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    Underwear Bomber witness Kurt Haskell

    in Politics

    Kurt Haskell, a Michigan lawyer is a victim/witness to so-called "Underwear Bombing" plot to blow up a plane over Detroit.
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    He says the media and the US Govt is covering up that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was allowed to board the flight without a passport after being denied at the gate but then escorted through by a man in a tan suit.
    Haskell recently gave a witness impact statement in the case.

    "I will just say that regardless of how the media and government try to shape the public perception of this case, I am convinced that Umar was given an intentionally defective bomb by a U.S. Government agent and placed on our flight without showing a passport or going through security, to stage a false terrorist attack to be used to implement various government policies." - Kurt Haskell
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    Mr. Cali Returns to The Bare FaXXX

    in Entertainment

    Sexy and charming adult entertainer and business man, Mr. Cali, returns to The Bare FaXXX for a one on one interview to discuss , his signature underwear by Apeel, and his new website.

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--THIS 2016 Presidential election's Troika--Hillary-Houma & Heidi--Why these three are so controversial

    ****POLLING & POLLSTERS---How to Hold Pollsters accountable--Preview--'RULES FOR REFORMERS

    ***CLIMATE CHANGE POLITICIANS--THE NEW NAZIS? Claude Walker Virgin Island Attorney General wants to prosecute Climate change questioners---Walker imitating Idi Amin-Papa Doc Duvalier, Robert Mugabe--all political intimidators


    ****HAMSTER sight  blacks out North Carolina---Hamster produces homosexual glory hole sex videos(toliet sex)

    ***New York Post headline--Ted Cruz hates Dildos---prelude to Washington Madam expose

    April 13th Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)Thomas Jefferson, Harold Stassen, Catherine Di Medici,Arthur Harris British Air Marshall ww2,

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    Men are From Mars & Women are from Venus & FREE PAST LIFE AND PSYCHIC READINGS!!

    in Spirituality

    Men and women are so different and this means they literally see and hear things differently as well.  I am going to point this out which may not be so obvious to you.  This show is for men and women.  Men do not get it when a woman is interested.  Women read into things men say so literally and they don't get it. Are you chasing someone who is not interested in you? Women often think that men are visual which they are, however, the way you look is not gong to get you that second date.  Even though we are in 2016 men still have some old fashoned ways about them and if you elude sex this is what they are going to think.  The way a woman dresses and presents herself including the pictures she sends to a man can wreck any possible relationship if that picture appears provacative.  This is not what a man is looking for in a wife and the mother of his children.  You just lost all respect right there. If a man would send a picture of himself to you in his underwear what would you think? Most women would never contact that man again so it does work both ways. The women or girl next door look is appealing.  Showing that you have morals is appealing if you want a long lasting relationship.  As for words - Men will say anything to get you into bed but that's all you get. Women will say more romantic things including, "I like you" but a man hears that as, "I like you as a friend." 

    Men and women need to raise their standards period but also recognize the differences between the sexes. Men don't want to be used for their money. As we reach an age where the younger generation have been entitled it's going to be harder.  FREE PAST LIFE AND PSYCHIC READINGS ON SHOW!! SPECIAL PRICE $25.00/1hour telephone session. Contact me @ Mia0899cs@gmail.com.

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    Boxers or Briefs What Is Your Preference And Does It Make A Difference?

    in Social Networking

    Join the show at 6:30 p.m. as we discuss the differences between boxers and briefs. What is your preference? Join the show as we discuss this underwear deal. Call (818)301-5834.

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    Talk 2 Morgan McCane #PullMeUp #GABS

    in Women

    While visiting one of their favorite fast food restaurants, two sisters observed a young man walking in the mall, sagging his pants which revealed his underwear. One sister was so disgusted with seeing this awful site that she immediately lost her appetite and couldn’t finish her meal. It was at that table in the food court at a mall in Mobile, Alabama that G.A.B.S. was formed. 

    The sisters believed that they could use their gift of “gab” to start a conversation with other girls, and those girls could have a conversation with other girls, and so on, about working together to end this disgusting sagging pants epidemic. They were convinced that if enough girls were able to band together, through their mutual dislike of seeing boys sagging, they could get them to “pull ‘em up”. 

    Bringing girls of all ages together to have a conversation about this horrible fashion fad, how it’s affecting our community, and what we can do to reverse this fashion trend is the first step toward making a change. - Courtesy of the GABS FB page.

    I welcome Morgan McCane and her parents to the show to discuss how G.A.B.S. came to be and where they want to see it go.

    All of this and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  

    Show No. 582

    Interview scheduled for 15-20 mins.


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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Pipe Bomb explodes near Disneyland in California on Easter Sunday. Also Volcano Pavlof in Alaska erupted 20,000 feet into the air went ash, smoke and fire. Also more eagles are dying in delaware and maryland. Also water is in contaminated in Youngstown, Ohio. Also Donald Trump may sue the Republican Party for "Zombie Delegates" at the Convention in Cleveland. Also Fukushima has discoved 650 billion parts per Kg in the sewae sludge. Also Yellowstone Volcano may explode bigger than expected. Pakistan bomber kills 72 people and injured 300 in a park on Easter Sunday. Also these and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    KELLY O'CONNELL AM 1450: Barrack Ignores Terror

    in Politics

    BRUSSELS GOVT KNEW BOMBER WAS RADICAL BUT DID NOTHING!!! WTF!!! In the aftermath of the Brussels bombing we are learning many interesting things. First, did you realize that the Turkish govt had informed the Belgians that the bomber was an active terrorist?!! IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!! Second, that vast swathes of Europe have been turned into Muslim ghetto no-go zones? Third, that Europe is apparently accepted there will be terror attacks and that so-called “human rights” are more important than saving their citizens?!! Fourth, did you realize that there are 400+ radicalized trained jihadists now ready to pounce on the West? How did we not see this coming? In conclusion, if we use the European model to deal with Islam -- WE ARE DOOMED!!

    So what can America do to head off the threat? First, stop all immigration from Muslim lands till the system is fixed. Second, elect officials who take the threat of Muslim Terrorism seriously, instead of the sad debacle we saw in Cuba with Barrack playing all day instead of addressing seriously the terrorist threat. Third, we need to encourage citizens to carry per 2nd Amendment & train them to spot terrorists. Third, we must return to our ancestral beliefs that helped found this nation and study the rise of rights, laws and fredoms. Then compare with the oposing religion -- an apparent font of abuse, tyranny and a cult of death.

    The sad debacle of our boy president, absurdly insisting on taking in an entire baseball game then filming a pantomime was disgusting and depressing. Does the boy king really believe that by burying his head terrorists will really ignore America and feast on Europe instead? Barack should face a public rebuke of failure to lead when he returns enforced by an official censure to end his last few desultory months.

    Who will save us from this madness? Stay tuned, Sportsfans!


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    Listen Give Live | Episode 137

    in Friends

    Join Gail Davvis and Jaee Logan for LISTENGIVE | SAVOY sound bites about music, arts, culture, society, youth, education and giving back.

    Join us this week with Special Guests, Jay Shetty, Founder of jayshetty.me and invsble.org, a former Monk and seen on HuffingtonPost for this Transformation Philosophies on Overnight Success, Mindfulness and much more; and Diana Sierra and Pablo Freund of BeGirl.Org making a difference they way women of all ages experience themselves as women through underwear invention.

    Visit ListenGive.Org to learn more information.  Don't forget to LIKE our Facebook Page LISTENGIVE.

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    Harry "Racist" Reid is getting a free pass, and a new revelation on the Underwear Bomber

    in Politics Conservative

    Harry Reid spews some racist comments in private, and it then becomes public. Should he be held to the same standard as Trent Lott?

    We've got some info about the explosive the Underwear Bomber used. It's interesting stuff.

    Should sex offenders be locked up for the rest of their lives?

    Gay marriage case hits the Supreme Court. Let's get into the Constitution on this one!

    Last but not least, a man gathers signatures for a petition supporting more inflation. We're not kidding!

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    Senator Cruz's Father Knows Best, Identity Project, Oscars & Life With Lauren

    in Politics

    Pastor Rafael Cruz-Senator Cruz's Father Rallies Christians To Engage In Politics.  Born in Cuba, He lived and suffered under the Batista regime.  He arrived in Texas in 1957 with only $100 sewn into his underwear. A true rags to riches American Dream story.

    Doug & Tiffany Lively-Identity Project is a documentary film centered on understanding and receiving our true identity in Christ.  InVicta Entertainment Award winning filmakers discuss.

    Bob Waliszewski-Focus on the Family’s Director of Media and Culture, and director of Focus’ Plugged In department talks about the latest Big Screen News and Sunday's Oscar awards.

    Lauren Kitchens-Steward-"Living Life With Lauren" from the National Radio Personality, College Professor, and Motivational Speaker.

    Barbara LaChance-The ordained Anglican minister, teacher and accomplished painter, is talking about her third book, Saying Yes To God.

    Cyrus Nowrasteh-THE YOUNG MESSIAH is an inspirational story about the childhood of The Savior and the film's director is here to tell us about it.

    First Call-They have recorded more than a dozen albums since first forming in the mid-1980s.  They are currently prepping their newest release, a six-song EP appropriately entitled, Second Birth.