• Patriots Unite: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

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    If you love this Great Country, hopefully you will take the time to tune into this very special broadcast this Sunday, January 4th at 7pmCST.  Many of you would have gotten involved in the Patriot Movement sooner had it not been for a very limited exposure to others' points of view.  Keeping patriot groups splintered has been an extremely effective tool of the elite for decades and, so, the purpose of this show will be to effectively 'connect the dots' of this movement.

    We, as Americans, complain about things that are mere SYMPTOMS of an unaddressed underlying systemic failure in our country. The reality of it is that what we are facing here is not treason but rather a foreign occupation of our Country and Government who are not at all concerned with the constraints of our constitutionand are merely PRETENDING to be legitimate government.  Every oath breaker is acting as an unregistered foreign agent whose goal is to usurp power and subvert this once great nation. 

    Avoiding this detection was the only way to convert our country into the police state that it has become today.  The UNIFICATION OF PATRIOTS across America is the only REAL concern of our oppressors. This battle has been on our own soil for decades - undetected, unhindered and unrecognized.  To combat this very real occupation, we need to see it for what it is and unite as one American Patriot Group.

    Join myself, James Royster, your Host and the Voice of American White History Month and my very special guests Ted Visner, Bill Bohart, Thomas Mick and Roxy Ladie for another Round Table Discussion where we will cover this very important topic - one that, if unheard, could easily spell the ultimate demise of our Beloved Country. 

    As always, this will be a call in show, where we willb e welcoming YOUR calls, questions, thoughts and input.  Call (347) 637-3768 during the show and get YOUR voice heard!


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    Episode #27 United We Stand As A United Front

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    Hello, fellow people!  I don't know what the heck happened therefore last nights' attempt, will remain in the archive.  Somehow, I was "allowed" a two-minute  (?) show and I couldn't get the software to reschedule.  So see you tonight!  I've got a real surprise for Leo too! ;)
    Here's the original description:
    Apparently, HP thinks I'm joking!  Hello, fellow people!  Get set for Part 2 of this FRIGGIN drama!   It seems that although the show was heard by Hewlard Packard-- it wasn't heard by Leo!  So I'm STILL getting the run around.  Well, I'm simply not having it!  See you Friday night.

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    WE are the Government-United We Stand, You Know the Rest!

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    Is the United States Worth Saving? That is the question we will attempt to answer every Wednesday at 7PM EST. So join host of "The Ignorance Equation", Nick Katsouros, and author Charles W. Thompson, as we discuss what each of us must do to fix our broken country.

    Open Forum show, ALL opinions welcomed.

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    Episode #23 United We Stand As A United Front

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    Tonight I want to pop in and share my recent experience with TSA.  I had to take a trip unexpectantely and boy was I not only more disappointed with this process for flying, but I was amazed by the publics submissiveness to this process.  I think to myself; "am I trippin' or is this really okay?"  I'm throwing some queries out this evening so hopefully we can discuss it.  See you shortly, Jazz

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    Episode #12 United We Stand As A United Front

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    Hello, fellow people! I wasn't going to do a show tonight but I just changed my mind. Tonight I'm going to chat a bit about what "United We Stand As A United Front" goal is. Over the past few weekends, I've been tackling the subject of What is Black Culture/Tradition. I plan to pick that subject back up in the coming weeks as it is a complicated one. But I do want to touch on some recent discoveries about the NWO order too. So many people think this is not a real issue but it's bigger than any of us can imagine. So tonight I'll be discussing a few topics on that subject that will hopefully help people understand the reality we all face. I've been told that it is 'a depressing subject' but I say that it doesn't negate it from being factual. What knocks me out is that we can all conquer this and the elite know that too. Check out this clip with Zbigniew announcing his fear of the masses awakening...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HFaJohG2vo&feature=related-- it hits at the 1:21 mark... there is DEEP concern in his voice, fellow people. I personally don't like that this is something that is before us, but turning a blind eye will not make it go away either. The power is in our hands right now but that power is shifting quietly and swiftly. I still believe that we can change the course but we first must become of aware. See you tonight, fellow people! Peace

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    Wake Up America - United We Stand - Divided We Fall

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    Yes. We can take back OUR Country if we are United! A United America Wil Stand.  A Divided America has No Chance!  
    The meaning of being an American. Legal Immigration vs Illegal Immigration. Freedom vs Communism. Freedome vs ObamaCare Americans vs Party Sheeple

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    M.O.M.S. #3 : "United We Stand"

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    The finale to our celebration for Mothers Day 2014 is graced with guests Hazel LeMon, Vicki Johnson, and Jessica Ellis. A "trinity of power,"  these three ladies  stand united, living the acronym, M.O.M.S.: Making Our Marks: Success. Prepare to be charged, and inspired as you listen. Thank you for connecting and sharing.

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    Episode # 3 United We Stand As A United Front

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    Hello fellow people! I'll be back this Friday night at 11p EST-7pm PST. I failed to cover the electronic voting system last week. Hopefully you'll have time to view a film called; "Hacking Democracy" before your week ends because I'll ask; "why are we continuing to vote"? I'll be sure to speak on Clinton [Hillary] as well (before we vote again). Additionally, we are so convicted with our 2 party (Dems vs. Repubs) system and WHY? Why are we so convinced that only TWO sides can solve any of our serious problems?! Our past 7 presidents did not a thing (whether we know that or not) to benefit the people. Have we given up on our need to affect real change? Should change take place at all? The power is in OUR hands ("the people") RIGHT now. We cannot nor should we miss this incredible opportunity to make a CHANGE. My friends tell me that I should solicit or become more involved in politics but really-- that's not my taste, at least right now. So on this coming Friday, I want to present how you all (or we all) can truly make a difference. I get nervous when talking on-air, but I hope each week will improve from the last. See this Friday night, fellow people.

    “It is the people, to whom all authority belongs” — Thomas Jefferson

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    The World Today! What is going on? United We Stand, Divided We Fall

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    Poetry, Spoken Words, Current events, Race relationships, police brutality, stereotypes, Sagittarius, conversation about race relationships in America.

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    We chat with the OH SO FUNNY comedienne, Kyle Ocasio @ocasiokyle

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    Cleveland, Ohio native Kyle Ocasio has been entertaining audiences ever since moving to New York City in the early nineties. Originally trained as a dancer, she has performed and toured with several major companies before taking up acting and eventually standup comedy. 


    She has been seen on AXS TV's Gotham Comedy Live as well as been the subject of the popular web series Women Working where her life as a comic and mother were chronicled.


     Her comedy is thoughtful, observational and extremely autobiographical. She hits on original topics like trying to raise a family while being a performer and being afraid of turning into a Republican when she's older. No matter where her mind takes the audience, they will always end up laughing and thinking. 


    Her jokes have been featured in Time Out New York, AM New York Newspaper, and Fine Living Magazine. She has been a guest on numerous podcasts, most notably a regular on the hilarious duo Epstein and Hassan's "The Black & The Jew". She also contributes regularly to the cable show "Spic & Spanish". 


    She can be seen doing her stand up in most major clubs in New York City and regularly performs around the country. She currently lives in New York with her husband and three kids but if you have a better offer, let her know. 






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    Poetry Topic: United We Stand/Divided We Fall

    in Poetry

    Tune in THIS TUESDAY (9/17/2013) @ 11 pm est for "Poetry Topic: United We Stand/Divided We Fall" on Deep, Dark, n Dirty. Join us in the CHATROOM @ www.blogtalkradio.com/knowurenemy OR CALL IN @ (917)889-3369 and PRESS #1  to voice your opinion on the topic.

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