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    Is American Food Safe For Consumers?

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    Foodborne illnesses kill roughly 5,000 people every year and sicken another 300,000 severely enough to require hospitalization, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many of the laws that shape the government's powers to respond to food threats date back to the early 1900s, spurring some to ask whether new regulations or a new agency focused exclusively on food safety is needed. Many people are surprised to learn that FDA cannot force product recalls or shut down facilities with violations. Graphic reports of unsanitary conditions at two egg production facilities involved in a nationwide salmonella outbreak were frightening. Salmonella enteritidis, can originate inside of an egg since the ovaries of a hen can be contaminated by the bacteria, passing the contaminant along to the whites and yoke of an egg as well as outside the shell. The birds themselves aren't sick and produce eggs that look clean. Rodents in food packaging and distribution facilities are the most common source of salmonella contamination.

    The Food and Drug Administration proposed early in April, 2016 to limit inorganic arsenic in infant rice cereal, saying that this common starter food is a leading source of exposure to the toxin. Infants are particularly vulnerable to arsenic in rice because, relative to body weight, they eat about three times more rice than adults. It is known that arsenic exposure is related not only to diminished intellectual function early in life, but also to adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as stillbirth.

    A bill to update the nation's antiquated food safety regulatory powers has been passed by the House of Representatives and is awaiting Senate consideration. There is a “disconnect” between the different “watch-dog agencies” as illustrated by the lack of communication among officials who visited the egg facilities.

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    sIgNoThEtImEs w Free Alabama Movement, Siddique Hasan & Brothers of the Sun

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    Tonight FRIDAY MARCH 25, 2016 at 6PM EASTERN TIME on Sign o the Times Blogtalk Radio we are continuing our conversation on the Free Alabama Movement & the National Freedom Movements in Ohio Alabama Mississippi New Jersey California and Virginia Do you have a Freedom Movement in your state? If not, listen in to find out how you may start one. "The only way for slavery to end, is for the slaves to refuse to continue to be enslaved." Cruel and Unusual punishment is the order of the day at many state and federally run institutions, companies are generating millions and millions of dollars from the free labor and warehousing of inmates. Many have medical conditions that are being denied or not addressed, and the overall living conditions are inhumane, unsanitary and overcrowded. Brother Siddique Hasan will also be calling in from the Lucasville 5.  Please chime in, especially if you have a Confined Citizen as a loved one. United we stand! The number to dial in is 917-889-8059. Please press 1 to make a comment or to ask a question. See you soon! QT

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    “The uprising at Holman prison in Atmore Alabama continues, despite prison being on lockdown status. Seventy prisoners have barricaded themselves in a part of the prison early this morning, just two days after the Correctional Emergency Response Teams (CERT) regained control of the prison after a riot involving hundreds of prisoners on Friday night.
    An anonymous prisoner describing himself as a mediator who hopes to quell the riot says that prisoners are fed up with unsanitary and inhumane living conditions and double occupancy overcrowding. Alabama’s prison system is dysfunctional and has been the subject of controversy for years leading up to these chain of events. Please join us tonight as we get an update from the Free Alabama Movement. You can be a part of the solution. Call in 917-889-8059 @ 6pm Eastern Time.

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    Animal Hoarding: Signs, Causes, and Solutions

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    When it comes to hoarding, what comes to mind for most of us, are the documentary shows, showing people with severely cluttered homes, piled high with clothing, papers, and a myriad of other items most people would consider, junk.  But were you also aware that there is a such thing as animal hoarding?  In this unfortunate situation, the former mentioned circumstances can still exist, but in addition to those, there are animals involved.  Many times, there are dozens of animals living in unsanitary conditions with lack of proper medical care and insufficient food and fresh water.  How do these situations arise?  Are the signs always obvious?  What can we do to help the humans and animals caught up in these situations?  Be sure to join hosts J and D, Saturday, November 21st as they tackle these questions and more on The Missy Show.

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    Christina Fast -A STERILE Approach to Health Care in West Africa

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    Please join host Frankie Picasso this Thursday, August 13th at 1:00 pm EDT on The Good Radio Network when she is joined by her guest, Christina Fast,  an incredible young Canadian woman who founded SPECTrust, ‘Sterile Processing Education Charitable Trust’). The trust  which that was established to support education related to effective sterile processing and infection control practices in hospitals and clinics in developing countries such as Guinea, Sierra Leone, Congo and Madagascar.

    Christina first went to West Africa in 2011 when she volunteered to be an OR Sterilizer for Mercy Ships Canada. While on board, she was able to teach to some crew as a well as local staff  the International course on Sterilization that she was currently delivering in Calgary.

    Curious about the local hospital, Christina asked these nurses if they would take her to visit the local hospital to view their sterilization setup. She almost wished she hadn’t. ‘

    Not only were their sterilization techniques unsanitary, “They had a few drum sterilizers that had been broken for an unknown length of time.” says Christina, but the infection rates post surgery were like 90% compared to the hospital where Christina worked was 0.03% surgically related infection rate.

    Touring that hospital, Christina realized at that moment that she hadn't been called to Africa to serve onboard, but to be a voice for this unseen and so crucially important area of the hospitals.”

    Since that visit, Christina has developed more training, and continues to volunteer sterilization techniques in collaboration with the African Mercy.

    Through a government grant, Christina has been able to purchase Pressure Cookers that she brings to hospitals and medical centres throughout West Africa in an attempt to increase the sterility of their instruments.

    Stay tuned to hear her story.

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    Earth Day @ The United Nations NYC

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    Welcome to A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com

    My name is Tammi Joyner

    I am your Host for the Show

    I am Live from the Raul Wallenberg Monument at 1st Ave and 47th Street, five black columns

     Off to the side, is a bronze replica of Raoul Wallenberg's attaché case, left behind and filled with documents pertaining to his mission.

    I am here in part to Celebrate Earth Day 2015!

    Today is April 26, 2015

    I am doing a walking around on the United Nations Campus NYC

    Key Points:

    Global Efforts

    -Preserving National Resources

    -Enforcing Environmental Law

    -Producing Ethical Environmentalist

    -Appreciation for conveying Environmental Values

    National Efforts:

    -Stop Air Pollution

    -Stop Water Pollution

    -Control Unsanitary Conditions that are dangerous or detrimental to life or health

    Effort at ATP



    -Beach Combing - Picking Up Debris

    -Events at School







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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---Beethoven's Eroica Symphony--Beethoven Sym no. 5

    Anti Saloon League formed in Washington fore runner to Prohibition

    Neo born?  First political leader to start redevelopment  by burning rome

    PUBLIC CORRUPTION WATCH-THE NARY CURSE-Terrance Hallinan District Attorney was involved in the homosexual railroading of an 18 hetrosexual male rape victim.  California State Bar suspends Hallinan's law license

    Other Corrupt California Lawyer involved in this male rape case coverup--John Farrell( Fish Richardson law firm) Peter Cling (Assistant D. A. Fraudster) Section 8 recipient

    COSTCO WAREHOUSE STORES NORTHERN CALIFORNIA--Unsanitary Pizza preparation handling expose!

    Costco President Jelenik notified by letter & Video documentation--no response

    Corrupt California Legislator responsible for gloveless preparation of food sold to the public


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    Pet Radio- Headlines: Small Town Municipal Animal Shelter Raided by State Health

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    Helmetta is a very small town in New Jersey. In 2011, under the direction of the Mayor, an animal shelter was built to not only take in strays and abused animals from the township, but for a fee they offered their services to 10 other surroundig town. From the shelters begining it ws plagued by complaints of unsanitary and unhealthy conditions, animals being euthanized without evr being put up for adoption, adopting out animals without being vetted, spayed or neutered, and even adopting out sick and pregnant dogs and cats. The New Jersey SPCA apparently agreed and issued citations against the shelter six times.Still nothing happened and as the years went by, it apparently only became worse... until a local news station did  series of reports and the sheltrs own vet. went on camera to blow the wistle. In November the NJ health department and the NJ SPCA raided the shelter nd closed it down for health code violations amd the town council turned the shelter over to the SPCA for temporary administration. According to sources the SPCA found the conditions and health of the animals even worse than what they feared. And this bizzare story continues with some questioning the Mayor's role in this.

    Two people involved in this case are joining us. First Martin Mondoker, a local activist will share with us this whole story from his standpoint, and  Michelle Dawn with Homeless Animal Lifeline, a rescue who was allowed to pull cats from the shelter and witnessed first hand the conditions inside the shelter.

    Join us to hear how a few dedicated people refused to have their voice ignored and made a difference.

    Please visit our web site and Facebook page


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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---Public Policy Question of Credibility--"Are newpaper political endorsements credible?"

    ***Do you voters know who does the endorsement?  

    ***What if any experience and qualifications do these newpaper political endorser have?   How many of these endorserors make political campaign contributions to their candidates and ballot propositions?

    RELEVANCE OF California Proposition 46--Should Doctors-Nurses and other medical personnel be drug tested --Police-Fire-Air Line pilots-Industry employees are all drug tested

    This proposition is also related to Workerman's Comp Doctors who lowball settlement and compensation in industrial injury cases









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    Pet Peeves: Ooh That Irks my NERVES!!!

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    Tune in Monday Night  (8/26/2013)@ 11 PM EST for>>>>>"Pet Peeves: Ooh That Irks My Nerves"<<<< On Deep, Dark, n Dirty. Join us  in the Chatroom @ www.blogtalkradio.com/knowurenemy.
    What are some of your pet peeves? Do you dislike when people do unsanitary things? Do you know people who are lazy and expect everyone else to clean up their mess? Do you know people that want you to support what they do but they never do anything to support what you do? Or do you know some people that are just so boring or everytime they talk to you its always about drama and you just want to mute them or not even talk to them? Then JOIN US  on the show and let's talk about it.