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  • Ben Carson, Islamic Law & the U.S. Constitution; Compatibility and Conflict

    in Islam


    There's been a lot scurrying and "clarifying", in response to comments made by Dr. Ben Carson, regarding his concern about supporting a Muslim for president of the United States, based on the notion that "Sharia Law" is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution. .

    As expected, the reaction from some Muslims was one of immediate outrage, with some calling for Carson to withdraw his candidacy. 

    In the aftermath, besides Dr. Carson stating that he wouldn't support a Christian who wanted theocracy (Christian Sharia), as this would put him at odds with the same Constitution.

    One of the Muslim respondents has gone on record to defend Dr. Carson, saying that "a Sharia promoting Muslim cannot be the President of the USA, with its wonderful Constitution".

    Hold on,we haven't even put a candidate out there, and already, we're dictating what that candidate can or cannot do!

    A few thoughts come to mind, when I try to assess these statements and positions:

    1) Does anyone of us here, know the Constitution from a scholarly standpoint, to qualify that this and Islamic Sharia are by design, incompatible?

    2) If a believer, be he or she Muslim or Christian, avers that their Books are the irrefutable words and mandates from God, why would that person defer to the Constitution, outright?

    3) What is Sharia in the first place? Are the images we've seen of "Sharia" in action, much less the penal aspects of it, fair and accurate examples?

    4) Are Muslims conceding that the Qur'an and Sunnah are not consistent with the Constitution, which would support Dr. Carson's arguement? 

    5) Does the Constitution provide an opportunity for "Sharia Law" to be woven into its fabric?

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    The Rationalization of Vaccine Mandates

    in Health

    News Stations (including some who should know better) have initiated a ginormous push toward mandated vaccines.  Why?  Why now?  Who is behind national vaccine mandates?  Who stands to benefit?  We will discuss Hannah Polling, Andrew Wakefield and many other who prove that vaccines are not always safe or warranted.

    We may have a solution that may allow all of us to feel more at ease about this controversial subject.


    Sound Health Options

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    Marian Hollingsworth: Medical Abuse of My Father & becoming a patient advocate

    in Parents

    Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer

    My father, Keith Blair, went into the hospital in July of 2009 for diagnosis of back pain. Without our knowledge or consent, he was given a cocktail of Risperdal, Haldol, Ativan, Tylenol with codeine, and Morphine. When I asked the doctor about this, he said it was just "hospital delirium,"  Sent to a  nursing home, my father was given more antipsychotic drugs, along with double doses of AmbienCR, the long acting version of the drug. He ended up with the bad side effects of these black box drugs such as heart trouble, severe dehydration and kidney trouble, and sudden diabetes. He also contracted a MRSA eye infection which spread to his lungs, fell 7 times in 12 days and developed a bedsore. (He was only in the nursing home 18 days.) He ended up a second hospital due to heart and kidney problems, where the same nursing home doctor treated him.) At the second hospital, he was given daily Risperdal, and we were told to prepare for his death. When I went through the records later, I discovered that a cardiologist said he was improving and that he could be released to the nursing home in a few days.

    2. How to get ALL the records.

    3. Your rights in a hospital or nursing home as a patient or family member. Know the codes in your state so you can use them. if needed, if facilities try to violate these rights.

    3. Dealing with the health department for complaints. Your rights in a complaint. The complaint in my father's case resulted in a new policy from the health department, AFL 1108. It mandates that nursing homes must verify that patients on antipsychotic drugs being transferred from hospitals have informed consent forms in their records, and if not, that informed consent must be obtained before the drugs can be given.

    4. Dealing with the medical board for complaints.


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    Citizens for Health Jim Turner talks about Vaccination Mandates and laws

    in Business

    Building Fortunes Radio is proud to have Citizens for Health's Jim's Turner back to explain what is happening in the world of vaccines. If you are not familiar with laws being passed or turned down about vaccinations and your state, you will want to listen in.

    Citizens.org is the website you can go to to sign up for the newsletters and announcements citizens.org
    Building Fortunes Radio www.buildingfortunesradio.com is where you can hear archived versions.

    Peter Mingils and Jim Turner really get in to some of the most concerning topics you will ever hear.

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    Current Events In Light Of Bible Prophecy

    in Christianity

    Tonights program will be divided into three(3) segments. In the first segment we will discuss the current events around the world and, the warning signs. We will alos look at the approach of the believer in this time, to daily living. Are we living in extraordinary time? If so, what are the biblical mandates of the time.

    In the second segment we will continue to look at the effects of drugs on our youths, as well as the effects of music on the mind of an individual.

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    EVERYDAY. PEOPLE with host Monica. Douglas Davis

    in Self Help

    EVERYDAY. PEOPLE with host Monica. Douglas Davis

    The individuals with disability education act (IDEA)part B enacted in 1975 mandates that children ages 3-21 receive free public special education services to address their needs. join us on EVERYDAY PEOPLE. with host Monica Douglas Davis and her guest Tonya Lawrence, parapfofessional special education teacher as we discuss types of needs this kids have and intervention strategies for parents.
    Call 914-25-5909 to listen in live. 9pm EST on Monday night

  • American Voters Screw the Military Again

    in Religion

    I used to be a little confused as to why some veterans took offense to people thanking them for their service then I read this article and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  The article is titled “The biggest and most disruptive layoffs in America are coming from the military” written by Lydia DePillis in it we learn that “The Army has already discharged 80,000 troops. The next 40,000 will be harder, especially for the communities that depend on them.  As troops poured into the Army base at Fort Drum, the rural area developed at a breakneck pace. With help from state tax breaks, developers built 3,800 units of brand-new housing and 600 hotel rooms. Troops depended on the local hospital system, which received $100 million in upgrades. The school system took on thousands more students. In an area where the last big industry — paper mills — had disappeared decades ago, the infusion of people and cash was welcome.  Now, however, the citizens of Jefferson County are bracing for a collapse. In the next few weeks, the Army is expected to announce 40,000 troop cuts to comply with Congressional budget mandates, along with many thousands more pink slips for civilian support staff. At Fort Drum, estimates suggest that 16,000 of 19,000 could leave the base, as a worst-case outcome. Counting spouses and kids, about 40,000 people — a third of the county’s population — would vanish, unless they found other employment nearby.  With permission from Congress, the Defense Department has gone through a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process five times since 1988, helping it more efficiently allocate forces after periods of rapid change. 

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    in Real Estate

    CECISFM TALK RADIO "Whose Feeding the Building" features  Supply Chain Diversity Public Information Officer Marlene Dial  of CECI Services LP / NDAS DBE  Joint Venture.   We often hear of companies participating insupplier diversity programs, and the standard reasons for their participation. Some companies say that it is a testament to their commitment as a socially responsible organization while others say that it is their contribution to society. We also see some companies implementing supplier diversity initiatives to meet customer mandates, to leverage governmental initiatives, or to comply with federal supplier requirements.

    The truth is, many companies that practice supplier diversity feel that they are making a sacrifice just to contribute to society, or are merely doing these non-mainstream businesses a favor. However, if they take a closer look, they will find that there are significant benefits to supplier diversity – not only for suppliers and their supply chains, but also for their business.



    Save today join CECISFM Affliate Program  


    CALL 888-245-2334 SALES 

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1119

    in Self Help

    SPECIAL TOPIC Night - "For Our Kids" - Deborah Maddison and Tracy Baxter, Canadian activists from British Columbia, will join Bill Murray to lead this evening's discussion about the Rights of Children and Families in North America. TONIGHT'S TOPIC: Corruption, Collusion And Kidnapping - Betrayal By The Ones We Trust The Most. When we find ourselves or our family in need of help and we turn to those whose job it is to provide that help, we often find we are then victimized by the very people and institutions who are supposed to be there to protect and support us. Confidence in these institutions is at an all time historic low and this loss of trust extends across a wide variety of institutions. It is not just distrust in the government, but other institutions such as medicine, law, social services, non-profits, media, religion, politicians, volunteer organizations and 'advocates'. Instead of working with us and for us as their mandates and ethical codes outline, they are often colluding with government, private industries and other agencies to profit off the pain of the very people they are supposed to protect. Join us tonight as we speak with people such as Melissa Deigel, Angel Cook, Angela Borths, Journalist Terri LaPoint, Dr. Jim Singer and others with personal and professional knowledge of how deep this corruption and collusion truly runs. ~~ Every two weeks a new THEME will be presented in this series, with frequent special guests speaking from their own experience. ~~ Please see our web page at: www.NAASCA.org/ForOurKids or write to: naasca.forourkids@gmail.com

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    The Power Is Now Interview with Sabrina Jackson

    in Real Estate

    Dr. Sabrina Jackson is one of America’s foremost professional speaker, trainer, business consultant, author, and internationally recognized “people expert”. Dr. Jackson’s has trained thousands of leaders, professional staff, couples and parent groups worldwide. As a business consultant, Dr. Sabrina has created a niche with helping non profit businesses obtain their 501 c 3 status and has developed a system that is fast and effective.
    As a professional speaker, Sabrina is known as “The Voice Delivering Excellence” bringing a unique blend of humor, energy, inspiration, and thought provoking words that creates a life-changing experience for her audiences. Whether on delivering a motivational message or Letting It Rip on Fox 2, her words stick with you.  In her book, He is Not a Statistic: 12 Laws for Single Mothers Raising Black Males she provides real life examples and mandates for bringing up Real Black Men. The newest book entitled People 911: Handling Crisis, Conflict, and Communication in the Workplace tackles most of our biggest problem....People!!! 
    Lastly, Dr .Sabrina has created a personality assessment model - Essential Colors which helps people with people, even if that person is themselves! The model is great for team building, career planning, leadership development, and so much more.
    Booking Contact 323-892-1287 or on website www.sabrinajackson.com


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    Marvelous Monday

    in Politics Progressive

    Join Dr. Shirley McKellar and Bishop L.J. Guillory for analysis, commentary and discussion on hot topics in the news, politics and civil rights.  Tonight is part II of "American Police Culture:  Protect and Serve vs Profile and Engage!"  We will cover news items involving police officers, departments and proposed mandates with special guest Sargeant Randy Franklin who honorably served in the LAPD for 30 years.  We will also discuss the case of a Caucasian woman who has been impersonating an African American woman for many years as she taught Africana studies at the college level, became the President of the Spokane, WA NAACP, and even sued Howard University over claims they discriminated against her in 2002, just before she began claiming to be of African descent! You will not want to miss this episode of Marvelous Monday!