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    Mrs. Cruz says Ted Cruz is an Immigrant. LOL.. Uh Oh!

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    Mrs. Cruz says Ted Cruz is an Immigrant. LOL... Uh Oh




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    Are Low Paid Immigrant Workers Taking Away Jobs Or Are They Being Exploited?

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    The lowest paying jobs are often filled by recent immigrants - Philipinos, Mexicans - jobs such as hotel cleaning staff, or janitorial workers in big office buildings, jobs that don't require much conversation, and therefore it doesnt really matter if the employee doesnt speak much English. Some may say it looks like immigrants are taking away jobs from people who have been long time citizens and can't find employment. But are these jobs that really pay a living wage? And if a person can't speak the language, how  do they protect themselves from exploitation by employers, who may assign them long hours, little pay and no benefits?  Are immigrants being abused by corporate industries? Is the government a willing participant in the trafficking of human laborers in a modern day slave system?  Our guest today Nerissa Allegretti of the group NAFCON discusses the shocking truth about immigrant workers.




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    This evening, you will have an opportunity to connect with an "Awesome and well connected" young man, Elon P. Rodney who is a Candidate for Commissioner District 3 in Clayton County. Elon is from Brooklyn, New York. He transitioned to Clayton County, Georgia and since his arrival, he has continued to be very passionate and engaged as a Community Activist and politician. Elon is dedicated to improving his community. He became an intern of the NAACP of Clayton County Young Adult Council and a member of Caribbean American Advancement Foundation . He has since then for a short time risen to President of the Young Adult Council and has helped organize the NAACP's Voter Registration drive with special emphasis on unregistered youth voters. Elon is also a graduate of the Clayton County Grassroots Leadership Institute. 

    He works with Club XHell helping find better ways to empower the youth. He enjoys reading, spending time with his friends and family, networking, and promoting community involvement on all levels. We know without a doubt that this young man has come to make "positive change" here in Clayton County. Let's welcome, Elon P. Rodney this evening.

  • 1DimitriRadio: Hillary & Bill Clinton have devastated Appalachian families!

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    Dimitri’s Opening Monologue 
    (at the intersection of Freedom & Fun™ from the LifePedigree.com studio)

    The show is simulcast live 9pm ET weekdays!
    To listen: BlogTalk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/1dimitriradio
    To watch: Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/dimitri.vassilaros
    Comment on Facebook Live and call the show! 213-943-3733

    Hillary Clinton wants to kill coal families and those who work in all other fossil fuel fields. The Clintons have been devastating working families in Appalachia for decades! 

    First segment
    Donald Trump does not have a woman problem! Just listen to my interview with former Trump employee Senada Adzem! She is a former vice president at Trump International, and the creative force behind the marketing at many of Donald Trump's most treasured properties. She is an immigrant from Bosnia, and says he taught her his secrets to success. Senada Adzem, is currently the Director of Luxury Sales at Douglas-Elliman in Florida

  • Veterans talk-4VeteransByVeterans w/guest Janel Smith, Whistleblower of Fraud

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    I am a Whistleblower who exposed Fraud in a Federal Agency.
    Due to the knowledge and exposure, I received harassment in my workplace.
    Upon taking my stand, I was continually harrassed and bullied, although I consistently reported this behavior.
    However, when the harassment and bullying became unbearable, I filed a complaint (September 2010).

    Overtime, the harassment and bullying went unaddressed and resulted  in an ASSAULT, against me, in my workplace.

    What I've learned from this whole experience...
    The current complaint system  is being utilized to "Out" Whistleblowers and/or other employees who file complaints in their respective Federal Agency. 
    This current utilization of the complaint system is putting Whistleblowers and complaint filers at great risk of Bullying, harassment, violence, and undocumented retaliation, while exposing Fraud, Waste & Abuse.

    Although it happens more often than people know, cases are waited out for long periods of time, until Complainants are completely broke and/or completely broken.

    As a Federal Employee, a Veteran, and as a Mother...
    It is only right to fight against injustice, to help make the system fair and balanced for everyone!

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    Recycle America Radio w Eric and Jim

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    SPECIAL GUEST:  James O Keefe Of Project Veritas will be discussing Common Core and it's failure during the 8am hour!!

    We bring you raw news with cutting edge dialogue between two Conservative American Citizens. We believe in American Exceptionalism, dreams, freedom and liberty. We believe corruption, deceit and lawlessness are destroying the foundation of the nation, deminishing our role in the world as a Super Power, and promoter of Freedom and Liberty. We need to strip away the corruption, deceit and lawlessness within America, just as a recycler strips away the old paint, rust from a piece of steel or a piece of furniture exposing the good metal / good wood, we must do the same, expose Americas exceptionalism. The founding fathers were not perfect men, they were exceptional men, promoting a selfless ideology, forming the foundation for Americas rise as a world Super Power. We desire the destruction of political correctness, lawlessness, and corruption within the 10 square miles of Evil, Washington D.C.

    We want politicians to push back on illegal immigration, gay marriage, racial warfare, social warfare and economic class warfare.

    We desire Freedom and Liberty to be espused from all political dialogue, citizens dreaming of legacies and independence from government over-reach / oversight. Thank you for spending a few hours a week with us.

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    Voices of Anakazi with Yareka

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    • Businesses owned by immigrants have an average
    sales level of $435,000, roughly 70 percent of the
    average sales level of non-immigrant firms.
    • Immigrant-owned businesses are slightly more
    likely to hire employees than are non-immigrant-
    owned firms; however, they tend to hire fewer
    employees on average.
    • Immigrant-owned businesses are more likely to
    export their goods and services. Among immi-
    grant businesses, 7.1 percent export compared
    with only 4.4 percent for non-immigrant busi-
    • Entrepreneurship increases with maturity, and
    married people are more likely to start a business.
    • More generally, there is a U-shaped relation-
    ship between entrepreneurship and education.
    Entrepreneurship rates are lower for high school
    graduates than for high school dropouts, but
    entrepreneurship rates are similar between those
    with some college and high school graduates.
    College graduates have higher rates of entrepre-
    neurship, and those with graduate degrees have
    the highest rates of entrepreneurship.
    • Among immigrants, 52.1 percent owned a home
    compared with 70.8 percent of non-immigrants.

  • Stew and The Nunn, Episode 36 with Matt Zeller from nooneleft.org

    in Military

    Matt Zeller is the Co-Founder of No One Left Behind, a Truman National Security Fellow and an adjunct fellow at the American Security Project. He is also the author of Watches Without Time (Just World Books, 2012), which chronicles his experience serving as an embedded combat adviser with the Afghan security forces in Ghazni, Afghanistan, in 2008. He earned a BA in Government from Hamilton College and a MPA and a MA-IR from The Maxwell School at Syracuse University.

    The mission of No One Left Behind (nooneleft.org) is to help Afghan and Iraqi combat interpreters with Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) resettle safely in the United States. We bridge the gap that exists between current State Department and NGO refugee relief programs,and provide assistance with housing, employment and cultural adaptation. We treat our clients as the heroic veterans they are.

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    immigration in the land of the free pt.1

    in Current Events

    from liverpool to australia, to phoenix, az, one man talks about his journey as an immigrant (and his recent union to his wife, who is also on an immigration journey).

    we are a nation of citizens who began as immigrants, and we all have stories to share. these are the stories that give this nation character.

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    How To Help Your School Aged Child Handle Religious Discrimination

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    For imigrant Muslim children, the hostility created by current political rhetoric can be overwhelming, particularly if teachers at school are insensitive. There is the now famous case of the intelligent young Muslim student who built a clock, took it to school to show his science teacher and was arrested. She was afraid he had built a bomb.  Really? African American children have been mistreated in schools for over a century, made to sit in the back of the class, overly punished and suspended, so bad treatment by teachers and principals is nothing new; but to have administrators fear your child as a terrorist is a whole different twist when it comes to irrational prejudice. How do parents help their children cope with sometimes not so thinly veiled hostility based on religious prejudice? Our guests today, Imam Azam Akram and his wife Faiza discuss how their work in the South Side community of Chicago helps remove barriers of racial and religious prejudice, and how they prepare their elementary aged children to cope with society's atttudes toward immigrant Muslims.  

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    How Should Hillary and Bernie Be Talking About Black Women in This Election?

    in Self Help

    Special Guest Janell Hobson Joins Agunda Okeyo for Black Women in Conversation: What About Black Women In the Presidential Debates.

    Last week in Brooklyn, at a Hillary Clinton Town Hall around the corner from Black Women's Blueprint in Crown Heights, Executive Director, Farah Tanis was present. Tanis, was among the few activists and community leaders allowed backstage where she engaged the presidential candidate after listening to a one hour speech where she said nothing about violence against women and girls.

    Farah: Hillary I would have really liked to hear more about violence against women. We have to talk about that.
    Hillary: Yes we do. We have to end it.
    Farah: Yes in the most vulnerable communities (meaning POC + LGBTQ + immigrant + disabled, etc.)
    Hillary: It's an important issue. It's criminal not cultural.
    Farah: It's both.
    Hillary: Yes that's right, it is!

    While our democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders discusses civil rights and Hillary Clinton discusses women's rights within the context of critical issues like a woman's right to choose and equal pay, they both miss the mark on Black women. A formidable movement against campus sexual assault and rape in Black communities exists and it is led by Black women. Black women are also making the connections between the cyclical relationship between poverty, criminal justice and the heightened vulnerability of all women, and particularly women color to gender-violence. These are both civil rights and women's rights issues.

    Issues critical to Black/African American women should rise today in the Democratic presidential debates, especially in light of the historic Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls launched this month and the The Black Women’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission convening from April 28 to May 1, 2016.

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