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    The Unsung Goddess featuring Laura Fredrickson

    in Spirituality

    The Unsung Goddess presents, Laura Fredrickson. A Fulfillionaire Specialist and Founder of PRICELESS – an elite coaching & consulting organization, whose global mission is to promote Self Worth Beyond Net Worth. 

    Laura’s path to discovering the true essence of freedom and what is priceless in her life began when her financially stressed parents committed suicide together. In her own form of rebellion, Laura became obsessed with conquering money. She made millions…then lost every cent. Severely confused and depressed she too began to spiral towards suicide. And then she “woke up”…Laura is noted for her innate ability to support the realization of our deepest purpose and the activation of our highest potential.

    The intense and dramatic experience of the loss of both of Laura’s parents over money, as well as the deeply painful experiences she faced personally due to her mis-alignment with her life and misguided approach to her life, have afforded her a heart wisdom and teaching that is unparalleled. With her laser focus and direct communication skills, Laura promotes clarity, authenticity, integrity, alignment, Self-mastery and sovereignty for those that are ready to reach a new paradigm of success.Our greatest collective experience will be realized through personal empowerment, abiding our passions, aligning with Universal flow and remembering our birthright of experiencing ease, joy, love and abundance. This is the essence of Laura’s reminders and the foundational principles of PRICELESS.

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    The Unsung Goddess Love and Healing Puja

    in Spirituality

    Join us for a Sacred Celebration in honor of The Unsung Goddess's 2 year Anniversary.

    Heidi will be joined by a powerful group of Awakened Soul Family, all have been guests on the show and have discovered their Soul's Purpose through their own Spiritual Journey and have stepped into their Divine Appointments to help with The Great Shift of the Ages, as humanity is going through an incredible Transformation and Ascension in Conscious Evolution.

    This evening features Shaman, Isabella Leigh Stoloff . Mompreneur, Christine Hiebel. Luminary Artist, Sofia Dabalsa. Joyful Living Mentor, Michelle Mullady. Spiritual Connector, Fatima Lemus. Spiritual Life Coach, Leti Stiles. Master Teacher, Dr. Deborah McGill. Intuitive Healer and Medium, Ju'Light Awoken To Oneness. Spiritually Inspired Visionary, Jane Gehr. Spiritual Life Coach, Heather Powers. Spiritual Living Practitioner, Jason Michael Henson. Divine Co-Creator, Michelle Anderson. New Earth Creatix, Eunjung Choi.

    The Unsung Goddess radio show is a platform to celebrate those who are showing up in the world in the most authentic and powerfully Divine ways. So come celebrate with us as each guest will offer a special devotion, prayer or intentions that will be placed into a Virtual Love Vortex and released as an offering of Divine Radiant Love to the world and beyond.



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    The Unsung Goddess...The End of My Phoenix Rising

    in Spirituality

    Join me tonight as I am interviewd by Spiritual Psychologist Dr. Deborah McGill. I emerged as The Unsung Goddess in March of 2012, a very auspicious time where I was asking my inner Goddess to reveal the Great I AM! A time I was ready to reflect on my life and authentically and compassionately take the inner journey through self discovery.

    Since then, as I celebrated others who were on the Journey as well, I have learned and gained so much Wisdom and Knowledge and have Integrated much of my fragmented and compartmetalized self into the ONE.

    This will be the last interview as I am ready to take a hiatus to rebirth this project from this new perspective that I have come to know. I want to thank EVERYONE who has supported me and loved me through this beautiful journey. I want to give deep bows of gratitude to EVERY ONE of my courageous and empowering guests for sharing their hearts and their truths. I am truly inspired by all of you. The world is a better place because you are here. I LOVE YOU!

    In Lak'ech A"la K'in, Namaste, LOVE in Action!!

    "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." ~ Margaret Mead



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    The Unsung Goddess presents Michelle Mullady

    in Spirituality

    Join Life Concierge, Heidi Woolard as she features Goddess of the Week, MICHELLE MULLADY, Joyful Living Mentor, Master Energy Intuitive, Spiritual Guide, Author, and Transformational Healing Workshop Leader. Michelle specializes in clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and spirit realm communication. She is able to elevate the frequency of emotional, mental and physical bodies. She is here to help you heal from the past so that you can live vibrantly in the present moment. She is here to teach you how to reconnect with and use your intuitive sixth sense as a guiding force in your personal world. It is her passion to help you discover and fall in love with your brilliant and authentic inner self. Through a co-creation mentoring process with her clients Michelle guides each unique individual to enhance every area of their life ~ relationships, health, finances, intimacy, Soul Purpose, and spiritual growth - while living one day at a time in a busy world.

    Her  knowledge is based on her own real life story and experiences of spiritual awakening and deep healing over the past twenty years. She is able to help you because she has done the “work” herself, and continues to do so every day.

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    The Unsung Goddess with Heidi Woolard

    in Women

    Join Heidi Woolard, Life Concierge, as she begins a transformational journey of discovering the many Unsung Goddeses of this world. In Episode #4, you will continue to discover Heidi's Inner Goddess as she shares more about the Emerging of the The Unsung Goddess Project. She will also be taking callers questions and comments LIVE on the air so be sure to dial in so you can join her 347-324-3997. Come experience an awakening of divine feminine energy that is growing out of pure LOVE. "I have set FREE the Goddess in ME!!!"

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    The Unsung Goddess presents Eunjung Choi

    in Spirituality

    Please join The Unsung Goddess as she welcomes her Goddess of the Week, Eunjung Choi to the show!!  As a conscious channel of higher dimensional energies, Eunjung has been assisting people in the past decade to awaken to their multi-dimensional realities and enable them to reclaim their creative power. She is passionate about helping people clear limiting beliefs and obstructing energies, transform challenges into opportunities and blessings and ultimately make right choices to live the most joyful, loving, abundant and exhilarating life available to them. She incorporates Language of Light and powerful and unique guided meditation/activations in her sessions and workshops to awaken people's sacred soul memory and activate their divine blue print. Together with her beloved Yves Nager, Eunjung also has traveled and led journeys to the world’s sacred sites to work with the earth energy lines and grids to weave frequencies of love, peace and joy for the new earth and fulfill their soul destiny as planetary peace ambassadors and heart activists. More info on Eunjung and her meditations and sacred journeys are found at her website:

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    The Unsung Goddess featuring Cora Flora

    in Spirituality

    Join Life Concierge Heidi Woolard as she welcomes the Goddess of the Week....Cora Flora.
    It is a special honor to have Cora join the sacred space of The Unsung Goddess. We met just yesterday at the Integratron Sleep Over Event in Landers, CA. We both were there for the amazing experience with the Awakening Code Radio group for an evening of Geometric Frequency and Tones by Eric Rankin, Chakra Bowl and Gong Sound Baths as well as watching the end of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Who would have known that this Kindred Spirit and I would connect our Goddess energy in such a perfect and Divine synchronice way!!
    Cora is an inspired co-creator of LOVE which she connects her beautiful healing energy through her soulful creativity and music talent. Come and meet this living angel and hear her story of awakening and her journey of finding the path of JOY, PURPOSE and ONENESS!! 
    Looking forward to an AUMazing evening of story telling through the heart of a the Goddess of Music!!

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    The Unsung Goddess presents Leti Stiles

    in Spirituality

    Leti is a multi-faceted renaissance woman with a passion to help others live with joy, compassion and love. As an artist and alchemist, she believes we all have unique talents waiting to be expressed and share with the world. Her journey into deep inquiry started at a young age, her intense curiosity lead her to study dreams, spirituality, creativity, psychology, sexuality and radical self-expression. 

    In her early 20’s she went into a deeper examination of personal power and what it meant to be a woman in the new world of equality of the sexes. After, attending her first human potential seminar “LifeSpring” while in college, Leti opened to a new worldview of self-empowerment and personal freedom.  This fueled a life long undoing and healing of her cultural up bringing, familial patterns and early sexual experiences.  This brought her to an inner dialogue  and exploration of her authentic spiritual self.  Through art, spirituality, shamanism and extensive studies of Taoist & Tantric practices Leti experienced a new sovereignty and a deep desire to be of service, and work with others.  Her healing quest in LifeSpring was followed by an intense period of healing the experience of being human, peeling through the layers of ego, social, cultural distortions and limiting beliefs.  Along with formal studies, she has ventured into walking the razor's edge of experience to reach a personal and spiritual renaissance. Through art, spirituality, shamanism and extensive studies of Taoist & Tantric practices Leti experienced a new sovereignty and a deep desire to be of service, and work with others.  



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    The Unsung Goddess featuring Heidi Woolard

    in Spirituality

    Join Life and Health Concierge, Heidi Woolard as she discusses The Transformational Journey through the end of 2012. Do you have a plan for the next 54 days leading up to 2013....Lets talk about about The Unsung Goddess 90 Day Challenge toward a deeper and more meaningful life Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Financially!!
    See you tonight!

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    The Unsung Goddess featuring Valerie Elster

    in Spirituality

    Valerie Elster is an Energy Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Field Visionary. Since 2004, she has shared her expertise in the areas of metaphysics, the healing arts, energy medicine, the Akashic Records and Gem/Flower Essences to inspire thousands of people to step into their divineness and raise the consciousness of humanity.

    She facilitates multi-dimensional healing sessions in person, by phone or long distance/remote.

    Passionate about people, cultures, spirituality, health, healing & music Valerie was raised on carrot juice, vitamins & attended a children’s EST program at 10. But after a successful career in the Internet industry, she felt financially abundant but spiritually bankrupt and wondered…now what?

    Several years later, a Reiki class launched her on a personal healing journey earning her Reiki Master Teacher credentials in 2004 followed by certifications in Akashic Field Therapy, Matrix Energetics & Flower/Gem Essences.

    2012 was an explosive and life-changing year for Valerie as she embarked on a major expansion and journey into anchoring the Gaia Grids, downloading Atlantean codes, communing with the Galactic Council, and received guidance from many Ascended Masters and Goddesses. 

    She is in process of co-creating a new Human Operation System (HOS) and is launching a non profit called EarthXchange. 

    Keep up to date with Valerie on FB (https://www.facebook.com/coachvalerieelster) or visit her web site www.ValerieElster.com

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    The Unsung Goddess Returns REPLAY

    in Spirituality

    Join Heidi Woolard, Life Concierge, as she begins a transformational journey of discovering the many Unsung Goddeses of this world. This episode is the beginning of an awakening of divine feminine energy that is growing out of pure LOVE. Discover Heidi's Inner Goddess as she shares more about the Emerging of the The Unsung Goddess Project and discusses the importance of forgiveness in order to grow spiritually and increase and connect with our higher consciousness and awareness.