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    PTRN Presents ~ Voces Paganas En Espanol (Pagan Voices)

    in Spirituality

    6 PM UTC-06:00   /   7 PM CST


    PTRN Presenta - Voces Paganas, tu conexión radial en Español para explorar temas y tendencias del Paganismo contemporáneo, rituales, entrevistas, noticias y comunidad!!

    Estamos aquí cada semana, normalmente todos los Domingos de 6:00pm a 7:30pm, Hora Central (UTC-06:00). PERO HOY ESTAREMOS HASTA LAS 9 PM.

    Si deseas llamar al programa, por favor conecta antes con nosotros vía nuestro Perfil de Facebook “Voces Paganas”, o nuestra cuenta en Twitter “Voces_Paganas”.



    Contáctanos y envía tus sugerencias a vocespaganasradio@gmail.com

    HOY PRESENTAMOS: Dioses y Diosas de la Luna Nueva de Ostara (Equinoccio de Primavera) + El Agua (#LoveWater)

    Programa en Vivo 22/03/2015. Episodio No. 6


    PTRN Presents – Pagan Voices, your Spanish radio connection for exploring contemporary Pagan subjects and trends, rituals, interviews, news and community!!

    We’re here every week, on Sundays from 7:00pm to 8:30pm Central Time Zone /// That's 6:00 P.M. for us at UTC-06:00.

    TONIGHT: Gods & Goddesses present in Ostara's New Moon (Spring Equinox) + Water (#LoveWater)

    Live show. 03/22/2015.

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    Writers of Gore and Suspense, and Cosplayers for UNICEF

    in Entertainment

    3pm-PST, 6PM-EST
    Meet us here in the Xone for a night of Gore and Suspense from one of the best writers of Books and Poetry. Solomon J. Inkwell is one of the best writers of Gore. Go to http://www.solomoninkwell.com and check out Solomon's Storywheel.
    Cosplayers don't dress up once a year, they get into character for many occasions, especially the Comic Conventions. This time they dress up and get into character for a good cause, UNICEF. 

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    UNICEF in Action with Elizabeth Merola & Carole's New Book

    in Business

    Chances are you don't have to worry about your next meal, visiting your doctor or your maintaining your physical surroundings. You probably have all that covered and have gone on to worry about your weekend plans.  For millions of families around the world, food, shelter and health issues are their number one priorities for survival.  And for many who struggle for basic essentials,  humanitarian organizations like UNICEF are making the difference between surviving or dying a slow death. 
    UNICEF United States Fund Director of Program and Strategic Partnerships Elizabeth Merola is our special guest and details the many activities funded by UNICEF to help children survive and ultimately thrive in developing countries throughout the world.
    Visit their website at www.unicefusa.org for more information.
    In our author's corner, Carole will debut her new book with listeners everywhere:  Best Practices: 21 Ways To Bring Multiculturalism To Your Job Your Home and Your Community.
    It's hot off the presses and just debuted at the General Conference of the AME Church in Nashville, Tennessee.
    For more information or to purchase Carole's new book visit her website at www.tellcarole.com.

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    Being Authentically You Online with Janice Clark and her guest Mary Giuseffi

    in Women

    Mary Giuseffi is the Queen of Authenticity! Mary is a former Ford Model, Relationship Expert, Personal Brand Consultant and Social Diva who knows how to create a spicy and authentic life. She was most recently seen on The Today Show sharing her wit and wisdom on how to live your best life and create successful, long lasting relationships. Passionate about all things "children" she has been a mentor, volunteer and activist who worked with Audrey Hepburn for UNICEF

    On February 3rd Janice Clark is sharing Mary on The Social Media Help Not Hype Show as they discuss authenticity, especially sharing how we can step out of our comfort zone and do things we have never done before. From Feb 10-14 Mary is sharing a kindle version of her book, "Straight Up With a Twist"  FREE on Amazon and WoMRadio listeners will be able to get the book NOW! It is time to know that you don't have to lead an "expected life" or share only canned posts online in order to be successful - it boils down to being authentically you and really sharing that with the rest of the world.

    Janice, owner of BizMSolutions, is here in our Tuesday Business Spotlight sharing Help Not Hype when it comes to you and growing your business.

    Thanks to our show sponsors Sane Spaces and Life Coaching and Beyond. Meet them and all of our sponsors in our Mompreneur Marketplace.

    WoMRadio - the show for Mompreneurs, the new business woman!



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    Human Trafficking Informational Series: Session 2

    in Training

    Welcome back to the Human Trafficking Informational Series!

    Recorded by two University at Albany students, this three part series will how to recognize and respond to human trafficking.  In the second session we will talk about how to identify human trafficking survivors.  We will also give some practicle tips on how to engage in conversations with trafficking survivors.  

    National Human Trafficking Resource Center

    For Survivor by Survivor Hotline


    UNICEF (2004). Let’s talk: Developing effective communication with child victims of abuse and human trafficking. Pristina, Kosovo: UNMIK. Retrieved from http://www.childtrafficking.com/Docs/unicef_2004_handbook_lets_talk_a5_eng.pdf

    Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute. (2014). Utilizing trauma-informed approaches to trafficking-related work.  Retrieved from http://www.traumacenter.org/clients/projectreach/H-O%20Trauma-Informed%20Case%20Study_final.pdf


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    Ichalo Chesu - Zebron Nyirenda | Open Forum

    in News

    At 9 am EST on Ichalo Chesu we are talking to another Zambian with a big heart for the Zambian youth. Zebron Nyirenda is a Zambian currently living in the US with a passion to give back to the Zambian community. He is the former Lusaka YMCA Youth Chairman. He had joined YMCA after graduating from school. As Youth Chairperson, Zebron was in charge of over 2,000 youths from four Lusaka branches - Libala, Lusaka West, Kalingalinga and Chibombo. In giving back to the community, Zebron volunteered as a coordinator with Right to Play. In June 2003, he did some collaborative work between the Ministry of Education, UNICEF and Zambia National Measles Campaign that helped vaccinate about 5 million children nationwide. Zebron's resume is extensive - he worked with Action for Children - that fed street kids, he also organized youth empowerment programs like camps, workshops on Peer Education and Counseling and more. He attained a diploma in Sociology from Evelyn Hone College.

    Zebron has plans to go back and reinvest in the field he knows best. With a strong network of friends, he is strategizing and identifying potential donors to give to his charity. He knows and understand this part of charity work, and he will be going back to Zambia soon once ready. 

    At 10 am EST on Open Forum - Join Rodger Chali is stimulating conversation on current events. For both programs, call 347-237-4270 to listen or participate. Time 9am EST, 16 hrs. CAT, 22 hrs. AWST. Caller participation highly encouraged.

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    Margie Lopez Read, artist and donating all the process of her art

    in Business

    Margie Lopez Read paintings, and or prints of paintings are traded for a check made out to a worthwhile organization that the buyer and Margie agree upon.  

    Donation Art Project.  Donating all the proceeds of her art to a non-profit.

    The ‘trades’ of her paintings have raised funds for many programs including ‘Doctors Without Borders’, ‘UNICEF’, scholarship funds, food for children programs, athletics for the disabled, animal protection programs and other humanitarian aid programs through the world.  And it seems to be growing…
    "Art is life and not worth much unless it helps make the world just a little bit better in one way or another."
    Art has been important to Margie her whole life, influenced in large part by her grandmother Margie Cooper, who was an accomplished painter.  Because of her (also her namesake), her parents allowed her significant freedom to partake in all things creative.  Margie Lopez Read indulged in a variety of media, techniques and styles – traditional, contemporary, surreal, pop  -- all that was around and developing in the 60’s and 70’s.  She also did a fair amount of illustration, cartoons and silk screen art with social and political commentary for high school and university newspapers and for movements such as United Farm Workers.
    Over the years, she has participated in various art events, both juried and open.  Margie has won some ribbons here and there, and has sometimes displayed her work in art galleries. She states, "All of that is fun, but I want my art to do more. You see, I believe that art is at its best when it teaches, records a memory, tells a story, or provokes thought.  It is better still if it can be used to raise funds for worthwhile non-profit programs that improve the condition of our world."

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Iran and explosion has killed 2 people and shaken buildings 15 KM away at a plant known for building nuclear weapons. Also President Obama signed an Executive Order of Conversion Authority for the ATF that could build a "Brown Shirt Army". Also Man floating in a buble is rescued by Coast Guard in the Ocean trying to sail to Bermuda. Also Kim Jong Un may have been toppled as 3 high ranking officials visit South Korea to talk peace. Also UNICEF says 2,000 orphans have been produced in the Ebola crisis. Also Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana reveals 5 major biblical prophises since the first blood moon. 1. Chrislam, Magog Territory, Israeli 7 week war, ISIS and reestablish Babylon Territory, Ebola Crisis and a last day plague. Today show will be very prophtic. 

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    Actor Lauran De Winter

    in Entertainment

    As a young boy, Lauran grew up in the Netherlands, outside of the little town oud-vossemeer, on a farm. He was a very active kid, always playing outside. And after a short dream of wanting to be a soccer player he decided to focus all his intention on becoming a professional cyclist. And he succeeded, he won various international races. Next to a lot of great memories, Lauran says the cycling gave him a lot of life lessons that are still very valuable to him. He learned determination, to believe in himself, strategy, teamwork, perseverance. To him, these are the most important characteristics you need as an actor. Lauran moved to Australia to work for Unicef and Amnesty International. He is very proud to say within a year he raised over 10 million dollars for charity. This same passion he put in cycling and charity is now fully focused on acting. He resides in Hollywood, California. Lauran has appeared on various TV-shows and movies such as, Spoken and the TV show The Chosen One . Lauran is even more excited about what's coming up. He is coming out in a couple of exciting movies next year, which we're gonna talk about in the show as well. One of them is Jake's Journey, where Lauran stars as a professional cyclist. Winter's End, a scary movie, where he will be playing a character from the 1940's, the lead and love interest in the movie.

    Notice of Default is probably the first movie coming out, where Lauran will be a professional ice hockey player chasing his dream.

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    Robert Perala - Inviting True Love Series

    in Relationships

    Robert Perala is the internationally acclaimed author of The Divine Blueprint and The Divine Architect. He is considered by many to be an inspirational speaker, and one of North Americas most unique clairvoyants. In 2007 he was awarded the prestigious Certificate of Congressional Recognition at Stanford University for his humanitarian relief efforts with UNICEF and Adopt-A-Minefield. He is a US Correspondent for The Peoples Voice based in London, and has been featured on: CNN, The FOX Network, Showtime, and Coast to Coast AM to name a few. He is also a Graduate from The Robbins Research Institute headed by Tony Robbins and have been Behavioral Science for the last 12 years researching Relationship Mastery, Emotional Mastery, and Anecdotes for Living.

    He can be found at: www.theperalareport.com

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    in Politics

    THIS WEEK ON BACKROOM POLITICS....A BEST OF SHOW!!!  While our moderator, Justin Russell, continues his retreat on the remote island of MARTHA'S VINEYARD (and no, he is NOT hanging out with POTUS)...our Associate Producer Erik Thomas put together this BEST OF BACKROOM POLITICS episode with four of our great interviews from 2014...INCLUDING FMR TRANSPORATION SECRETARY RAY LAHOOD, THE DEAN OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES CONGRESSMAN JOHN DINGELL, OUR INTERVIEW WITH UNICEF's SARAH CROWE AND THE ISRAEL PROJECT'S OMRI CEREN...We will be LIVE next week...see you then!

    BACKROOM POLITICS is a weekly political roundtable of former politicos and Washington insiders who believe that political statesmanship and civility trumps the strict party line.

    Guests on the show include some of the country's top political leaders and thinkers.

    For the REAL INSIDE THE BELTWAY take on politics as they affect you....listen every week to BACKROOM POLITICS!