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    God With Us in the Mist of Trouble

    in Christianity

    This is a reminder that when we are at the point of feeling so much pain and hurt that no one cares to hear our crys to help us God is there.  WE must not forget in our pain to look to the one who created our life to be good and He will not abandon us to the evil one.  WE must look to the one who is unseen and the unvisible. Look to the POWER of God and we shall be saved.

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    Pasadena Pride Center

    in Entertainment

    QTalk Radio is an LGBTQ radio station. We are also the creators of the LGBT Hero Awards.


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    Host | Xavier Mejia

    Guest | Aaron Saenz

    Joining me on this episode is the board president of the Pasadena Pride Center, Aaron Saenz. The Pasadena Pride Center serves the greater San Gabriel Valley, here in Southern California. 




    To play your music on our station email: xm.lgbtheroawards@gmail.com


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    People Serving People Ministries - Kingdom Outreach

    in Religion

    In order for us to be one, as the answer to Jesus’ prayer, we must make UNITY IN HIM our top priority.  Then and only then can we be TRUE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD that has been restored to earth by JESUS.  Right now, the manifestation is coming through submitted sons who KNOW HIS VOICE and are teachable instead of self-centered children, unable to HEAR HIS VOICE making them powerless to obey HIS LIVING WORD!In order for us to be one, as the answer to Jesus’ prayer, we must make UNITY IN HIM our top priority. 

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    So what is a Christian? Are you sure you're one? Let's Discuss.

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    There are a lot of people out here calling themselves Christian but I often wonder do they really know what that means. Jesus said to become one of his disciples we must pick up our cross and follow him. That means dying to yourself and living for Him. How can you really follow someone you do not know? Or you do not have a personal relationship with or you do not fully understand. I mean do we follow because our parent raised us to do so, or it’s the politically correct thing to do? Where's your Gethsemane? I will go over these things on todays show. 

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    @TopstarhiphopRa Top 20 Weekly Hits w/ @Bvhks @mackdrama1017 @bizeeee

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    Weekly countdown of music tha comes from sources such as @Topstarhiphop web portal. Also from music submitted for rotaion on TopStarHipHop Radio programs. Now you have a olace where you can be seen, heard and circulated to a vast audience that is comrised of all parts of the world. If music makes the world go round; then we Mos Def make it Pop! Feel free to tune in and/or call in and let us know you support us & that your listening. Top Star Hip Hop is a registred @tm of 1017BSM/OGMackDrama #MafiaGang #FreeGuwop

    Call 347-633-9588 press 1 to talk!

    OG Mack Drama productions All Rights Reserved

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    This Saturday on "The Stoop" Do dating sites work?

    in Radio

    This Saturday on "The Stoop" we are talking all bout dating sites and do they work? Is online dating considered the new going out? Do people prefer online dating to the "Traditional" way of dating? What sites do you think are the most successful? I have too be honest i've been on most if not all of them and haven't even been remotely close to aything worth while. I believe that dating sites are just another legal hustle that's been created too get folks and low and behold, It's Getting Them!!! Me included. Have dating sites changed how we approach each other out in the real world? Let us know how you feel 607-203-5357

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    Dick pic showdown in a fart free utopia

    in Entertainment

    Usher vs The Game in dick pic battle. We breakdown this story and will fave a preshow video on Facebook along with pics posted after the show please like your favorite one. (Warning these are not your typical pics as we do them our way)

    Million Dollar penis and who is the proud owner? 

    Dumb Ass of the week

    Fart Free Utopia is that even possible?

    Stop the revenge

    Who gets punched out for looking like someone else? 

    Please call in and be part of the show, we welcome all feedback from positive,negative, maybe you hate everything we say or do let us know or join in on the weekly topics or just say hello. 

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    The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling

    in Religion

    Spirit of Truth Ministry presents The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling. The challenge of this program is to be able to set aside what you already believe to be TRUE in order to find out if it is indeed true, when placed up against the gold standard of TRUTH, the words and teachings of Jesus that He gave to His own eyewitness disciples while He was here on earth. There are many imposters that say that they have come in the name of Jesus but who are teaching lies as if they are truth, without accountability (faith). Here you will find the narrow path to truth, because the words of Jesus do not lie, as long as they are really His words. Join us for a challenging study into Truth, Prophecy, Justice, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

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    Gary Hunt joins us Saturday

    in Education

    Writer for Outpost of Freedom, Gary Hunt is for specie base dollars, restricting usuary, ending the federal reserve and returning to a free market economy.

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    Relationship Remedies Dr. Linda is Dropping Relationship Knowledge

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome to another episode of Relationship Remedies with Dr. Linda Wiley.  Dr. Linda is gonna drop some wisdom on the relationship front.  It doesn't matter with whom you are in a relationship with Dr. Linda will enhance your knowledge of how to make it a better experience.  Join us to learn how to better your relationship skills.

    Today's topic is Workplace Relationships: how far should they go.

    (347) 637-2319

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    As we near the Annual Walk to End Lupus event in New York on May 14, 2016, we take a hard look at what LUPUS is, how you get it, and who gets it.  This debilitating disease effects abou 90% more women than men. Therefore, it is important for us as women to learn as much as we can about it and join the fight to find a cure.  

    Our host(s) share why they beleive every woman has a personal stake in helping to eradicate this crippling disease. Join Marilyn and Sonja as they speak on "Understanding LUPUS"  today at 9:30am(pdt)/12:30pm(edt) right here on blogtalkradio.com/wisewomeninspired. 

    As always this half (1/2) hour is going to be just like sitting down with your girlfriends over a cup of your favorite beverage for a little "girl chat".  So grab your cup, call your girls and get ready to be a part of the CONVERSATION.  

    We would love to invite you to our "If the DREAM is Big Enough" conference in October.  So push the pink button right here on blogtalkradio.com/wisewomeninspired to follow us and get timely updates about WISE.  You can also follow us on Twitter @WISE91605952, "like" our FB page @WISE Women Inspired Sisters Empowered send us an email at wisewomenofpower@gmail.com.  Be sure to visit our website at WISEWOMENOFPOWER.ORG to learn more about us and get up to the minute information about everything WISE.