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    Emily Lindin - The Unslut Project

    in Education

    Our President and Founder Fabianna Pergolizzi will be interviewing Emily Lindin, the founder of The Unslut Project one of Project Anti-Bully's newest partners!
    The UnSlut Project aims to draw attention to the dangerous trend of sexual bullying or "slut shaming" in our schools, communities, media, and culture. Founder Emily Lindin, who was sexually bullied as a preteen, launched the project by publishing her own middle school diary entries at www.unslutproject.com. Other women are encouraged to share their stories and perspectives as well, both to demonstrate the importance and extent of this issue and to offer hope to girls who are currently suffering. 
    Emily, now a Harvard graduate, PhD candidate, and freelance writer, is quite happy and fulfilled in all aspects of her life. She hopes to spread the message to as many girls as possible that they, too, can overcome sexual bullying and go on to lead successful lives. It is up to all of us to reshape our society to support them.
    Facebook  @unslutproject
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