shirts are available in the TSS Shop.

    Questions can be sent via this form.

    Also: hello Brandon Anderson! If you can read this, then it worked.



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    The Beautiful Game #5: MLS, USMNT, and World Cup

    in Soccer

    It's the first episode of the new Season at AMDG Radio and at The Beautiful Game and we're at an interesting intersection as we start the new year.

    Sporting Kansas City are MLS Cup Champions, and three of your four hosts were at that game.  We will discuss that game, the coming season, some of the interesting moves, and what we might expect in this season of MLS.

    We'll also spend some time discussing the recent USMNT call-up, the World Cup draw, and Bayern Munich's role atop the Bundesliga: good or bad for the game?  Kartik Krishnaiyer of World Soccer Talk gives us the details!

    Join hosts Stephen Heiner, Ryan Hourigan, and David Avery as we spend some time discussing our favorite sport!.  

    The Beautiful Game is a soccer podcast devoted to educating the newest fans of the world's most popular sport.  We cover the latest news in Major League Soccer, the World Cup, and we often have guests on who discuss other aspects of the international club game, be it the Premier League, Champions League, or the ongoing saga of FIFA.  We believe you can understand where you are and where you are going if you understand where you came from, so we also feature interviews with soccer writers and journalists to give a broader historical perspective to current news.  We will also periodically review rules and regulations so the newer listener can bring a greater context to enjoying our favorite sport.

    The Beautiful Game is a production of the AMDG Radio Network.  All Rights are Reserved.