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    Hot Tub, Swim Spa Thousand Oaks, Ventura | Sauna Sale

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    Hot Tubs, Swim Spas Thousand Oaks, Ventura, CA | http://www.spa-warehouse.com/hot-tubs-ventura or 805-654-9000 Clearance Sale Going on Now! Best Prices on Maax Spas, 91360, 91362, 93003, 93001, 93004

    Top 3 Reasons To Own A Hot Tub

    Aside from feeling incredible, what are the top three most cited reasons to own a hot tub?

    Reduce Stress
    A soothing hot tub is an amazing retreat away from the realities of life that create tension and anxiety. Twenty minutes is all it takes to relieve stress and bring the body and mind into balance.

    Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain
    Heat relieves all kinds of pain from chronic arthritis and low back pain to temporary, stiff muscles and joints from overuse or injury. Sit back and let the soothing sensation of heat, massage and buoyancy eliminate pain and discomfort.

    Families, single professionals and retirees alike rave about hot tub ownership and its ability to create memorable experiences with friends and family. With year round use, the right hot tub is the solution to all kinds of amazing memories.

    For more information, pick up a copy of our free Hot Tub buyer’s guide…“Insider Secrets to Choosing The Best Hot Tub." Just visit our website at http://www.spa-warehouse.com/hot-tubs-ventura.

    Spa Warehouse
    6019 Olivas Park Drive
    Ventura, CA 93003

    Hot Tub Thousand Oaks
    Swim Spa Ventura


  • The Spa Show

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    On this show, we will take care of our minds, bodies and souls by giving ourselves a special spa day to rest, relax and nurture ourselves from the inside out! So, join me for this special show t

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    What I Used To Be

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    Ephesians 2-11-19 King James Version

    Amessage of hope for the lost,although Paul preached this message many years ago, it is still just as important today,The only hope for mankind is Jesus Christ, his death on the cross his blood shed for the remiison of sin, can change a heart of stone to a heart of love,and you will never be what you used to be.

    Isaiah 30:21 You ears  shall hear a word behind you,saying;This is the way walk in it,Whenever you turn to the right hand Or whenever you turn to the left.




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    Hot Tubs Athens, TX | Henderson Spa Dealer

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    Hot Tubs Henderson, Athens TX Visit http://www.ILoveMySpa.com 903-238-8021 Athens Swim Spas and Sauna Dealer TX Best Prices on New, Used Portable Spas

    Explore Inner Health And Wellness: Imagine A Hot Tub At Home
    Three ways to explore inner health and well-being with a hot tub at home.

    Well-Deserved Pampering 
    When stress release and rejuvenation are priority one, forget about the costly spa weekend. With ease of use, convenience and any time access, a hot tub at home is the solution to much needed relaxation. 

    On-Demand Relief from Aches and Pains
    Massage therapy is a proven technique for relieving all kinds of pain. With on-demand relief, a soothing hot tub at home makes life more enjoyable.

    An At-Home Spa Retreat
    Spend quality time with the family, start a Sunday night game night or just plan a quiet night at home for you and a significant other. 

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of this free buyer’s guide “5 Hot Tub Buying Myths Revealed” Just visit the company website at http://www.ILoveMySpa.com

    414 W Loop 281 #1
    Longview, TX 75605

    4428 Old Jacksonville Hwy
    Tyler, TX 75703


    Hot Tub Athens TX
    Hot Tubs Henderson TX

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    Allergy Relief Rejuvenations Salt Spa

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    What's Up #Diamonds!

    Welcome to another episode of my show and thank you for lending me your ears on another Monday evening. #appreciated

    With so many people looking for healthy solutions from everything to organic meats and vegetables to natural remedies for cold, flu's and allergies. My guest Monday is a business owner with a not so new solution for some of these ailments, it's something that's been around for years but is now popping up in salons with a whole new chique way of using this natural mineral. It's salt! And local salt spa owner Deborah Piper of Rejuvenations Salt Spa knows how to work it so you can get the results your body needs. Just think allergy relief without chemicals, drowsiness, or needles. I am a personal witness to this treatment folks and I'll tell you all about on the show Monday 7pm EST, so sit back relax and let Deborah tell you all about this amazing all natural treatment. Feel free to call-in and ask questions the phone lines are always open.

    Well its a new month and a new monthly calendar has been uploaded to the website make sure you stop by and check out the updates. I will also be introducing a new music artist who has a style similar to Simon and Garfunkel, I remember the movie Mrs. Robinson even though it wasn't until later I understood what the movie was about..#naughty.  He's not singing that song but his style is very similar and I enjoy bringing you something different on my #nomusicgenre show, so I hope you join me and my guest.


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    Hot Tub Minneapolis | Swim Spa Dealer, MN, Clearance Sale

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    Minneapolis Hot Tub Sale Visit http://hotspringgreen.com 651-731-9745 Stop by our Plymouth or Woodbury, MN Stores to See Our Sale on New, Used Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, 55423, 55443, 55407

    How Does A Hot Tub Help Control Diabetes?
    Here’s some information about hot tub use that every diabetic should know.

    Hot Tub Therapy May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels
    Immersion in hot water raises core body temperature, which increases blood flow, making it easier for the body to deliver nutrient rich blood to the muscles. Improved blood to the skeletal muscles means the body can more effectively use insulin.

    Soaking in a Hot Tub Simulates the Effects of Exercise
    The body responds to elevated heat by increasing heart rate and dilating blood vessels. It’s an easy, convenient way to reap the benefits of cardiovascular exercise for those who cannot exercise.

    Improved Sleep
    Improving sleep is a first step in more effectively managing diabetes, for a healthier, happier you. A soothing, calm environment relaxes muscles and eases tension which can then help you drift off to sleep naturally.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of our free hot tub buyer’s guide, “7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub” Just give us a call at 763-450-5310 or visit our website at http://hotspringgreen.com.

    Hot Spring Spas of Woodbury
    650 Commerce Dr Suite 150
    Woodbury, MN 55125

    Hot Spring Spas of Plymouth
    14100 21st Ave N, Suite B
    Plymouth, MN 55447

    Hot Tub Minneapolis

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    When Do You Need a Day at the 'Light Spa'?

    in Self Help

    Are you hitting your wall physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually? Are you worn down, depressed, and seeing life through a dark lens? Maybe you need a day at the Light Spa so you can recharge your LIGHT! Join Robert as he teaches you how to recognize 'light depletion' and teaches you how to recharge yourself via many proven methods he uses! To speak to Robert dial 818.495.6927!!

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    Sprayology with Ellie Whalen

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    Homeopathy was created over 200 years ago. Today homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world. Traditional or conventional medicine (most common in the US) is fourth worldwide. However, in the US, until recently, homeopathy had remained relatively unknown and often thought of as alternative. Sprayology was founded to change that and to bring natural and effective options for daily vibrant health to mainstream America and beyond. The world has changed and it is important to think back 10 years to see these changes. Ten years ago prescription medicines marketed on TV were not required to disclose potential side effects, stress was not commonly accepted as a health risk, retreating to a spa was considered just a luxury and not preventative and natural products could only be found in health food retail locations. Today's consumer needs have changed all of this, and at Sprayology we are doing our part to help guide wellness in a sensible and healthy direction.

    Sprayology was founded over ten years ago because of the needs of its founders who were dealing with physical disillusionment, aging, illness and a lack of natural options to help them live better. Founding sisters Patti Connell and Ellie Whalen believed at the core they were healthy, but were both taking multiple conventional medicines daily to deal with asthma, fatigue and stress.  These experiences and their desire to modernize homeopathy led to the foundation of Sprayology.

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    IG= @thefundraiser_trfn

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    Know Your Mouth with dentist Dr. Lynett Jones-Dove DDS & Associates Tooth Spa

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     Dr. Lynette Jones-Dove of L. Jones-Dove DDS & Associates Tooth Spa, Full Service Dental Office with a Dedicated Professional Teeth Whitening and Cleaning Service. Has VIP membership for $2K annually plus services rendered.

    Please support by giving Likes at https://www.facebook.com/CollegeParkDentalCenter/?fref=ts




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    How banks used Mortgage Margin and Index

    in Real Estate

    We will talk pn how bsnk used and get there margin and index to gorm your mortgage rates....